Sap bi/bw training @tutorials%india,delhi


Published on"sap bi/bw online training". contact us: or call us: +919052666559 sap technologies like sap bi/bw,sap bo,sap testing,sap hana admin,sap hana dev,sap bods ,sap grc, sap is banking,sap srm,sap gts online training by industrail hands on training on sap bo online TRAINING.

full course details please visit our website online
Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience.

* Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided.
For any further details please
contact India +91- 9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475.
please mail us all queries to

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Sap bi/bw training @tutorials%india,delhi

  1. 1. Sap BI/BW Training @tutorials%INDIA,DELHI Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. SAP BI/BW ONLINE TRAINING Overview of SAP History and BW/BI Evolution:- Overview:- The SAP Business Information Warehouse enables Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) to format the information of large amounts of operative and historical data. OLAP technology enables multi- dimensional analyses according to various business perspectives. The preconfigured Business Information Warehouse Server for core areas and processes ensures information views within the entire enterprise.
  3. 3. sap bi/bw online training classes SAP (R/3) Source System Definition:-  All systems that provide the SAP (BW) with data are described as source systems.  .R/3 systems from Release 3.0D  .R/3 systems before Release 3.0D  .SAP (BW) systems  .Flat files, Metadata is maintained manually, and transferred into BW via a file interface  .External systems, Data and Metadata is transferred using staging BAPI's
  4. 4. sap bi/bw online training india hyderabad, COMPONENTS:  SAP(R/3) Source System Extractors  Extractors are SAP (R/3) Source System ABAP Programs enable the SAP (BW) System to extract data from the SAP (R/3) Source System DataSets into the Extract Structure of a DataSource.  .Standard Extractor (Application Specific)  .Non-Standard Extractor (Generic) Data Handling In The SAP (R/3) Source Systems:- Data Source:  .Data that logically belongs together is stored in the SAP (R/3) Source System in the form of Data Sources.  .A Data Source contains a number of fields in a flat structure used to transfer data into SAP (BW) System.
  5. 5. sap bi/bw certification in india, There are 2 Categories of Data Source  .Standard Data Source (Application DataSource)  .Non-Standard Data Source (Generic DataSource)  .Data Sources for transaction data  .Data Sources for master data  .Attributes  .Text  .Hierarchies The components of a Data Source are  .Extract Structure  .Transfer structure
  6. 6. sap bi/bw training in london, SAP BW BI Course Curriculum:- Overview of the SAP- BW BI: Module One: Enterprise Structure Introduction to ERP SAP, Data Warehouse Overview of BW, BI, Data Base. Overview of BW Architecture, Landscape Basic Modeling: Create a valid Schema Multi-Dimensional Model – The Star Schema (Classical Approach) Multi-Dimensional Star Schema in BW (Extended star Schema) The OLAP Concept Differences between OLAP and OLTP Business Modeling Info Area Info Object Catalogs
  7. 7. sap bi/bw online training in usa, Rule types Routines:-  .Start Routine  .End Routine  .Expert Routine  DTP (Data Transfer Process)  .Standard DTP  .Error DTP  .Direct Access DTP  .Real time DTP  DSO (Data Store Object)  .Standard DSO  .Write optimized DSO  .Direct update DSO  .APD (Analysis Process & Design)  .Update Methods
  8. 8. sap bi/bw certification Info Cube Maintenance  .Aggregates  .Roll-up  .Compression  .Reconstruction  Process Management  .Process Chains, Process Types  .Scheduling  .Monitor (Header, Status, Details)
  9. 9. sap bi/bw module ONLINE TRAINING Reporting - Business Explorer  .BEX Query designer  .BEX Analyzer  .BEX WAD  .BEX Report Designer  .Visual Composer  .Functional Overview of Bex Query  .Designer Reusable Query Elements  .Query Controls with Variables  .Calculated Key Figures  .Restricted Key Figures  .Formulae  .Structures
  10. 10. Sap bi/bw training|bi/bw administration training Analysis Functions  .Conditions  .Exceptions  .Reporting Drilldown  .Drilldown to DSO from Info Cube (RRI)  .Copying Queries from Cubes  .Bex Analyzer Bex WAD Bex Report Designer  .Visual Composer Migration Objects from BW 3.x to BI 7.0  .Transportation Extraction  .Generic Data Extraction using MD/TD Tables  .COPA Extraction  .Business Content Extractions using MD/TD
  11. 11. SAP BI/BW COURSE CONTENT  Full course details please visit our website  http://www. Sap BI/BW online  Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and  special care will be taken. It is a one to one training  with hands on experience.  * Resume preparation and Interview assistance will  be provided.  For any further details please contact  +91-9052666559 or visit   Please mail us all queries to 