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Academic leadership academy


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Academic leadership academy

  1. 1. Mind the GAP
  2. 2. The American DreamHard Work + Good Education = The American Dream
  3. 3. 7 Billion People 5 Billion People Adults 3 Billion Adults that want to a Good Job 1.2 Billion Available Good Jobs 1.8 Billion Job ShortfallThe Coming Jobs War, Clifton (2011)
  4. 4. “We need to lift the bottom faster and the top higher.”That Used To Be US (Friedman & Mandelbaum, 2011)
  5. 5. Academic Leadership AcademyPurpose:To prepare tomorrow’sleaders to influence positive Mind the GAPchange through action
  6. 6. Leadership CurriculumGrade 9Geometry Honors or Algebra 2 HonorsEnglish 1 Honors or English 2 HonorsAP Human Geography Mind the GAPPhysical Science HonorsSpanish 2 or French 2Design Foundations 1 and one other Visual Art Class or Band, Orchestra, Chorus,Dance or DramaPE or NJROTCIntegrated Business Applications or a major course or an electiveLeadership Log- Allows students to transform standards into action researchParticipation in Leadership Seminars and beginning the Service Portfolio arerequired. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in one school club.
  7. 7. Leadership CurriculumGrade 10 Grade 11Algebra 2 Honors or PreCalculus Honors BC Calculus or PreCalculus HonorsEnglish 2 Honors or English 3 Honors English 3 Honors or English 4 APAP World History Language and CompositionBiology Honors Mind the GAP AP United States HistorySpanish 3 or French 3 Chemistry HonorsMajor course or elective Spanish 4 Honors or French 4 HonorsMajor course or elective Major course or electiveLeadership 1 Major course or elective Research 1 (Students will begin working on Senior Thesis during this course.)
  8. 8. To prepare tomorrow’s leaders to influence positive change through collective action Senior Thesis Research 2 Humanities12th Grade STEAM Research 111th Grade STEAM Leadership 1 Humanities10th Grade Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Communications, Technology, Law, Business, and Mathematics Visual & Performing Arts, and World Languages Probationary Year Honor/AP Curriculum9th Grade Students are exposed to Leaders Mind the GAP in various fields through Leadership Seminars
  9. 9. Senior Leadership ThesisLeadership is the ability to influence positive change.Students identify the need for change.
  10. 10. What are the colleges searching for?Harvard seeks "well rounded" students that have contributed in various waysto the lives of their schools or communities. Academic accomplishment in highschool is important, but we also seek people with enthusiasm, creativity andstrength of character. Mind the GAPPrinceton’s admission process goes beyond simply looking for academicallyaccomplished students. We care about what students have accomplished inand out of the classroom. Tell us how you would seize the academic andnon-academic opportunities at Princeton and contribute to the Princetoncommunity.Were most interested in those students who will challenge us, makeoriginal discoveries, use their leadership skills in new venues, and takeadvantage of the depth as well as the breadth of this universitys offerings.We like students who make intelligent and interesting mistakes, studentswho understand that only in risking failure do we become stronger, better,and smarter.
  11. 11. What are the colleges searching for? As part of the Honors College, your creativity will be encouraged and your intellect nourished. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds — an individualized educational experience within a community where face-to-face relationships are the norm and full access to the Mind the GAP incredible breath of a research university. Most importantly, you will be able to customize your Carolina experience based upon your academic goals, your career plans, and your unique interests. The purpose of Honors is not to reward past achievement, but to foster continued intellectual growth, to cultivate a lifelong love of learning and to prepare each student for life as a leader and agent of change.
  12. 12. Academic Leadership Diploma Recognition Each semester, throughout the four years of high school, students will participate in an Academic Leadership Seminar. This may be outside regular school hours. Mind the GAP Students will successfully complete a Senior Thesis which will include research, a written paper, presentation of the Senior Thesis and oral defense of student’s position. Students will complete 90 hours of community service by the end of the junior year. Students who complete 120 hours of community service by the end of the senior year will receive special recognition.
  13. 13. 21st Century Learning Mind the GAP Take Action Research the Issues Learn the Standards
  14. 14. ALA is ALL in• Students in the ALA program are expected to sign up for all of the ALA classes. Mind the GAP• If you were not recommended for the ALA honors classes you MUST opt up and parents sign a waiver for the ALA classes. You cannot move down at the start of the year in this option.
  15. 15. ALA Vision and program• In addition the leadership, service and technology thread follow throughout the Mind the GAP years
  16. 16. Choose STEAM or Humanities• Students will be asked to choose a path of STEAM Mind the GAPOR• HumanitiesThis will line up with your major if you are a Freshman in the program
  17. 17. Leadership addresses• To help young people in Chapin High School ALA have a greater appreciation for themselves and others and a greater understanding of leadership principles; Mind the GAP• To support young people to work constructively in teams with peers and professionals from their community and boost youth participation and contribution to positive change• To enable youth to enact civic service project(s) that advance the social good, academic progress and improve relations in the community.• Develop a research proposal
  18. 18. Leadership Class• Core Curriculum via State Standards• Learning about myself as a leader – Focuses on self-awareness, learning agility, influence and Mind the GAP communication – Introduce core leadership skills needed to work effectively on project teams, succeed in complex assignments, and meet strategic objectives.• Maximize leadership potential – assessment of the critical leader skills and personalized assessment and data for feedback and improvement. – Enhance skills of influencing, conflict resolution and communication.
  19. 19. Leadership Activities• Freshman participants will attend a full day May 4th simulcast (from Atlanta) of the Chic Fil a Leadership Summit at Lexington High School ( – Roland FryerHarvardthe GAP who was named one of the Top Young Mind Professor Economists in the World by Economist Magazine – Sheena IyengarA professor and world-renowned expert on the subject of choice, she says that choice is essential to our well-being. – Tim TebowNFL quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and New York Times best-selling author – Soledad O’Brien – Anchor for CNN morning show Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien and special correspondent for CNN/U.S.
  20. 20. Leadership Activities Mind the GAP
  21. 21. Leadership Activities• August 2012 -Ropes activities at Riverbanks Zoo to develop leadership, risk taking and Mind the GAP team building• Center for Creative Leadership activities• And others as they become available
  22. 22. Registration for classes• Freshman year- standard year with choices in: – The arts (chorus, band, strings, visual, dance) Mind the GAP – Business computer apps or intro to engineering design• Choose STEAM vs Humanities• Sophomore thru Seniors will accumulate points related to your program choice for graduation in ALA the senior year
  23. 23. • The form for service hours is on the CHS website under courses, ALA Mind the GAP• Completed forms can be given to Ms Maylath or Ms Pillow
  24. 24. Service Requirement-90 Hours• ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP ACADEMY• COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT VERIFICATION FORM• Completing 90 hours of Community Service by the end of the junior year is one of the requirements of the Academic Leadership Academy. Students who complete 120 hours of Community Service by the end Mind the GAP of the senior year will receive special recognition. Please complete this form for each Service Learning Project and return to the Assistant Principal for Instruction at Chapin High School.• Name of Student __________________________________________________________• Date(s) of Project _______________________________ Grade Level ______________• Total Number of Service Hours Worked _____________________• Description of Community Service Project:• This is to certify that ______________________________ completed the Service Project as described above.• ______________________________________________ ____________________• Name and Title of Project Supervisor (Please Print) Phone Number• ___________________________________________ _____________________• Signature of Project Supervisor Date• ___________________________________________ _____________________• Student Signature Date
  25. 25. What parents can do…• We will need mentors in the community – Please sign up yourself and your neighbors up in the ALA link to the GAP Mind the mentor book. We will need speakers on various topics and mentors for Jr and Sr year research students.• Parents may want to create a foundation– to fund the research project materials like the Dutch Fork High School STEM program did
  26. 26. Advantages of ALA• Faculty collaborate across the curriculum to integrate technology and engage student interests• Small learning community- ALA Mast classes with Mind the GAP dedicated ALA teacher coaches• Faculty cover standards and move on to relevant community and world issues• ALA classes dedicate time to develop student driven research• ALA students have the skills that colleges and our future require
  27. 27. We aRe Chapin Mind the GAPWe aRe Building A Better Future