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Instructional Leadership: Creating the Conditions #leadership20

Presentation given on October 30, 2012 as part of the #Leadership20 learning series MOOC. Inquires about and describes successful strategies and ideas to create instructional leadership in schools.

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Instructional Leadership: Creating the Conditions #leadership20

  1. 1. Instructional Leadership“Creating the Conditions” #leadership20Chris Image: @gibsonsgolfer
  2. 2. ABOUT ME
  3. 3. Kent Elementary School Agassiz, BC For each student to master core skills,develop their strengths and interests and become a confident learner.
  4. 4. “We cannot motivate others… we can only work to create the conditions for people to motivate themselves.” --Image:
  5. 5. Today We Will Reflect Upon:1. What does instructional leadership mean to you?2. How do we create the conditions for effective school instructional leadership?3. What are some ideas we can share to help build more instructional leadership in schools? Image:
  6. 6. Instructional Leadership is….
  7. 7. Instructional LeadershipAlberta Principal Quality Standards• demonstrates a sound understanding of current pedagogy and curriculum• implements strategies for addressing standards of student achievement• ensures that student assessment and evaluation practices throughout the school are fair, appropriate and balanced• implements effective supervision and evaluation to ensure that all teachers consistently meet the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard• ensures that appropriate pedagogy is utilized in response to various dimensions of student diversity• ensures that students have access to appropriate programming based on their individual learning needs• recognizes the potential of new and emerging technologies, and enables their meaningful integration in support of teaching and learning• ensures that teachers and other staff communicate and collaborate with parents and community agencies, where appropriate, to support student learning• supports the use of community resources to enhance student learning.
  8. 8. Instructional Leader ship Pedagogical Leadership: “a kind of ‘leading’ that often walks behind the one who is ‘led’” -- T.J. SergiovanniImage:
  9. 9. Effective Principals:• Shared purpose• Empowered teachers• Fostered collaboration and collegiality• Supported risk taking and innovation• Helped teachers become inquiry oriented• Provided resources and time for professional growth From Blase and Blase study of 800+ teachers (2004)
  10. 10. “You need management to build a house but only leadership can make it into a home.” Bruce BeairstoCC Image:
  11. 11. Teacher Leadership The old model of formal, one-person leadership leaves the substantial talents of teachers largely untapped... Leadership is the professional work of everyone in the school.Image: - Linda Lambert
  12. 12. Focusing on Strengths -- Jenifer FoxCC Image:
  13. 13. Motivation: Creating the Conditions Image:
  14. 14. Professional AutonomyImage:
  15. 15. Relationships Image:
  16. 16. ProvidingResources Image:
  17. 17. Moving from “Can we…?” …to “HOW can we…?”
  18. 18. Teach With TeachersImage:
  19. 19. Learn Educators are gradually redefining the role of the principal from instructional leader with a focus on teaching to leader of a professional community with a focus on learning. -- Rick DufourImage:
  20. 20. Leadership Within Staff
  21. 21. Image: Share. Be a Connector.
  22. 22. Recognition
  23. 23. Beyond the lens of surveillance Image:
  24. 24. Supervision For Learning
  25. 25. Difficult ConversationsImage:
  26. 26. Curriculum andAssessment
  27. 27. Numbers as InformationImage:
  28. 28. FamilyCommunicationImage: TO vs WITH
  29. 29. Creating a Vision from Within Image:
  30. 30. Leading With Our Linchpins Image:
  31. 31. Be Vulnerable Being rather than knowing requires showing up and letting ourselves be seen. It requires us to dare greatly, to be vulnerable. Brene Brown Image:
  32. 32. Oops!Image:
  33. 33. Instructional Leadership Creating the Conditions• Balance effective leadership and management• Encourage leadership from within• Relationships• Provide Resources• Model• Learn• Be the connector• Provide Feedback• Stay current• Develop and promote a shared vision
  34. 34. Personal Reflections for Growth• How do I create more opportunities for people to connect and learn together (PLC) with the current structural constraints?• How can I better share the great practices/stories of individuals without creating animosity?• What can I do to create more effective time in classrooms? Image:
  35. 35. Acknowledgements Bruce Beairsto Scott Benwell Jacquie Taylor Roxanne Watson Stan Watchorn Karen Nelson Staff of Kent Elementary
  36. 36. Connect With Me @chriswejr chriswejr@gmail.comToday’s slides: