Importing definitive


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Importing definitive

  2. 2. BASIC TERMS • Imports: goods and services flowing into a country • Importing: the purchase of goods and services by a firm based in one country from sellers that reside in a different country – results in payments to the sellers – affords less control over the production function
  3. 3. REASONS TO IMPORT• Raw material shortage.• Equipment and machinery shortages.• Cost reduction• Quality• Price
  4. 4. IMPORT STEPS1. Market study2. Product identification3. Import registration4. Approvals5. Transport contracting6. Nationalization7. Import payment
  5. 5. CUSTOM CODE 63 - Los demás artículos textiles Chapter confeccionados; juegos, prendería y trapos. 63.02 - ropa de cama, mesa, Custom Code tocador o cocina. 63.02.10 - Ropa de cama, deSubcustom Code punto. - De fibras Tariff Position sintéticas o artificiales.
  6. 6. THE IMPORT PROCESS MARKET STUDY CUSTOMS AGENT Product - Market YES APPROVALS IMPORT (Respective IMPORT > 1000 TRANSPORT REGISTRATION entities) USD ($30.000) NO IMPORTER PAYMENT OF THE IMPORT NATIONALIZATION OF THE (letter of credit, bank transfer, cheque, MERCHANDISE AND cobranza, letra de cambio) PAYMENT OF TAX DUTIES (*)(*) If the import value is above USD 5000, a Declaración Andina de Valor must be shown to the customs administration.
  7. 7. SPECIFIC PROCEDURE Moving goods to final destination ReleaseTransportation Mean ArrivalNotifying to National Custom (Levante)Territory Criterio de Selectividad:Cargo Entry Manifest Presentation •Automatic Release •Physical Inspection •Documental InspectionDownloading OfMerchandise Custom Duties PaymentMoving to CertifiedWarehouse DIM Presentation and acceptance
  8. 8. IMPORTING PROCESS IN COLOMBIA TRANSPORTER OR CARGO AGENT DECLARER NATIONAL CUSTOM Start Direct unloading Criterion of selectivityNotification of arrival Present declaration of Inspection Yes Moved to authorized Arrival of the deposit Yesmerchandise to the NCT Satisfactory Automatic release Justify inconsistencies Yes Accepted Release Yes Unloading of the Yes Corrected merchandise Notify custom authority Payment of tributes Seize and confiscation Inconsistencies END Yes
  9. 9. IMPORT REGIMESFree:No special requirements by the custom administration,just registry and permissions.
  10. 10. IMPORT REGIMESPrevious license:Chemicals for narcotics, weapons, ammunition,explosives, damaged goods, used goods, refurbishedgoods, tax exempted goods, official entities imports(Ecopetrol)
  11. 11. IMPORT REGIMESForbidden:Chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. Nuclear ortoxic waste, Aldrin, Heptaclor, Dieldrine, Confeclor andLindano. Military toys and military equipment (indumil)
  12. 12. IMPORT MODES
  13. 13. 1. AVERAGE IMPORTMerchandise coming from abroad.National Custom TerritoryIndefinite StayingPayment of DutiesFree Disposal of MerchandiseDeadline to declare 15 days in an anticipated mode 2 months regularly
  14. 14. 2. FRANCHISE IMPORTImport that because of a treaty, agreement or lawenjoys the benefits of a total or partial exemptionof taxes.Restricted availability of the merchandise. – Partial or Total Custom Duties exemption (PAEZ & QUIMBAYA LAW 0% - 0% Tariff+VAT 255/92 & 2148/91 – Tariff+0%VAT Est Tributario Art 424)
  15. 15. 3. REIMPORTING FOR PASSIVE COMPLETIONNeed to export merchandise temporarily for manufacturing, repairing or transforming, once it gets back to Colombia it has to pay taxes over the added value acquired abroad.New tariff subsection.Free availability.Docs: DEX Copy, Com Invoice (A Value), Mandate, Certificate Of Origin (If applicable).
  16. 16. 4. REIMPORTING IN THE SAME CONDITIONS No Custom Duties since there is no completion – Free availability DEX Copy, Transp Document, Def Exp (Certification of benefits Pay Back), Mandate.
  17. 17. 5. WARRANTY ACCOMPLISHMENT IMPORT. No Custom Duties: Fixing-Replacement It is under Free Availability Documents: DEX Temp E for Pas Com, Current Warranty (Original), Transport Doc & Mandate.
  18. 18. 6. TEMPORARY IMPORT FORREEXPORTING IN THE SAME CONDITIONShort Term: No Custom Duties, 6 Months + 3, RestrictedAvailability.Long Term: Custom Duties payment by Semester Quotes, 5Years max, Restricted Availability.Leasing: renting machinery with or without purchasingoption. More than six months.Tourists vehicles: up to 6 months *2 depending on the visa.Mode outcomes: Reexporting, Average Import, Destruction,Abandoned or Confiscation.
  19. 19. 7. TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR ACTIVE COMPLETIONA. Capital Goods: Fixing or Completion.No Custom Duties. 6 months + 6. RestrictedAvailability. DIAN Industrial Facilities. Outcome: ReexportingB. Import- Export Special Systems. (plan Vallejo)C. For Industrial Processing (ALTEX & UAP’s)Restricted Availability. Bi-monthly reports
  20. 20. 8. IMPORT FOR TRANSFORMING OR ASSEMBLINGIndustries Recognized by Mincomercio andAuthorized by DIAN. No Custom Duties atfirst. 2 months for completion.DIAN authorizes and enables thewarehouses.
  21. 21. 9. POSTAL TRAFFICNo more than U$2000. Free AvailabilityNo more than 50 Kg, 1,50Mts. No more than 6 unitsof the same product.Imports reception & delivery by National PostalAdmon, private courriers and CA authorized by MinCommunications.Declared with the Express Manifest.Tariffs: 10%T & 16%VAT
  22. 22. 9. POSTAL TRAFFIC
  23. 23. 10. URGENT DELIVERIESCatastrophes. No ErrandsMerchandise in chapters 84 & 90Harmonized Tariff Schedule ( Machinery,Equipment, Planes, Vehicles and others)must be reexported or be submitted to theimport mode after they are done.
  24. 24. 11. TRAVELLERS(5 calendar days) (U$1.500) as Baggage No Import register or licenseCash U$10.000Up to three units of:(2.500 USD)AppliancesSport articlesProfessional equipment
  25. 25. 12. NON COMMERCIAL VALUED SAMPLES10 units for less than U$ 50Up to U$1000 with a label stating that they aresamples without any commercial value.
  26. 26. COMPENSATION PROCESS• Way of Payment• Exchange Declaration # 1• + 6 months/Report/External Debt• Merchandise + U$10.000/Exchange Dec # 3
  28. 28. IMPORT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS• Commercial Invoice• Import Register or License• Import Declaration• Andean Value Declaration• Packing List• Transport Document• Certificate of Origin• Approvals & Certificates – Preserved for 5 years