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2010 america oggi ottobre 2010 -eng

  1. 1. New York celebrates Columbus Day in Music | America Today [Today is Thursday, 26 January 2012] REGISTER LOGIN HOME N THE CITY New York celebrates Columbus Day with music 10/11/2010 NEW YORK. New York celebrates Columbus Day with a week of major concerts, from pop to jazz. We begin tonight with Elisa will perform allHighline Ballroom, while tomorrows double date with the Poisson Rouge Negrita rockers and saxophonist Joe Lovano at Dizzy Club Coca Cola in "team" with Antonio Ciacci (piano) Luca Santaniello (battery ), Joseph Lepore (bass) and Dominick Farinacci (trumpet). Elisa is a return after the debut of two years ago. The singer Friuli present his new album titled "Heart" in collaboration with Giuliano Sangiorgi Negramaro New Yorkers and Antony and the Johnsons. Elisa will be preceded by Blanche The Alchemy training in Milan led by Jessica Einaudi, daughter of art, since the father is the pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. They won an MTV Italy instead My Awesome Mixtape, which will lead the way with their rhythms from "new generation". Waiting for Arezzo Negrita considered among the most influential Italian bands of the last generation. Already well known in South America thanks to the collaboration with the star Juanes Colombian and Brazilian rapper Gabriel or Pensador, Negrita arrive for the first time in New York where he will offer their most recent album, Helldorado, mixed with sounds Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Always at Poisson Rouge esibirrà Sicilian trumpeter Roy Paci Intercontinental with his music. Artistically raised in Uruguay, Paci-called "Latin" in Italy and has collaborated with Jovanotti, Capossela and Peppe Voltarelli for the film "The True Legend of Tony Vilar." Paci will be joined on stage by Aretuska, group orintabile ska / jazz, formed in Syracuse. Get in on the Italian Jazz Days. Tomorrow, at Dizzys Club @ Lincoln Center Jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano will. But the city has already arrived also the master Lucio Ferrara (from Puglia guitarist has performed yesterday at Smalls) who on Wednesday will be in concert with the luff Jazz Ensemble, a formation which was signed by Ulysses Owens, Doug Weiss and Antonio Ciacca, some the musicians who participated allOrzara Jazz Summer Camp. This is a seminar which is held annually to luff, a small town in the province of Foggia, but the basis of the longest running jazz festival in Puglia. Closes the week, Stefania Bologna Tschantret that next Saturday in Montclair will present his new album "Love For Sale" recorded with New York musicians like Stacy Dillard, Kengo Nakamura and Owen Ulysses.
  2. 2. New York celebrates Columbus Day in Music | America Today 26/01/12 17.17 Where: Dizzys Club Coca Cola Concert: 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm Eugene Spot Trio & Friends Omani D: Dizzys Club Coca-Cola "After Hours" 11:00 pm (Tuesday and Thursday), 11:30 pm (Friday and Saturday) Ferrara Lucio Orsara Quartet and Jazz Ensemble Ednesday 13 M Miles Cafe 212 East Street 52ns Concert: 9:30 pm Italian Jazz Jam Session Thursday 14 Jolly Hotel Madison Towers from 7:00 pm Stefania Tschantret Quintet Saturday 16 Trumpets Jazz Club (Montclair, NJ) 6 Depot Square Concert: 8:00 pm Powered by Digitalians Corporation WHO WE ARE WRITE TO US SUBSCRIPTIONS NEWSLETTER REPORThttp://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=it&ie=UTF8…ericaoggi.info/node/21014&usg=ALkJrhgBgZ3hCHpF5uCtpTOOtG7i-Ud7fw Pagina 2 di 2