2.3 номинацияboss orange party report


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2.3 номинацияboss orange party report

  1. 1. BOSS ORANGE “Moscow is the new New York” Soho Rocker / Brooklyn Artist / Central Park Moscow 20th of May 2010 Event report 2
  2. 2. Event venue – Looch Black Carpet / Podium In height of windows
  3. 3. Looch inside before guests arrival Black Carpet / Podium In height of windows
  4. 4. Accreditation outside of Looch / enter container “tunnel” into a new world! Real 20 feet container near Looch location for guest’s registration Boss Orange logo as graffiti 8 hostesses for accreditation
  5. 5. Entrance on the black carpet over the “Brooklyn Bridge!” People enter the venue over the black carpet on a long podium (40 cm height) to be on the same level as the windows, to create a type of inverse cat walk. Inside the windows are the models wearing the new Boss Orange collection.
  6. 6. Entrance on the black carpet over the “Brooklyn Bridge!” People entering
  7. 7. “Moscow is the new New York” graffiti spraying 2 Graffiti artists spray throughout the whole evening in New York style onto a container “Moscow is the new New York” while guests arrive. 8
  8. 8. Models inside the windows & inside the venue All people pass the black carpet and see the Windows of Looch. Inside the windows we have Models of different styles. Black, White, Asian, Russian. To represent the “melting pot” of New York. Inside the venue you can meet models on a special pyramid podium and on benches of central park.
  9. 9. Models in Central Park 10
  10. 10. Door Men / Security Door men are very cool and dressed in trendy pink suits to create a perfect style & mood
  11. 11. Enter the ground floor which is SOHO Street signs are used to show and guide through SOHO We guide to street names such as Broome street or Mercer Street, Prince Street and Broadway etc. We also use the name of the BOSS STORE on 555 Broadway
  12. 12. SOHO. Decoration and mood … We create a mixture of Andy Warhol’s art and Hugo Boss mood in a cool movie and translate it on a big screen over the venue
  13. 13. SOHO. Decoration and mood …We produce cool Boss Orange mood pictures and place them all over the venue
  14. 14. Enter the Second floor which is BROOKLYN Over the evening we have occasionally appearing: a freestyle battle & a break dance show a box fight on a real ring and a cool performance of a NY underground band
  15. 15. Brooklyn Fight On the second floor we built a real Box Ring with a real show fight going on This created great word of mouth and was used for plenty of picture backgrounds BOX RING
  16. 16. Japayork band Stylish NY underground band Japayork played 17
  17. 17. Brooklyn “home” atmosphere We created some “home” feeling in the Brooklyn zone, with sofas and a fridge filled with bottled Heineken beer for self service
  18. 18. DJ’s for the party DJ Sandra & Kuibar & Alex Di Famous Russian DJ’s Sandra, Kuibar and Alex Di spinning at the party in SOHO & BROOKLYN zones over both floors 19
  19. 19. The back terrace was Central Park We create a real Central Park atmosphere on the terrace of Looch by installing: NY skylines on screens natural green grass 3 meters trees and real park benches and proper lightening As a result our terrace was extremely popular and had a real WOW-effect!
  20. 20. The back terrace atmosphere Special lights on trees, wonderful NY sunrise & sunset projections, nice models in stylish BOSS Orange looks create on our terrace an unforgettable atmosphere
  21. 21. Partner integration – Papa John’s pizza At night inside Central park 400 pieces of pizza were handed out in “pick nick” style
  22. 22. Partner integration: Mercedes Benz Mercedes SLS was presented near the entrance 23
  23. 23. Mercedes limousines service Mercedes provided 15 limousines to transport VIP guests, media and celebrities All cars were branded with Boss Orange logo 24
  24. 24. Partner integration: Procter & Gamble We handed out Boss Orange fragrances as a present at the end of the party from the graffiti container
  25. 25. Celebrities Avrora (in BOSS Orange dress) and Christian Ender, Tatyana Gevorkyan, Konstantin Andrikopolus, Nikolai Uskov, Julia Snegir (in BOSS Orange dress) and many other celebrities 26
  26. 26. Facts Number of guests: 700 Party started: 8 pm Party finished: 2 am Pizza handed out: 400 Gift bags with BOSS Orange fragrances handed out: 400 VIP driver service by Mercedes: 15 cars 27
  27. 27. Feedbacks from our guests “I really was impressed. Thanks a lot for inviting me” Keni Luhtanen, Managing Director of Luhta Fashion Group “Thanks so much for this great evening, I haven’t enjoyed myself like this for a long time” Omar Ghobash, Abudhabi Ambassador to Russia “It’s one of the 1St parties in Moscow with a real NY atmosphere. Very stylish and cool” Nikolai Uskov, GQ Russia Chief Editor “It was awesome. The most I liked was central park. Super atmosphere! ” Irina Sadchikova, IT-girl 28
  28. 28. Thank you!