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Music video pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Music video pitch

  1. 1. Our Artist Our artist is called DJ Magma, real name Jack Mitchell, 25 years old from Milton Keynes. Magma who started at local bars and clubs has now moved to London and pursue his dream of becoming a global superstar. With demos Magma went to Ibiza to promote some of his tracks and has now featured on various compilation albums, now signed to Sony BMG, Magma wants to create a new album and create a global platform for his music. 1/28/2015 THE ARTIST 2
  2. 2. The Song The song for Magma’s new music video will be Dreamer by Livin’ Joy. The upbeat dance track will be Magma’s first song to produce therefore we want to produce the best possible video that could be recognised 1/28/2015 SONG 3
  3. 3. The Narrative 1/28/2015 NARRATIVE 4 Our music video is going to be a colourful, vibrant and exciting video. Famous buildings and attractions of London time-lapsed will surround our Actress as she is falling to sleep, until the song comes to life as the power of the music controls our actress. The music cuts to a club of the actress dancing and having the time of her life..... I’m a dreamer?
  4. 4. Time Lapse Locations 1/28/2015 Photos 5 Our time-lapse locations will be up London filming iconic landmarks and buildings, these will be our main location as well as our next location...
  5. 5. Night Club Location 1/28/2015 NIGHTCLUB 6 This is going to be the location for our nightclub scene, the room is quite spacious and good lighting already, therefore giving the perfect location for our nightclub
  6. 6. The Actress Our actress is going to be one of fellow female colleague in our class. We chose someone who we thought would be easy to contact. Our actress will be following the codes and conventions of other actresses in music videos such as Bass hunter’s and have the artist theme like Cascada. 1/28/2015 ACTRESS 7
  7. 7. The costume for our actress The costume of our actress will be bright to make her stand out in the night club. As a group we researched costume and came across a dress wore by Cheryl Cole, when seeing we thought it would look good, its a yellow dress with pink lipstick, we are going to experiment with these colours and see what works best. 1/28/2015 COSTUME 8
  8. 8. Mise En Scene The mise en scene will feature very bright colours to create a vibrant and upbeat feel to reflect the pace of the song. With our actress also having bright costume we are going to make sure no colours clash. The dance scene will be filled with colour in our video. 1/28/2015 Mise En Scene 9
  9. 9. Explanation We would like to make this video because in previous video making we have did a variety of different videos, but never an upbeat video, therefore this was reason for choosing this type of video to make. We also chose it because it will be fun and enjoyable to make. 1/28/2015 EXPLANATION 10
  10. 10. Any Questions? 1/28/2015 Questions 11