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Information about festivals in the world

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Festivals in the world  Angel Cubero  Marta Linares  Maria Luisa Lizana  Mari Carmen Burrueco
  2. 2. Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music eventwhich originated in the Netherlands. The original event, which ran exclusively in theAmsterdam ArenA for a period of five years until 2005, isnow located throughout Poland, Spain, Austria, Chile,Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia,Russia, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil,Norway, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States(starting 2012).
  3. 3. In 2000 and 2001, it was made up of one edition, just called Sensation, but it has now been split up into two editions: Sensation Black and Sensation White.Sensation White focuses more Sensation Black focuseson House music. more on darker music, like Hardstyle and Hardcore.
  4. 4. Every year, Sensation also releases two doublediscs(Black and White) and two singles they call theAnthem. 2008 the names of both events have beenchanged: ”Sensation“ (formerly ”Sensation White“),and ”Black“ (formerly ”Sensation Black“). The Amsterdam ArenA event takes place every yearon the first Saturday in July while the German event inthe LTU Arena in Düsseldorf is held on New Years Eve.
  5. 5. Etnosur In 1997 is created inAlcala la Real (Jaen,Spain) ethnic festivalencounters South, knownas Etnosur. It is characterized by afestival of ethnic musicconcerts and alternative,besides presenting craftexhibitions, variousworkshops for publicparticipation, exhibitions,films and documentaries,
  6. 6.  About 40,000 visitors in 3 days. Visitors at least 10 nationalities. 11,000 square meters occupied by the compound. 4,000 attendees to the new circus. 65 posts in the craftsman of the souks. More than 200 references in print. Over 2 hours of television.
  7. 7. The Etnosur music can bedivided into 3 parts: The festival activatesconcerts, andetnoteca et two campingnochill. areas from 18.00 am on Thursday before There are concerts the festival, untilthroughout the day: at Monday next atnoon in the "Paseo de 14.00 h.losAlamos," afternoonat the Town Hall and atnight in …and many more activitiesthe CampusEtnosur.
  8. 8. CREAMFIELDS It presents more than 90 national and international artists. Is a electronic music festival. Is celebrated every year in august in Liverpool since 1998. Is organised by the representatives of “Cream”, a night private club.
  9. 9.  For 10 years ago, Creamfields is one of the better festival in the World. Is created in England with the goal to offer a festival with this kind of music and entertainment in a great outdoor place.
  10. 10. FRINGEIn Edimburg there are little festivals ringing from ended of July to first of September, like:- International festival of Edimburg (1947)- Fringe (1947)- Film festival of Edimburg (1947)- Jazz and Blues festival of Edimburg (1979)- Book festival of Edimburg (1983)- Edimburg s inhabitants festival (2002)
  11. 11. The Fringe is characteristic for its theatreperformances like comedy, drama,music and dance.
  12. 12. TOMORROWLAND Is organised by ID&T, a Dutch/Belgian entertainment and media enterprise. Organized every year in the Tlemish town of Boom since 2005. (This year Tomorrowland ll be the days 27, 28 and 29 of July on the outskirts of Amberes)
  13. 13.  Organized every year in the Tlemish town of Boom since 2005. (This year Tomorrowland ll be the days 27, 28 and 29 of July on the outskirts of Amberes)
  14. 14. For exampleThe last year, in Tomorrowland was a lot of dj´s such as Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Marco Bailey, Tiesto, 2ManyDj´s or Faithless Soundsystem.
  15. 15. Awakenings
  16. 16.  Awakenings is an electronic music festival. Awakenings will take place in Halweg, Netherlands the next 30th June. It take place every year in summer, usually in Netherlands.
  17. 17.  The official puppet of Awakenings is Jabba The kinds of music range from techno to house or electro. The are a lot of famous dj’s who have gone to Awakenings since the first edition in 1997 in Amsterdam.
  18. 18. Some famous artist who have performed in Awakenings are: Ben Sims James Holden Marco Carola Luciano Cristian Varela Carl Cox Tim Wolf Sven Vath Ricardo Villalobos Fritz Kalkbrenner…
  19. 19. Woodstock Woodstock Music and Art Fair was a festival in a farm in Bethel, New York in 1969. It’s famous for the motto: “three days of peace and music”
  20. 20.  The name “Woodstock” was for the first place when it was going to take place: the city of Woodstock but at the end it was in a family farm in Bethel There was three people who died in the festival, overdose of heroin, other for an appendix illness and the last one for an accident with a tractor After the festival, a documental was made about it and it won an Oscar.
  21. 21.  The assistance of people was amazing. The authorities just expected around sixty thousand peoples but finally four hounded thousand people came to the event. The festival became an icon for the young Americans who lived in a country involved in wars an internationals conflicts because the festival proclaimed the peace and the hippie movement
  22. 22. Some famous artist who Some famous singers whohave performed in have refuse the invitationwoodstock are: to this festival are: Santana  Bob Dylan The who  The Doors Joe Cocker  The Beatles Jimi Hendrix  Led Zeppelin Purple Haze
  23. 23.  As anecdote we can say that the festival has had different versions along the time for example in 1979, 1984 or 1999 Another interesting thing about Woodstock is the Bob Dylan’s gig, because at the first edition of the festival he refuse acting such as the Beatles. The English group didn’t act because Lennon imposed the condition that the Yoko Ono’s group performed too and the organizers didnt like this.
  24. 24. Love parade It’s a electronic music festival which take place in Germany and a parade The first Love Parade was after the fall of the Berlin wall
  25. 25.  The most important fact in this festival happened in 2010 when 21 people died in a human stampede. The autorities said that nearly a million and a half people will go to the festival but the facilities wasn’t ready and in a tunnel they died.
  26. 26.  Because of the fatal accident, the festival stopped and the next year will not take place.
  27. 27. ROCK IN RIO Rock in Rio is a series The shows were of music festivals held organized by Brazilian in three cities: Rio de entrepreneur Roberto Janeiro in Brazil, Medina. Lisbon in Portugal and Madrid in Spain. In 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be the fourth.
  28. 28.  It will also include performances by Rihanna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, Metallica, Maroon 5, System of a Down, Guns N Roses, Mana and Jorge Drexler, as well as popular Brazilian singers Ivete The show is divided into Sangalo Bahia and seven dates between bands Titas and 23 September and 2 Paralamas do October, and will Sucesso. accommodate 100,000 people per day.
  29. 29. MONEGROS DESERT Monegros Desert Festival is an electronic music festival held in Spain in the Desierto de los Monegros (Huesca) between populations Candasnos and Fraga. It features concerts and sessions in the techno, hip- hop, drum and bass, minimal.
  30. 30.  Every year come together over 30 international artists: Pendulum (live), Laurent Garnier (live), Mala Rodriguez, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Luciano, Digitalism (dj set), DuArt, Mat Weasel VS Roms aka Harry Potar, Guigoo Narkotek,, SFDK, Morodo, Chacho Brodas, Marc Marzenit (live), Cesar Merveille, The Horrorist, Niskerone, Narcotik Dlux...