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TRANSLATIONHere is a news surely expected by most scholars attention to the events, including record companies, the Italia...
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It's all right with me di pietro mazzone -eng


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It's all right with me di pietro mazzone -eng

  1. 1. TRANSLATIONHere is a news surely expected by most scholars attention to the events, including record companies, the Italianjazz.Lucio Ferrara and a very special musician sensitivity, an acute knowledge of the more traditional strictly jazz ofhis instrument. That guitar in his hands - often these are glorious Semi collectible Gibson, sounding deliciouslyblack and white - just the opposite of the instrument becomes more likely to overflowing and that today.A phrasing dry, smooth, solo, where each note has its own raison detre. And even before that, and always stayrelentlessly on time, and able to sing and sew. This prerogative of the Apulian style of guitar. Style also refinedin the field, from an activity concert - and teacher - intense and broad, international scope and often alongsidethe great masters of that style pure bop - a choice of sides lived with calm as absolute as natural - that and theheart of the inspiration of Ferrara.As evidence, moreover, Body and Soul, live jewel nestled in the middle of the album and captures the matchwith a stellar lineup, Lee Konitz naturally head master narrative of American metaphysical solo; skillfullightness of the floor Antonio Ciacca, but as intense as that of other leaders, capable of blending fact andsummarize the mood of both. Supported by the battery of Ulysses Owens, the solos are complemented by thealmost perfect Kengo Nakamura, who was also present only Konitz as in this passage.Is therefore explained the reasons for the action enjoyed by Ferrara, who in turn justify the wait we were talkingabout at first. Even more so if you think that what happened with the debut of Florian Splasch Records, some tenyears ago, the charming ("a mild and breezy jazz as a ferry boat" so David Ielmini in the liner notes) As now inneed of updates, so the music of life.And thats alright with me It offers them in abundance: in terms of variety of the proposed musical situations,the overall balance of its parts, humours sparkling, almost light and you can breathe easy. And that have beenthe result of maturity attained a consciousness that knows how to be therefore from time to time, smiling andhumorous, or sentimental and melancholy, or thoughtful, exploratory. When it comes to balance between theparties, the reference and alternating between original and successful standards, the first seconds of no lessoverflowing with blues: the initial Twelve Bars For MB, Lagos Blues, the choice to assemble convincing firstfive songs with a guitar quartet, piano-bass-drums, the result of a session in New York, a striking diptych in atrio with hammond (Luke Mannutza) and drums (Nicola Angelucci). All seasoned with that Body and Souldescribed above.musicians: tracks:Lucio Ferrara, guitar Twelve Bars For M.B. (L. Ferrara)Lee Konitz, alto sax Who Can I Turn To (L. Bricusse)Antonio Ciacca, piano Perhaps (L. Ferrara / D. Bright)Ulysses Owens, drum Beatrice (S. Rivers)Kengo Nakamura, bass Lagos Blues (A. Ciacca)Yasushi Nakamura, bass Body and Soul (J. Green)Luke Mannutza, hammond Silver (L. Ferrara)Nicola Angelucci, drum Oh, Lady Be Good (G. Gershwin)