La spezia cultura e spettacolo-eng


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La spezia cultura e spettacolo-eng

  1. 1. User: Browse brochures 0187 1852605 Password: 0187 1852515 Request Contact SMS 339 99415252 0187 1952682 Register (Keywords cds) Last updated: Thursday, January 26 - 16:38 hours SearchThe Val di Vara meets present at the Green Line - Memorial Day, the celebrations - Memorial Day, remember the victims of genocide. PSI: "We respect the Camp David Accords" - Evade the house and disappears into thin air, Tweet I like Spezia Jazz, Leonardo Corradi and Lucio Ferrara Featured La Spezia - The 43rd International Festival of Jazz is at the door of La Spezia. The association of La Spezia Spezia Jazz, an integral part of the organization, organizes meetings with the artists who will present their latest disc. These are two separate evenings will begin at 19 of June 26 and July 2 and end of the first of 21 concerts at the NH Jolly Hotel will offer a drink to all participants. This is Leonardo Corradi in Tuscia in Jazz, organist of La Spezia with Abraham Burton on sax, Eddy Palermo on guitar, sax Gege Munari, Fabio Rotondo batteries with special guest Tony Monaco on Hammond organ. Corradi, crystalline class, will present the record to 19 on Saturday 26th June. The other meeting is scheduled for July 2 with the guitar Lucio Ferrara presents Its all right with me. With Leo Konitz on alto sax, Antonio Ciacca floor, UlyssesOwens, Kengo Nakamura on bass, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, Luke Mannutza, Hammond organ, and finally Nicholas Angelucci batteries. "Its all right with me", Nicola Angelucci (drums) and Luke Mannutza (Hammond), two musicians that Lucius knows, with whom he shared many experiences and who took part in a project started from? Else in the world, in the United States. Thus, a disk which was attended, besides the names just mentioned, artists such as Lee Konitz, Anthony Ciacca, Ulysses Owens, Kengo Nakamura and Yasushi Nakamura. 2 July 1900 to meet with the artist. In addition, the special events include the project for the label "SPICE LIVE JAZZ." Arriving at the 43 th edition of the "International Jazz Festival of La Spezia," he finally decides to accompany the longest running jazz festival Italian, a whole series of CDs recorded live. A product record that is the exact picture of the moment and its implementation, which captures its value over time and be indelible. Jazz is not, in fact, a music mode or subject to external influences. The artistic value of a Charlie Parker 45, the Miles Davis quintet of 56 or 70 the trio of Bill Evans is always of great value and relevance. The collection of live recordings will be the result of the experiences and concerts chosen out of many that the festival brings in its institutional activities and extraordinary. These works will record the exact photograph and document will leave this institution for the future. Obviously this will be of great promotion for the structure, the organization that manages and also for the city that I strongly wanted the constitution. The work to create a catalog record takes his time and above all a fundamental task of artistic choice. That should make a correct evaluation of strategic international soloists such and not be interesting or band for the label. This possibility also arises in a privileged position because the performances of international artists often rely on the collaboration of Italian sideman of great value is this only to emphasize the uniqueness of our records. Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 09:35:28 FL © All rights reserved Ads by Google Print Chronicle | Policy | Sport | Culture & Entertainment | Directories | Italy - World