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It’s all right with... you! eng

  1. 1. TRANSLATIONWe have "chased" Lucio Ferrara to New York, where it is now home and where they will be back just in timefor your appointment now consolidated with the Orsara Jazz Festival. From his stories (about how to begin, thelucky musical meetings, travel) emerges above all a great love for music, perfect lover, and never betray ...Sound Contest: Lets start from the last disc. "Its all right with me attendance records important (Lee Konitz)and other, equally significant, but that are more connected to your circle of friends music history (AntonioCiacca). From such experiences comes this hard?Lucio Ferrara: The disc was recorded in New York City, Sorrento and Rome. Rome and the city where I justmoved and where they live with the musicians I play in my projects in Italy. New York and the other citiesimportant where I recorded most of the cd with Antonio Ciacca, Ulysses Owens and others. In Sorrento, instead,we played with the band in the studio most of the so-called Lee Konitz, fantastic three days talking and studyingwith Lee, my idol.SC: Conceptually and work is very organic. Before touching the apex of a quartet with the addition of themaster Konitz. Then a trio of which are very linked. It so?LF: The three formations are organic and Ive always loved musicians who play the same way I love them. Thequartet with the plan and Antonio Ciacca more training family, I could play for days without getting bored withAntonio. The trio with the organ comes from listening to records by Wes Montgomery. A quintet with LeeKonitz, however, and how to be on the side of a poet who can always find the right words to describe a feelingwithout ever falling into banality and the obvious.SC: More than ever in this latest work coming out of your peculiarities style. A style quiet, clean, attentive tophrasing without unnecessary mannerisms, which is part of the lesson more authentic bop. What evolution hasrecorded this disc in your way of making music and your style from "Florian", your debut album? What are themusicians who have forged reference your style and what do you look in the music?LF: From "Florian" Many years have passed, years of experience very significant. I think the style was similar,but the experiences Ive had I have gained a lot from many points of view. Listening to a lot of music around inclubs and theaters in Rome and New York, but when Im at home there is always the music of Louis Armstrong,Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Parker and Ellington, to name a few.SC: When and how and entered the music in your life? What path did you follow? When did you realize that itwould be your profession?LF: I was introduced to music at the age of seven years. My two older brothers played guitar and taught me thebasics as well as to love music in general. For the first two thirds of my life I have been self-taught, creating myown personal way of playing.Then in Bologna, during the first years at university, I felt the need to deepen the jazz music after following thelast major review of the Bologna Jazz Festival: There were Winton Marsalis, Max Roach and jam session withSal Nistico Steve Grossman. I loved the music of Errol Gardner, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Oscar Petersonand Miles with Coltrane, sharing a lot of study with the great pianist and friend Antonio Ciacca. The workshopsof Barry Harris offered me a vision more clear how to approach and study jazz. In 1998 I won the Iceberg, sect.jazz, and I made my first CD "Florian." Then I graduated in Jazz Music at the Conservatory of Bologna and therelative degree at the Conservatory of Andria.
  2. 2. In parallel to my career as a leader I have led a sideman to many musicians at the side of Bologna and for aperiod I studied Brazilian music, wonderful experience. Since 2004, teaching guitar allOrsara Music JazzFestival and are currently also director of the seminars. I also taught in some Italian conservatories.When I realized that music was my profession? I was the last to realize that I did the musician, all around meknew it. I particularly remember one day while we were talking about our future with my friends, I said, I do notknow yet what I will do grow up ... I looked all puzzled and said Lucio ... you will do the musician, no one hasever had any doubts about this! Wow ... this and here is the beginning.Returning to the present, I dare say that as a guitar player I had the good fortune of playing with musicians that Ihave always admired and respected, from Lee Konitz to Benny Golson. And I go for a few years more and moreoften in New York, where I could not record an important part of my latest CD.Sc: How did your relationship with New York? As you have matured? How frequent and where localmusicians? From there the music certainly will look with different eyes than in Italy. How the "situation" ofjazz and jazz musicians are seen as Italian?LF: The e was Antonio Ciacca, which prompted me to visit and know the place where jazz has a deepermeaning and mature. From Italy you do not understand the true feeling of this music, we have imported and likeall things we have imported the modified plug in our culture. And now New York and become one of my"homes". In June I will be in New York with Anthony and his band at the Rochester Jazz Festival with LewTabakin and Joe Magnarelli. I played with many musicians in the United States, at Dizzys Jazz Club (Jazz AtLincoln Center) with Joey de Francesco, at Smalls, the historic Myntons clubs and other New Yorkers with somany other wonderful musicians.In New York there is the original, there love for the Jazz ... there swing.SC: In addition to playing music teaching takes up most of your time. Since 2004 then, lead seminars dellOrsaraJazz Festival. Tell us about this experience? What did Orsara compared to other festivals?L.F.: It was born seven years ago. I wanted to give my contribution to the development of the teaching of jazz inItaly. Orsara Music gave me this opportunity and I think we did a great job with these results and continue withever greater determination.I am particularly fond of Orsara, cause I was born and raised in this village in the province of Foggia. Toachieve the results we are getting, and it takes a lot of work we do. We host students from around the world, wesend our students to experience around and we take our satisfaction cause our students receive praise andrecognition important.SC: What are you preparing for the 2011 edition? Teachers are chosen change or different teachers every year?What is the relationship they create with the students?LF: The year 2011 will be an extraordinary year, students have grown in number and level. The country will beinvaded by a record number of students from the United States, England, France, Spain and Italy of course. Ingeneral, the teachers change every year, even if sometimes it happens that someone is confirmed. As musicianson tour during the year is not always easy to confirm their availability.Often between teacher and pupil is established a sort of musical feeling that goes beyond the classrooms andworkshops going on over time. And the organization of the Festival and proud of this