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Welcome to jeopardy

  1. 1. Welcome to Jeopardy -Jeopardy is a quiz featuring trivia in topics such as history, literature, the arts, pop culture, science and sports. -To play, simply choose a category and score amount. -If you answer correctly, you get to choose again. If you answer in correctly, the next team will get to choose! -Type your score in the box under your team when you answer correctly. Enjoy!!
  2. 2. Let’s play Jeopardy! People Place Grammar World History Art 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 Team1 Team 2 Team 3
  3. 3. An explorer who is known to discover the America continents. Click your answer
  4. 4. Who is Columbus? questions
  5. 5. An American actor and musician known for his portrayals of offbeat, eccentric characters such as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series Click your answer
  6. 6. Who is Johnny Depp? questions
  7. 7. An American figure skater who is a two time Olympic silver medalist Click your answer
  8. 8. Who is Michelle Kwan? questions
  9. 9. An author of the Twilight saga Click your answer
  10. 10. Who is Stephenie Meyer? questions
  11. 11. The country that has sphinxes Click your answer
  12. 12. What is Egypt? questions
  13. 13. The mausoleum that is famous for the Mughal architecture in India Click your answer
  14. 14. What is Taj Mahal? questions
  15. 15. The city that has the learning tower Click your answer
  16. 16. What is Pisa? questions
  17. 17. The island that has Mohai Giant Stone Statues Click your answer
  18. 18. What is Easter Island? questions
  19. 19. Bella is reading a book. Click your answer
  20. 20. What is the present progressive tense ? questions
  21. 21. Janice has been to Canada once before. Click your answer
  22. 22. What is the past perfect tense ? questions
  23. 23. Chloe should study for the test. Click your answer
  24. 24. What is an auxiliary verb ? questions
  25. 25. I wrote this book myself . Click your answer
  26. 26. What is a reflective pronoun ? questions
  27. 27. Sometimes called The Virgin Queen , she was the daughter of Henry VIII and Queen of English from 17. November.1558 until her death. Click your answer
  28. 28. Who is Queen Elizabeth I ? questions
  29. 29. He was a German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, commonly known as the Nazi Party. Click your answer
  30. 30. Who is Adolf Hitler? questions
  31. 31. - He received the 1993 Novel Peace Prize. - He served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and was the first black President to be elected. Click your answer
  32. 32. Who is Nelson Mandela? questions "No one is born hating another  person for the color of their skin, religion, or background. Hatred and intolerance have to be learned. Even in the grimmest times, I have seen glimmers of humanity, which have reassured me that Man's goodness is a flame that can never be extinguished."
  33. 33. As the results of this war, slavery effectively ended in the U.S. in the spring of 1865. Click your answer
  34. 34. What is the Civil War? questions
  35. 35. He was a Spanish artist. He is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for wide variety of styles embodied in his work. Click your answer
  36. 36. Who is Pablo Picasso? questions
  37. 37. He was a Korean-born American artist. He worked with a variety of media and is considered to be the first video artist. Click your answer
  38. 38. Who is NamJune Paik? questions
  39. 39. - He was an Italian Renaissance artist. -He painted the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling and The Last Judgment on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Click your answer
  40. 40. Who is Michelangelo? questions
  41. 41. This is a style of painting developed in France between 1870 and 1900 which concentrated on showing the effects of light on things rather than on clear and exact detail. Clude Monet and Van Gogh are famous for this painting style. Click your answer
  42. 42. What is impressionism? questions