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MELAS Finals Mogojastro


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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MELAS Finals Mogojastro

  2. 2. GET …..SET…..GO!!!!
  3. 3. This is the Montreux Casino in Switzerland. How has it been immortalised.
  4. 4. • ANSWER
  5. 5. X and Y collaborated on a grand scale for the creation of “Radha-krishna"based on Hindu themes - a one of itskind which was first presented at theRoyal Opera House , London in 1923.This Indo-Russian duo are legends in their fields. Id X and Y.
  6. 6. • ANSWER
  7. 7. Dwarves- Tharkun West- Olorin South – Incanus East – None North -X
  8. 8. • ANSWER
  9. 9. There are 3 well known incidents of something “not being done/ nullified after being done”. The 1st led to the person involved receiving a special award from the President of Pakistan Gen. Zia . Thelast 1 occurred in early 2012, Australia. What am I talking about?
  10. 10. • ANSWER
  11. 11. Audio 1
  12. 12. • ANSWER
  13. 13. ID The Movie
  14. 14. • ANSWER
  15. 15. • The First one was known as DS (from Director’s Special Whiskey) an carries an attache• The second one was called Madan• The third and more popular one was called Purandar Bhat.• Collectively they are known as???!
  16. 16. • ANSWERS
  17. 17. FYATARUS
  18. 18. Who are they ?
  19. 19. • ANSWERS
  20. 20. • X was born in Lebanon• He is best known in the English world for his work,”The Prophet”- an early example of inspirational fiction.• He is the third best selling poet of all time after Shakespeare and Lao Tzu.• Id X.
  21. 21. • ANSWERS
  22. 22. VIDEO 1
  23. 23. • ANSWERS
  24. 24. • He said that X “....was all about a dream I had that I was walking under the sea.”• The term X has been used to refer to_____ , due to the form sold by Sandoz, called Delysid.• The phrase itself appears in print as early as 1861, in Charles Dickens Great Expectations, chapter 54: "There was the red sun, on the low level of the shore, in a X , fast deepening into black...• According to him “ X " is used to describe the disorienting effect of sunspot activity on the inhabitants of a planet called Dantes Joy.
  25. 25. • ANSWERS
  26. 26. His biography, “ ...and X ” was so named because, in at least 250 of the 350 movies that he acted in, his wasthe last name in the cast portion of the credits, with the words "...and X" and sometime "..above all X”. ID X.
  27. 27. • ANSWERS
  28. 28. 1) Davide Gualtieri of San Marino against England2) Hakan Sukur of Turkey against South Korea Who’s the next on the list?
  29. 29. • ANSWERS
  30. 30. VIDEO
  31. 31. • ANSWERS
  33. 33. • Since 1954 it was restricted to "Art, Literature, Science and Public Service“ . In late 2011, the eligibility criteria was changed to “ any field of human endeavor “ . This was hugely appreciated by most sports fans. Why?
  34. 34. • ANSWERS
  35. 35. This work, unfinished by the author due to hisdeath is the last in the series. The book reflected the author’s love for modern and avant garde art that he developed in his later years. Theunfinished version was published by Ergmont in 2004 but the most popular one is by Canadian Yves Rodier and it was translated into several languages. Name the work.
  36. 36. • ANSWERS
  37. 37. Audio 2
  38. 38. • ANSWERS
  39. 39. ID The Pair
  40. 40. • ANSWERS
  42. 42. • Subject- Sharbat Gula• Photographer- Steve McCurry• Year-1984• How is the image famous to the world?
  43. 43. • ANSWERS
  44. 44. Continuously forested since the end of the IceAge, it derived its name from being the Shire ofthe region. It is a National natural Reserve butattracts 500,000 tourists annually from round theglobe for a completely different popularity . ID
  45. 45. • ANSWERS
  46. 46. CONNECT
  47. 47. • ANSWERS
  48. 48. • X is the combination of two separate slang terms• Keith “cowboy” Wiggins coined the term to mimic his friend who had joine the US Army…by singing “X” which mimicked the rhythmic cadence of marching soldiers• It soon came to identify with music and culture that mirrored the worst of mainstream, symbolizing sexism, racism, violence.• ID X
  49. 49. • ANSWERS
  50. 50. • Slats- Jackie- Coffee Tanner George X• The above is a sequence of the models over time(1917- Present) for one of the most iconic logos.• All of us have seen it, especially during our childhood days. Id X (Name or what it is)
  51. 51. • ANSWERS
  52. 52. • X refers to the era of Neo-romanticism in Hindi literature particularly Hindi poetry, 1917–1938, and was marked by an upsurge of romantic and humanist content. X was marked by a renewed sense of the self and personal expression, visible in the writingsof time. Jaishankar Prasad , Suryakant Tripathi Nirala , Sumitranandan Pant andMahadevi Varma are considered as the four pillars of this X school of Hindi literature.• ID X(the name of the movement)
  53. 53. • ANSWERS
  54. 54. Id this Persona famous for “his” exploits
  55. 55. • ANSWERS
  56. 56. • From a window-Billy J.Kramer with the Dakotas-1964• Nobody I know-Peter Gordon-1964• Like dreamers do-the Apple Jacks-1964• Love of the loved – Cilia Black-1963• This is a non exhaustive list of songs with 1 common central link. ID the link.
  57. 57. • ANSWERS
  58. 58. Audio 3
  59. 59. • ANSWERS
  60. 60. • It’s your birthday. Someone gives you a calfskin wallet. How do you react?• You’ve got a little boy. He shows you his butterfly collection plus the killing jar. What do you do?• You’re watching television. Suddenly you realize there’s a wasp crawling on your arm.• You’re in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down, and you see a tortoise, crawling toward you. You reach down, you flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can’t, not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why is that?• Describe in single words, only the good things that come into your mind. About your mother.• What is the above thing all about?
  61. 61. • ANSWERS
  62. 62. Kate, Kate’s dirty sister, LusciousLiz, Randy Mandy, Kinky Kylie, Abbey:- What’s the most recent addition to the list?
  63. 63. • ANSWERS
  64. 64. Name the painting
  65. 65. • ANSWERS
  67. 67. The course of which famousachievement has been photographed here?
  68. 68. • ANSWERS
  69. 69. The origin of this phrase in literature has been suggested thus – The author saw the billboard of an education correspondence courseservice, Bennet, that said, “ Let me be your father “ & after Bennet’s death, when his son took over, thecaption changed to “ Let me…………. “
  70. 70. • ANSWERS
  71. 71. Video 2
  72. 72. • ANSWER
  73. 73. • This is Manuel Laureano Rodrigues famously known as Manolete. The film “Torero” depicts his life. However he has been immortalised in his death, in the Automobile Industry• HOW?
  74. 74. • ANSWERS
  75. 75. • After the advent of talkie era in India, X acted in a few Hindi movies in thirties. East India Film Company of Calcutta approached her to act in Ek Din Ka Badshah and Nal Damayanti in 1933. Like others of that era, X sang her songs, herself in all her films. She was later approached by the famous producer-director Mehboob Khan, as a result of which she acted in "Roti“ released in 1942, whose music was composed by maestro Anil Biswas.“Roti" contained six of her songs but unfortunately due to some trouble between producer and director, Mehboob Khan subsequently deleted 3-4 songs from the film. ID X.
  76. 76. • ANSWERS
  77. 77. • Some have written the groove originated from the original form of X . The British chose to call it X because the projections at the top resembled a mitre.This groove was interpreted differently in different countries of Europe; in France, for example, the groove was taken to be a jesters cap, hence in France X is called "fou" (the fool). Id X
  78. 78. • ANSWERS
  79. 79. • When Released in 1994, the song became hugely controversial about its visualisation . The lead actress felt she was “victimised” during the controversy and the lyricist Sameer said he had no idea about the visualisation.• When loosely translated into English, it stood like “Slide the Cot, seems Will Smith’s wife” ;)
  80. 80. • ANSWERS
  81. 81. Sarkayi Lo Khatiya…ke Jada lage!!
  82. 82. Video 3
  83. 83. • ANSWERS