Armageddon gen quiz 2014 by J Ramanand at Mind Palace- Finals with answers


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This is the finals of the general quiz conducted by J Ramanand at L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad for Mind Palace. The cut off was about 12.5 for the finals.

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Armageddon gen quiz 2014 by J Ramanand at Mind Palace- Finals with answers

  2. 2. FINALS
  4. 4. FORMAT  4 rounds  Tie-breakers
  5. 5. MEN OF LETTERS  Identify the Nobel Laureate  Last name is spelt using flags of countries: take the first letter of each country to make the acrostic  Written  4 qs at 10 points each  Useful hint: there is a representative from all categories except Medicine
  7. 7. Q1.
  8. 8. 1. Portugal-Argentina-UK-Lebanon- Iceland-New Zealand-Greece: PAULING (Peace, Chemistry) 2. Georgia-Egypt-Liberia-Lesotho- Maldives-Australia-Norway- Netherlands: GELL-MANN (Physics) 3. Croatia-Albania-Monaco-Uganda- Singapore: CAMUS (Literature) 4. Hungary-Afghanistan-Yemen- Ecuador-Kenya: HAYEK (Economics)
  9. 9. PASSING...  15 questions  Infinite Bounce: +10/0  One-finite Pounce: +10/[one strike and out]
  10. 10. Q1.  This book is about the author's experience preparing for a competition created by a person calledTony Buzan. So what "art and science" is this book about?
  11. 11. Answer to Q.1  "Remembering Everything"/Memory. Cover shows an illustration of the "mind palace" technique used for remembering things, as practiced in fiction by Hannibal and Sherlock
  12. 12. Q2. According to the writer P. G.Wodehouse, there are six types.  The Broken Compass, because of resulting directionless- ness.  The Sewing Machine, because of resulting strange movements.  The Comet, because of the path followed by the expulsion of something.  The Atomic, because it is similar to total destruction  The Cement Mixer  The Gremlin Boogie (the explanations were provided by others, later) What are these types of?
  13. 13. Answer to Q.2  Hangovers.
  14. 14. Q3.  In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi will contest elections from theVadodara constituency. Since 1991, this seat has always been won by the BJP (except in 1996).  The winner of the 1991 election rode two waves that swept India a few years before; both were associated with the temple town of Ayodhya. If one of these waves was the Ram Mandir agitation, what was the other phenomenon, and who was this MP?
  15. 15. Answer to Q.3  Deepika Chikhalia, who played "Sita" in the DoordarshanTV serial "Ramayan"
  16. 16. Q4.  Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and other women leaders have launched a campaign to "ban" the use of a word that they say affects young girls who want to be leaders.  According to them, while young boys who show leadership qualities are perceived as "assertive", young girls of the same kind are often called by this negative word.What word?
  17. 17. Answer to Q.4  Bossy
  18. 18. Q5.  This is a kind of cap which originated in Sicily, Italy. It shares its name with, among others, a person who won a Best Oscar for Music in 1974.  What is this name?
  19. 19. Answer to Q.5  Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola's father Carmine won for Best Music, and his nephew Nicholas Cage won BestActor)
  20. 20. Q6.  This activity is called "the sin of David" because in the Bible, King David orders his commander Joab to do this "from Beersheba in the North to Dan in the South", which Joab reluctantly does.This invites a plague on Israel. Hence this activity was not very popular in the Christian West until about 500 years ago.  What activity?
  21. 21. Answer to Q.6  Taking a census.
  22. 22. Q7.  A recommended remedy is: go out; turn around three times; spit; knock 3 times, request to be let in again. Or quote the line "Fair thoughts and happy hours attend on you!“  The earliest known example of the problem was in 1606 when Hal Berridge, a lady part, died of fever (replaced by a part-timer) Others:  - 1672: Amsterdam; a real dagger was used, because of a fight over a lady  - 1937: a stage weight fell on Laurence Olivier's chair  - 1946: OrsonWelles and others' accents were incomprehensible, leading to a total re-dubbing  What?
  23. 23. Answer to Q.7  Uttering the name "Macbeth" inside a theatre/set is supposed to bring bad luck.The 1606 replacement was Shakespeare himself.
  24. 24. Q8.  Dainese is an Italian company that makes sports wear and equipment. It has created a product named "D-air", aimed at motorcyclists.What innovation did it pioneer, which is usually associated with four- wheelers, and how is this to be implemented?
  25. 25. Answer to Q.8  Airbags in the motorcyclist's suit
  26. 26. Q9.  The song "TamizhaTamizha" from Roja (1992) was an exhortation toTamilians, not only of patriotism but also towards national integration. (In contrast, the Hindi version of the same song "Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai" was plainly patriotic.) Even before he was enlisted to make music for the film, A.R.Rahman had earlier composed the song in response to a certain political event.  What?
  27. 27. Answer to Q.9  The Cauvery problem betweenTamil Nadu and Karnataka. Jayalalitha had been on fast, andTamilians had been targeted in Bangalore.
  28. 28. Q10.  A member of this group is not allowed to resign. So a common device is to be appointed as the 'Steward and Bailiff of Her Majesty'sThree Chiltern Hundreds' or 'Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead' (these are paid positions). One must apply to the Chancellor of the Exchequer who makes the appointment.  Which group of people, and why?
  29. 29. Answer to Q.10  Member of the British House of Commons; these are offices of profit and so automatically disqualify the MP.
  30. 30. Q11.  This term was proposed in 1972 by Bryan Jennett, a neurosurgeon, and Fred Plum, a neurologist, who chose it based on the following definition in the O.E.D: "an organic body capable of growth and development but devoid of sensation and thought."What term?
  31. 31. Answer to Q.11  "Vegetative state"
  32. 32. Q12.  This is a common method used to settle disputes in Japan. For instance, in 2005, the Maspro Denkoh Corp. wanted to auction off its art collection, but could not decide between Sotheby's and Christie's. Christie's won the resulting challenge, which was unusual in that it was attempted in a written form.  Sotheby's later admitted they had no real strategy. Christie's Japanese president did a lot of research about the psychology involved and consulted many for help. Of his many consultants were Flora and Alice Maclean, the 11-year old twins of one employee, Head of Modern Art, who provided the winning strategy.  What was the method to resolve the dispute?
  33. 33. Answer to Q.12  Stone, Paper, Scissors; the girls advised them to pick 'scissors'.
  34. 34. Q13.  Soundtrack of a 2005 film.Why were these names chosen? 1. vespertilio ('evening') 2. eptesicus ('house') 3. myotis ('mouse' + 'ear') 4. barbastella 5. artibeus ('fruit') 6. tadarida 7. macrotus ('big' + 'free' + 'tail') 8. antrozous ('pallid') 9. nycteris ('slit' + 'face') 10. molossus ('free' + 'tail') 11. corynorhinus ('long' + 'ear') 12. lasiurus ('hairy' + 'tail')
  35. 35. Answer to Q.13  Batman Begins; all these are Latin names for species of bats; 4-9 forms 'Batman'
  36. 36. Q14.  This lean word originates from the Latin for "day" as originally, this was a daily affair. Perhaps the best known example from the Holy Roman Empire examples involves Worms. Modern forms of this can be seen in Germany, Sweden and Japan.The Japanese version started with the Meiji Restoration due to the heavy Prussian influence.  What?
  37. 37. Answer to Q.14  "Diet" for Parliament or Legislature.
  38. 38. Q15.  The types of wood used for this were usually spruce, willow, or maple. Not much is known, except that the wood used had high density. Conjecture is that wood from the "little ice age" was used. One famous fictional purchase cost 55 shillings.It is also said that the shaping of the belly and back plate may have caused the high quality.  What?
  39. 39. Answer to Q.15  Stradivarius violins
  40. 40. PASSING...  15 questions  Infinite Bounce: +10/0  One-finite Pounce: +10/[one strike and out]  Reverse order of passing
  41. 41. Q1.  X &Y were distantly related, X much older to Y.Y was named after X.The literary outputs of both are landmarks of sorts in the US.Y's most famous book (1925) was originally titled "The Red,White and Blue". X's major output was in 1814.Who are X &Y?
  42. 42. Answer to Q.1  Francis Scott Key and F.Scott Fitzgerald
  43. 43. Q2.  In 2003, Major Charles Ingram was convicted of cheating. Officially, he was charged of cheating ChrisTarrant into signing a cheque for a very large amount (Tarrant had done so because Ingram was able to prove that knew what 1 followed by a hundred zeroes was).In this, the Major was abetted by his wife & another man who was to succeed him.  What's all this about?
  44. 44. Answer to Q.2  He won "WhoWants to be a Millionaire", but it came out that he cheated with the help of his wife and another man who coughed when the right choice was given.The winning answer was "googol".
  45. 45. Q3.  The publishers had intended to commission Walter ___ for a certain illustration project, but they sent the proofs of the book to his brother by mistake.The brother ended up doing it, and ironically, is said to have compensatedWalter by using him as the model for his work.What?
  46. 46. Answer to Q.3  Walter's brother Sidney Paget created the illustrations for Sherlock Holmes.
  47. 47. Q4.  In 2013, the poet Gulzar released a collection of short poems.The collection is, surprisingly, named after an entity, somewhat associated with the 'underworld'.This is because he says "I identify with ___. It reminds me of my own place in the family. Sometimes I was a part of the family and sometimes removed from it.“  What?
  48. 48. Answer to Q.4  Pluto
  49. 49. Q5.  Isaac Asimov wrote a short story "What is this thing called Love?" in (1961). In this, Botax is a member of a race of creatures with one gender, and has been researching the speedy evolution of earthlings.To carry out this research, Botax has learnt to speak like humans, has read human sci-fi, and has read a periodical (translated as "RecreationLad") which sometimes publishes sci-fi.The periodical is however: "devoted entirely to various aspects of the cooperation. It does not speak entirely freely but persists in merely hinting".  Where was this story published?
  50. 50. Answer to Q.5  Playboy Magazine
  51. 51. Q6.  During the 2007 US Open, Gillette put out a full page advertisement featuring Roger Federer in his new all-black Nike outfit.The ad had the line: "___ Federer strikes again", referring to a nickname which began after his first round match. Fill the blank.
  52. 52. Answer to Q.6  "Darth"
  53. 53. Q7.  In 1888, Frank McGurrin, a court clerk in the US won a contest beating LouisTaub to settle a title to whom both laid claim. McGurrin was the pioneer of the "touch" method , which became the standard.Taub used the "hunt and peck" method.  What?
  54. 54. Answer to Q.7  Fastest typist in the world
  55. 55. Q8.  This person seems to have what would today be called OCD. He had a tendency to make lists. In 1852, he published a book with 1000 (now 990 sections).This became a best-seller in 1920s in America due to another fad. Who and what?
  56. 56. Answer to Q.8  Roget'sThesaurus
  57. 57. Q9.  William ____ was a Scottish poet, widely regarded as the worst poet ever to put pen to paper. Someone used his last name for a fictional character, writing: "There was something irresistible to me about his name, and the idea that such a brilliant woman might be a distant relative of the buffoonish [poet].“  If the first name of this character comes from a wise figure in Roman mythology, which character is this?
  58. 58. Answer to Q.9  Minerva McGonagall
  59. 59. Q10.  Usually, this happens due to foreign occupation (like in Austria in the 1930s or Okinawa between 1945-1972) or due to pressure from neighbours (as in British Columbia since 1920). Burma is the only case where it allegedly happened on the recommendation of an astrologer or because of a dream (in 1970).  What?
  60. 60. Answer to Q.10  Switch from left to right hand driving (or the other way around)
  61. 61. Q11.  Kaspar the cat was one of the most important residents of London's Savoy Hotel. On certain occasions, he would dine with customers at their table, getting equal attention by waiters.The customer hosting the dinner was expected to pay for his meal. Kaspar is a carved wooden figure. So on what occasion does he come out to dine?
  62. 62. Answer to Q.11  When a group of 13 comes to dine
  63. 63. Q12.  "The Art of Computer Programming" is a landmark series of books by computer scientist Donald Knuth.The book has exercises graded 1 to 50, with 50 being the toughest. In the 2nd edition of the book, there was a Level 50 problem. In the 3rd edition, this was downgraded to Level 45. What problem and why the downgrade?
  64. 64. Answer to Q.12  Fermat's LastTheorem; it had been solved
  65. 65. Q13.  What is the connection:  In 1932, the IAF was officially established with the strength of 19 Havai Sepoys, 6 Royal Air Force-trained officers and aicraft consisting of 4Westland Wapiti II planes  In 1948, Lt. Gen. K. M. Cariappa became the first Indian to command the Army  In 1971, the Killer missile boats of the Indian Navy stormed Karachi and sank three ships
  66. 66. Answer to Q.13  The days on which these events happened are today celebrated as Air Force Day, Army Day, and Navy Day.
  67. 67. Q14.  The actor Chandramohan played the role of 'Rai Bahadur Dwarkanath' as the father of Dilip Kumar in the 1948 movie 'Shahid'. He was to play the role of Sapru's father in another film, announced in 1946. Partition and his death in 1949 affected the shooting of the movie. Which role and who eventually replaced him?
  68. 68. Answer to Q.14  Akbar in Mughal-e-Azam; Prithviraj Kapoor
  69. 69. Q15.  "Adventures of a Brown Man in Search of Civilization" is a Merchant-Ivory documentary about which brown man in search of civilization?
  70. 70. Answer to Q.15  Nirad C. Chaudhuri
  71. 71. CONNECT  4 sets of slides  Written  Theme attempts:  1st slide: +30/0  2nd slide: +25/-5  3rd slide: +20/-5  4th slide: +15/0
  72. 72. +30/0
  73. 73. +25/-5
  74. 74. +20/-5
  75. 75. +15/0
  76. 76. Q.1  Connect Answer!
  77. 77. Feedback: I blog at Infinite Zounds
  78. 78. Answer to Q.1  Played "M K Gandhi" in films,TV, or on stage:  slide 1: Neeraj Kabi ('Samvidhaan'), Annu Kapoor ('Sardar'), Boman Irani ('Mahatma vs Gandhi')  slide 2: Rajit Kapur ('Making of the Mahatma'), Naseeruddin Shah ('Hey Ram'), Surendra Rajan ('The Legend of Bhagat Singh', 'Lord Mountbatten')  slide 3: Mohan Gokhale ('Ambedkar'), Dilip Prabhavalkar ('Munnabhai MBBS')  slide 4: Ben Kingsley ('Gandhi'), Darshan Zariwala ('Gandhi, My Father')
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