Our atmosphere


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Our atmosphere

  1. 1. Our Atmosphere
  2. 2. Atmosphere • The Atmosphere is a layer of gases enveloping the Earth. • The Atmosphere protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and provides us the air we breathe. • The Atmosphere regulates the temperature of the Earth and makes life possible on the Earth. • From the outer space the atmosphere and the ocean make the Earth look blue and so, it is referred as Blue planet.
  3. 3. Composition of the Atmosphere Nitrogen-78% Oxygen-21% Carbondieoxide- 0.03% Argon-0.09% Others-0.04% Atmosphere
  4. 4. Nitrogen • Plants and animals need Nitrogen to survive but cannot directly breathe it in • Plants get there nitrogen from the from the help of bacteria in the soil or root nodules . • Nitrogen –fixing bacteria take nitrogen from the air and convert it into water soluble compounds. • Animals get there Nitrogen from plants or from other animals .
  5. 5. Oxygen • The oxygen is the second most plentiful gas in the air • All living beings need Oxygen to survive. • The oxygen level in the air remains constant in the due to photosynthesis and respiration • In Photosynthesis the plants give out Oxygen • Due to deforestation the oxygen cycle has got effected.
  6. 6. Carbondieoxide • Plants need carbondieoxide for the process of Photosynthesis • In the process of respiration all Hetrotrophs release carbondieoxide.
  7. 7. Layers of the Atmosphere
  8. 8. Troposphere • Lower most atmospheric layer ,it is closest to the Earth. • The density of air is thickest in the Troposphere. • Average height -13 km from Earths surface • All weather changes occur in the this layer
  9. 9. Startosphere • Extends upwards from the troposphere upto 50 kms • Stratus means spreading out • Commercial aircrafts , Jet plane, Hot air balloons fly through this layer. • This layer is less dense and less turbulent hence is preffered to fly airplanes • The stratosphere has the maximum composition of ozone.
  10. 10. Mesosphere Has a very cold temperature. A Meteorite burning in the Mesosphere. The coldest place on Earth is the Mesopause which lies between the Thermosphere and the Mesosphere. It has a temperature of -100ºc
  11. 11. Thermosphere • Thermosphere’s temperature rises as the altitude rises . • All radio and satellite system remain in this layer • The lower part of the thermosphere is called the ionosphere .