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Your Brand, Your Passion


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Your Brand, Your Passion

  1. 1. A Mom Entrepreneur Mini Master Class Your Passion, Your Brand.
  2. 2. A Mom Entrepreneur??? About us: Real Moms, Real Business A Mom Entrepreneur is an online resource and gathering place for women who want to do it all. Be a great mom, business owner, partner, friend, sibling, daughter….the list can go on infinitely. We do it because we can but it’s not easy. Connecting with like minded women can give us the strength and support when we most need it. A Mom Entrepreneur is THAT place! Keeping It Real!
  3. 3. A Mom Entrepreneur??? About me: I’ve done many things in my lifetime from cosmetology to real estate, from retail to academics, and being self employed. I haven’t always been successful but I have learned a lot of what NOT to do. I am passionate about controlling my own destiny and LOVE helping others do the same.
  4. 4. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Attract. Engage. Convert. ~ Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing
  5. 5. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Attracting people to your product or service HAS to happen or you won’t have a business.
  6. 6. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Attracting is the most difficult part. You can have a mediocre product and great marketing and your product/service will sell. If you have a great product/service and your marketing doesn’t hit the intended audience you won’t sell very many. If you don’t attract you can’t engage or covert.
  7. 7. A Mom Entrepreneur??? But first……… Turning that passion, that idea, into a viable business path.
  8. 8. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Do you want o be a LifeStyle Entrepreneur? The definition of a lifestyle entrepreneur is a business owner who prioritizes lifestyle benefits over profits.
  9. 9. A Mom Entrepreneur??? You might be wondering why the title of the slides – A Mom Entrepreneur – is followed by question marks???
  10. 10. A Mom Entrepreneur??? It’s because I had an epiphany a couple weeks ago on how to consolidate all do. To quit driving myself crazy and not being effective and follow my true passion.
  11. 11. A Mom Entrepreneur??? To package all I do into one thing requires me to BRAND myself so people understand. That leads me to the branding piece of today because without creating a good brand for myself I won’t be successful.
  12. 12. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Catherine Kaputa, in her latest book “Breakthrough Branding” says that branding is all about building a recognizable identity, and associating it with benefits and positive consequences.
  13. 13. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Ask yourself this……does your business, your passion, have that recognizable identity? I know mine doesn’t….yet!
  14. 14. A Mom Entrepreneur??? If you want to take your passion and make it a business you have to define it. That can be a hard thing to do. Why?
  15. 15. A Mom Entrepreneur??? It’s not always easy to put into words your feelings. You have to have a consistent message and feelings can often change day to day.
  16. 16. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Marketing boils down to how you serve yourself up to those around you and what you consistently offer to them.
  17. 17. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Without a proper definition of your personal brand, you can’t possibly market yourself. Part of that process is also identifying how your brand can be unique from others in the same space, and how to build an experience, unlike all others around you.
  18. 18. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Start the branding process by defining who you want to be, who/what you want your business to be. It's an important first step. We can't move ahead without knowing what we want out of life. Every brand does it, and so should you.
  19. 19. A Mom Entrepreneur??? In working on how to define your brand you want to: Think about the space your product/service occupies.
  20. 20. A Mom Entrepreneur??? How you want to connect with your customers.
  21. 21. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Your brand has to have character, it has to live with a personality.
  22. 22. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Your brand should speak for it’s self and always have a consistent message.
  23. 23. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Back in the days before social media a brand was more a static image. Today it’s different. Your brand is not a logo. It’s a vision.
  24. 24. A Mom Entrepreneur??? Today it has to speak to your customer and maybe even to you on days you are wondering why you wanted to do this business thing in the first place.
  25. 25. A Mom Entrepreneur??? A brand takes who you are and what your target audience wants and creates that connection.
  26. 26. A Mom Entrepreneur??? For example: When you think Volvo, you might think safety. When you think Nike, you might think "Just Do It.”
  27. 27. A Mom Entrepreneur??? The fact that you remember the brand name and have positive associations with that brand makes your product selection easier and enhances the value and satisfaction you get from the product or service
  28. 28. A Mom Entrepreneur??? A brand is the sum of all the characteristics that make your offering unique:
  29. 29. A Mom Entrepreneur???  Reputation  Customer Service A Promise  Price  Feeling  Attitude  Logo  Product Line
  30. 30. A Mom Entrepreneur??? For me consolidating all of my stuff under one roof was about LifeStyle.
  31. 31. The Art of Fabulous Living I knew the feelings felt about what I did and wanted to do and after much thinking was able to sum it up in the statement: The Art of Fabulous Living
  32. 32. The Art of Fabulous Living To me it means: • Confidence. • Living life on my terms. • Handling all situations with class. • Being knowledgeable. • Being a support to others.
  33. 33. The Art of Fabulous Living That’s what I want it to mean to others and I felt the statement: The Art of Fabulous Living …did that!
  34. 34. The Art of Fabulous Living My challenge to you this week is to define what your business, your brand mean to you and what’s the statement you can say to people to covey it to them?
  35. 35. The Art of Fabulous Living Questions?
  36. 36. The Art of Fabulous Living Nov 11th Financial Fundamentals 10am-11am EST Nov 18th Time Management 10am-11am EST Nov. 25th Networking: Online & Face2Face 10am-11am EST
  37. 37. Thank You! You can reach me at Twitter @laina_turner Facebook ntrepreneur/186136878119800
  38. 38. The Art of Fabulous Living Questions?