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Attraction Marketing For Your Network Marketing Success


Published on - How to market your Network Marketing business online.

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Attraction Marketing For Your Network Marketing Success

  1. 1. Attraction MarketingTo YourNetwork MarketingSuccess
  2. 2. The Law of Attraction is a law of Nature and is working 24/7
  3. 3. What is themostimportantthing tofocus on inyourbusiness?
  4. 4. Products or Marketing?
  5. 5. Most people say... Products ProductsProducts Products Products Products
  6. 6. If thats the case and thereare so many companies out there with fabulous products, why doesnt everyone succeed?
  7. 7. The TRUE Answer...
  8. 8. Marketing should be your focus!
  9. 9. Marketing is MOREimportant thanproducts!
  10. 10. What makes itso successful?
  11. 11. Product orMarketing?
  12. 12. Stop focusingon the product!
  13. 13. Product needs to be good,but Marketing needs to be
  14. 14. The difference is offering TRUE VALUE to people
  15. 15. If you offer value to someone and NOT just try to sellthem something, they see that you care about helping them rather than trying to get their money.
  16. 16. Then you build a relationship with people, and YOU become the “hunted” instead of “hunter”because people start seeking YOU out to work with YOU!
  17. 17. Building Trust Is Critical
  18. 18. Knowing Your SalesCycleYour ideal prospectwill join you whentheir needs matchyour offer, notBEFORE!
  19. 19. Your Work Is To... Create Awareness! * This means marketing!!! * You must market yourselfunderstanding that the beginningof the sales process starts with you
  20. 20. Your Work Is To... Give Value as The Expert * Marketing is only one part ofthe equation * Offering value and showcasetalent by leveraging your blog * DO NOT expect your prospectto move to the next step of the salesprocess which is joining your list ifthis step is not done
  21. 21. Attraction marketing is the difference between 100 opt-ins and 1 signup &100 opt-ins and 20-30 signups
  22. 22. If you help enough people get in life what they want, you can have everything and anything in life that what you want.
  23. 23. If you have the WHY, the RIGHT MINDSET, and thereadiness to TAKE ACTION and partner with peoplewho know HOW to do it and will TEACH YOU whatyou need to know… YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS!
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