@rubbermaid<br />AKA: Rubbermaid Jim<br />
The Rubbermaid Brand<br />Helping people get organizedfor living<br />
Told us what to TALK about…<br />
…what to LISTEN for.<br />
And guided our OBJECTIVE<br />
Understanding (it just didn’t layout well on the slide )<br />Knowing our CUSTOMERS<br />
Defined ourAUDIENCE…<br />
…and identified ADVOCATES<br />
WOULD NOThave been possible without this information<br />
Why<br />
from Storage Bins<br />
to OrganizationSolutions<br />
What<br />
EASY FIND LIDSBlogger Outreach<br />& Sampling<br />
Share your Story<br />Share this Page<br />Share on Facebook<br />Real Stories<br />Online Coupons<br />
But before I posted this I asked a BIG TIME mommy blogger what she thought.<br />And she LOVED it!<br />Thanks @ConsumerQu...
And we sent a letter along with the sample describing how everything worked.Gave them online coupons to use, ecommerce pro...
800% Increase<br />
REVIEWS &<br />RATINGS onrubbermaid.com<br />
<ul><li> Consumer insight
 Product dev
 Increase trust
Grow sales</li></li></ul><li>ADVOCACYProfessional Organizers<br />
We went looking for them & found them on Blogs & Twitter<br />
Learnings<br />
Understand Your brand<br />
Know Your Message<br />
Pick An Audience<br />
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Presentation from the Social Fresh social media conference in Charlotte, NC 08/2009

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