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【真的假的 Cofacts】事實查核案例分享


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真的假的 Cofacts 是試圖用 Line chatbot 連結網路謠言與群眾查核,希望透過大眾的力量與程式的自動化,讓網路謠言無所遁形。

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【真的假的 Cofacts】事實查核案例分享

  1. 1. Lucien Lee
  2. 2. Related Work Opportunity 2 What we’re talking about today In Fact-Checking Domain
  3. 3.
  4. 4.  Report By User  Check By 3-Party Fact Checker  Alert On Facebook Post Fact Checking Flow 4
  5. 5. t IFCN network collects lots existed anti-hoax organizations
  6. 6. t Snopes is the one of famous website in IFCN.
  7. 7. tSnopes has well-organized ratings system
  8. 8. t Snopes also categorize common hoaxes on the network.
  9. 9. t Politifact is another website focusing on politics hoax in IFCN.
  10. 10. Politifact even has Trump promise checking.
  11. 11. Google Search has integrated fact-checking claim to result
  12. 12. t Archive by implementing ClaimReview Schema in fact-checking websites
  13. 13. t Google News Lab teach users how to use verification tools
  14. 14. t First Draft collaborate with Google to educate users how to verify info
  15. 15. t FAFHH is Indonesia fact checking organization, which uses FB group to discuss hoaxes
  16. 16. t After checking, they would put checking result on their website.
  17. 17. t Sure and Share in Thai News Agency uses video, line public account and Facebook to spread checking information
  18. 18. t Sent and Share also design infographic to stop hoax
  19. 19. t Another Line anti-hoax service in Taiwan, which collect rumors from Line.
  20. 20. Centralized  Decentralized WHOto check WHERE to spread Blog Instant MessengerSocial Network  Search  HOW to response Manual ! AutomatedPassive " 25 Current fact-checking mechanisms are combination of each layer
  21. 21. Decentralized Instant Messenger ! Automated CHALLENGE  Quality Control # Search Precision  Growth Hacking 26 VALUE + + Decentralized, Instant Messenger and Automated make us unique
  22. 22. Lucien Lee Discuss CrowdSourcing Fact-Checking with