computer science cloud computing computer science & information technology semantic web ontology information technology big data information security web2.0 security computer algorithms and bioinformatics computer architectur data security web computing semantics secret sharing nlp blockchain machine learning signal processing data mining secure routing computer design web design security behavior internet of things big data challenges database website cloud computing. bioinformatics télécommunications networking embedded system algorithm computer vision supervised machine learning electronics powerpoint cloud wireless sensor networks neural networks database and data mining information retrieval iot wireless mobile device users’ security behaviour data warehouse wireless sensor network grid and scalable computing classification clustering natural language processing deep learning communication network electricity multimedia artificial intelligence cloud security threats and countermeasures hybrid information analytics quality improvement ci environment iid continuous integration machine learning algorithms. heuristic evolutionary algorithms 3d printing etl business intelligence artificial neural network theoretical computer science mobile application excess. preflow extended mixed network maximum flow wireless multimedia sensor networks quality of service multipath routing protocol fuzzy logic soft computing software engineering fuzzy system gene ontology modeling software quality sensors image processing control criminal profiling human vulnerabilities digital forensics research company profiles bayesian network unsupervised machine learning framework analog communication vlsi design asic speech processing linked data reliable and autonomic computing distributed and p frustration. emotion intensity emotion recognition emotion annotation 3d software engineering machine learning & applications covid-19 multipath processing time outage probability nakagami equal gain combining (egc) backtesting prophet real-world dataset sales forecasting ranking augmented reality analysis economics optimization democracy. ethereum bitcoin peer-to-peer networks e-voting smart contract proof of work election system e-commerce mobile network. 5g new radio (nr) network low voltage (l.v.) switchboard mapreduce hadoop integrated system higher education student performance prediction compaction using sparse development risk conceptual graph analytic hierarchy process internet rural community wireless fidelity(wifi) wifi-based rural extension map reduce cyber infrastructure-as-a-service risk challenge virtualization tracker emergency notification real-time crash detection anti-theft system cloud based technology smart helmet usability problems usability evaluation gpu multiple independent runs parallelization corporate social responsibility (csr) responsible management green it ict management ict alignment ict governance feature extraction similarity measure codebook bag of visual words word image segmentation curvature feature corner keypoints heuristic optimization ga-bpnn cost evaluation features selection rgb-d camera kinect v2.0 sensor automated scanning system iterative closest process 3d reconstruction 3d body scanning maintainability evaluation changeability object oriented design wireless. sensor monitoring and control interface circuit agriculture semiprime ring. intuitionistic fuzzy annihilator residual quotient intuitionistic fuzzy submodules intuitionistic fuzzy (prime) submodule (ideal) abstractive summarization extractive summarization mining software repositories software artifacts summarization survey systematic mapping study smart contracts software-defined networking (sdn). anomaly detectors network monitoring wavelet transform characterization fuzzy logic controller obstacle avoidance navigation swarm robot mobile robot predictive models ensemble learners autism screening nondeterminism recursive automata while programs computation models programming paradigms programming languages cnp control network programming user experience obesity usability novel architecture. meteorological station arduino uno raspberry pi method of moments (mom) algorithm maximum likelihood estimation (mle) algorithm cuckoo search optimization (cso) algorithm responsive web design. online booking system customisable web system booking control system social platform notification flame intensity flaming censor words flame detector tool information technology (it) hex-cell. interconnection network matrix multiplication parallel processing feedback system moodle lms educational data mining educational data genetic algorithm false vote injection attack false report injection attack network load balancing flooding attack prevention multi-path routing s3 ec2 homomorphic token rule classification mobile computing transcript permutation. bernoulli mapping algorithm of image encryption blocking probability rtt bip components satisfiability smt solver mignotte’s sequence throughput. jitter dsr aodv tcp new reno tcp vegas tcp sack congestion control manet construction project progress monitoring high resolution remote sensing image hog feature network object recognition intelligent information short text analyse topic of tweet social media interest generator topic generation the duality feature reduction np complete problems np problems p problems rbc. giemsa blood sample watershed segmentation hsv segmentation malaria relationship extraction information extraction inverted list inversion substituend bounded sequences listing permutation listing binary parallel algorithms feature selection segregation cooperation evolution bluetooth smartphone text mining question answering load balancing social network internet computing computer architecture neural network sema content strategy embedded systems co-design climate services for farmers non-linear feedback geneticall shift register lineal feedback sexing of chicken embryo in ovo sexing application security self-efficacy competencias service quality servqual airport collaborative decision theories of intelligence speech identification microsoft teams children fintech behavioral analytics social engineering presentation machin dialog systems pos tagging parsing morphology phonology webinar reinforcement learning learning methods machine learning algorithms predictive learning stream processing edge computing avoidance motivation technology threat avoidance phishing attacks ptimized/reduced run length coding coding entropy materials static analysis nist project management sdlc nformation systems mmersive technologies extended reality virtual reality 5g name label switching. ranking interfaces ccn bdp ndn recommendation justification comments justification of recommendations iaas cellular communication information processing 3video processing concept map digital communication video processing open data software development network architecture fpga based systems  internet of things  real tim signal processing  image processing  speech proc data-driven scientific research. academic portals cpu sustainable development the aircc's international journal of computer scie word spotting task allocation cloak-reduce distributed processing virtual tour web scraping computer test. computer-based exams online education e-learning ann ga-pso pso sirna point cloud library (pcl) empirical validatio ecommerce. product sentiment data analytics amazon deep learning . data augmentation object as point fabric defects detection classification. cnn-qr deepar+ the findings show that “perceived effectiveness of and then “context of the situation” with 5%. where many applications on smart phones can use various political science. discourse analysis search engines online searches e-government ehrs. healthcare autism spectrum disorder. mean square error direct search. annealing simulated mutation crossover inbounded logistic algorithms multilevel. management knowledge technology acceptance model driver drowsiness. bluetooth low energy (ble) vigilance monitoring electroencephalogram (eeg) brain computer interface genetic algorithm. mesh topology partitioning multicore network-on-chip and selective probability (sp). ant colony optimization (aco) university class scheduling problem (ucsp) computer games field of vision weight adjustment techniques genetic interactive authentication systems maturity. system quality information quality e-commerce. drop-ship customer behavior simulation fuzziness measure. shadowed fuzzy numbers shadowed sets intuitionistic fuzzy numbers fuzzy numbers smart camera. hacker worms &trojon virus mobile network wireless network network protocols next generation sequencing. early disease detection single nucleotide polymorphism microarray multiple sclerosis 3ds max. real time rendering cloud service models 5g mobile network network centralized storage qr code railway trackside safety lichen planopilaris histology demographics epidemiologic clinical features weighted graph and rb traffic channel aggregate offered traffic mobile application. smart city smart parking constraint-based modeling student model language tutoring systems talend cloudera hdfs transitive closure entity resolution rsa. idea xkms saml soap web services process mining. knowledge discovery data processing requirements elicitation requirements engineering predict topic from tweet tweet analyse pattern recognition nsga- ii algorithm qualitative scenarios prioritizing enterprise architecture evaluation embedded system and software game and software eng learners. web-based learning ewom festival tourism tourism festival social media the standar fhir is an example of successfull impl colombia must begin a process to accomplish such a the interoperability of heath history. due to the the importance of health sector in colombia is not risk matrix software project risk assessment geometry  computational physics & biology  compu automata theory  computational complexity fuzzy particle swarm optimization & frequent patte intelligent information & database systems game and software engineering multimedia systems and services gis google maps bus tracking bus routing mate selection. delphi method personalized web acceleration web performance opti performance engineering caching strategy web performance weighted mean rank risk-adjusted model data splitting algorithms supervised learning algorithms gmm model lidar point elevation scheduling parameter em algorithm lidar network antenna microwave technology micro-strip mimo trigger misophonia activation scale emotion misophonia organizational agility. knowledge management systems dynamic capabilities data absorptive capacity distributed systems fault tolerance leader election encoding. ppm preprocessing grammar-based cfg video streaming video encoding h.265 content adaptation dsis cloud gaming • computer archite von neumann bottleneck. smart memories processor-centric computing processing in/near memory memory-centric computing memory latency reduction and tolerance marker-based camera tracking animated assembly design data compression arabic text categorisation android mini game multiplayer mobile game testing unity web services. interoperability erp nanotips. lattice networks controlled switching carbon nanotubes 3d circuits and systems evolutionary computing mmre cocomo ssl set security risks e-payment zero-width character. pointed characters kashida steganography arabic text deep learning & skin lesion image u-net k-means clustering self-learning annotation scheme tracking quality recognition speed camera calibration marker creation artoolkit recommendation system association rules cluster collaborative filtering automata theory geometry algorithms and data structures dynamic routing. cluster head greedy route cluster-based routing simulated annealing algorithm. multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling object-oriented design object-oriented manufacturing control angler phishing. identity theft recall out of bag data overfitting k cross validation maximum likelihood estimation median imputation random forest algorithm logistic regression data analysts and data scientists analytical query databases automatic code generation matbase (elementary) mathematical data model business rules triggers and rules data structures and algorithms for data management integrity checking non-relational constraints relational constraints database constraints theory data modeling intelligent systems curvature polygonal mesh models crest lines security and information assurance 3d gan text-toimage synthesis face manipulation deepmasterprints conditional generative adversarial networks (cgans headgear fatigue detecting brainwave device molfpp molfp transformation characteristics hilbert’s program four-valued logic incompleteness theorem gödel networking and communications nist test suite scrambling chaotic function fractal image encryption grammar based data compression adaptive automata agro-ecological situation decision-making field scouting ipm prediction model air ticket sales e-shops. adoption online shopping ict secondary access rural broadband enhancement spectrum occupancy important-performance analysis service performance core services home stay e – commerce application. agile e – commerce light and sound excitation of live creatures synapse control decoherence coloured algebras quantum biological computing quantum computing architecture m&g 3c’s 7v’s nosql integration classroom technology it job education public health cloud e-learning stability measures. selection stability feature selection algorithms framework. optimized/reduced run length coding. jpeg image compression entropy coding finding like-minded vehicle interest privacy ecdsa base point ecc vehicle chatting vanet concept map. users’ satisfaction technology acceptance model mobile payment nosql. relational database management system (rdms) metadata repository data warehouse evolution schema evolution materialized view data mart master data management (mdm) master data vault business data vault data vault (dv) enterprise data warehouse (edw) data warehouse (dw) coffee beans landscape coffee shops false report injection attack. dynamic en-route filtering network simulation network architecture. data-driven scientific research nsl-kdd kdd-99 cup intrusion detection system speed up. parallel efficiency parallel bubble sort mpi scheduling operating systems process thread task gsm pir raspberry-pi thesis projects teacher training teacher education digital tools development-oriented academic portals. cpu. sustainable development. word spotting. point cloud library (pcl). empirical validation vulnerability exploit penetration testing hacking compromised systems requirement modelling data-driven requirement engineering mobile application development non-functional requirements data analysis node.js user privacy instagram websites. teaching learning arabic language metamodeling enterprise risk management security management enterprise architecture business continuity management mean square error (mse). monitoring student attendance. rfid context awareness recommendation systems. change detection concept drift anti-detection psnr eight neighbour pixels minimal distortion information hiding secure digital (sd) card. graphically liquid crystal display (glcd) wireless fidelity (wi-fi) advanced risk machine microcontroller (arm) cortex thick film transistor (tft) retailing rfm model segmentation adoption. factors riyadh saudi arabia education artificial neural networks (ann). mfcc plp speech recognition agile methods nearshoring distributed agile agile distributed software development security detection model weight adjustment techniques. interactive authentication cloud storage security finite storage and finite server finite source grade of service loss system security awareness security indicators simulated training computer security cheating detection computer activities remote access lan monitor restricted files or documents impose penalties to machine fuzzy controller sending rate link utilization tfmcc aspect-based scoring sentiment analysis substitution of the least significant bits. information encryption steganographic scheme learning skills. reading skills integrated environment children literature experimental analysis. answer analysis automated scoring multiple choice questions aspects crosscutting concerns behavior-interaction-priority model modularization aspect orientation aspect-oriented programming scalable computing software reliable and autonomic computing dependable computer architecture and real time systems algorithms and bioinformatics predict topic from tweet. weet analyse perceived effectiveness of ols cultural dimensions online learning systems (ols) pattern recognition. routing information sharing social network services software architecture peer-to-peer computing world wide web social computing rf. svm disease prediction clinical decision support system hyper-threading. amd phenom intel core i7 multi-core processors single-core processor mobility aid systems physically disabled people kinect camera fall detection it – project management. communication processes organizational management geographic information system (gis) open network operating network topologies software-defined networks computer network procedural justice. legal technology legal service online bangaldesh search lawyer online hire lawyer online online legal serivce flip-flop single edge-triggered ( zipf distribution video popularity hit ratio cache update metrics software design feature extraction (fe). convolutional neural network (cnn) recognition iris biometrics assistive technologies and pwm. android phone microcontroller wheelchair k-nearest neighbour. feed forward artificial neural networks binary particle swarm optimization dbscan k-means silhouette score value healthcare data dataset prisoner’s dilemma. performance indicators student success android tweet sentiment analysis text blob naive bayes lstm support vector machines text analysis intelligent agents search for answers resource pricing resource management mobile social networks centrality mobile networks power quality java enterprise application web-based solution rma alzheimer’s disease gene-gene interaction geograph embedded system and software domain generated algorithm dns mobile cloud offloading forecasting context-aware system mobile cloud computing bayesian networks curvelets speech signals data mining performance importance-performance analysis multiple regression analysis fuzzy theory dyslexia automatic detection
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