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Academic Research: Contemporary American Literature


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Novel approach. Search for literary reviews beginning in Wikipedia, weaving through library databases and finishing off with Google Scholar.

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Academic Research: Contemporary American Literature

  1. 1. Academic Research from the KU Libraries ContemporaryAmerican Literature Lissa Lord June 16, 2011
  2. 2. KU Libraries Homepagehttp://www.lib.ku.eduDissertation Research Bloghttp://dissertationresearch.blogspot.comTwitter at the Regents Center Library Center Library Homepage
  3. 3. If you know nothing about somethingtake a look at Wikipedia.My searchcontemporary american literature
  4. 4. From Wikipedia: contempory american literature found : Jonathan Franzen who rose to prominence after the 2001 publication of his National Book Award- winning third novel, The Corrections . . .Essay, "Perchance toDream," in HarpersMagazine.
  5. 5. From Wikipedia to the Library:1. How do we find the essay, "Perchance toDream," in Harpers Magazine?2. How do we find out if the library has acopy of Franzen’s book, The DiscomfortZone?3. How do we find reviews for TheDiscomfort Zone using a library database?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Take your pickfrom this list ofDatabases thatinclude theliterary magazine,Harpers.
  8. 8. Library Catalog: where are the books
  9. 9. Library Catalog for How to find a book
  10. 10. Do you want this booksent from WatsonLibrary to EdwardsCampus?
  11. 11. Search DatabasesBySubject
  12. 12. You will get a copy of this review, but notinstantly. Request from the library. Thelink to the PDF article should (98% of thetime from my experience) be in youremail box tomorrow or at least within 48hours.
  13. 13. Usually, thetext isalready filledin. Here, Ihad to cutand pastefrom thedatabasescreen
  14. 14. Returning tothe list ofEnglish Lit TLS historical archive includesdatabases 2006. . .(!) I found the review “the other” database said the library did not have!
  15. 15. If you know thename of thedatabase you wantto search select theletter of its title
  16. 16. Proquest research library
  17. 17. Google Scholarnow that you know how databases work, look here
  18. 18. To searchGoogle Scholar,go through thelibrary so thatthe databasesare connectedto your Googlesearch
  19. 19. Questions? Lissa