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Presentation for our Special Education classes to demonstrate how to find scholarly articles and books using the University of Kansas Libraries system.

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  • We need to know this: (1) Use databases to find peer reviewed articles (2) Request full text articles from abstracts and have them delivered to your email (3) Find books using the online catalog and request delivery to Regents Center Library (4) Use Web 2.0 effectively for class assignments and literature searches (5) Use Google Scholar from the list of library databases (6) Find academic articles using Search Engines
  • Using databases to find peer reviewed articles
  • Web Retrieve If you can’t find an article or book
  • The library will locate the article and send you an email with a link to the PDF article you requested (99% of the time)
  • Google Scholar: KU Libraries have partnered with Google to connect your search results with the Libraries databases
  • From the Libraries Home, select G for Google Scholar
  • Use the Library Catalog to Find Books and have them delivered to Edwards Campus
  • Searching the catalog
  • Research in Special Education

    1. 1. Academic Research At the Regents Center LibraryDatabase & Online Search Process Lord Lissa Spring 2013
    2. 2. Regents Center Library Campus Research Blog 2
    3. 3. We need to know this:(1)How to use databases to find articles(2)How to request full text articles if we find only abstracts(WebRetrieve)(3)How to request articles the library does NOT have(4) How to use Google Scholar from the list of librarydatabases(5) How to find books using the online catalog and requestdelivery to Edwards Campus 3
    4. 4. Using databasesto findarticles 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. PsycINFOContains citations and summaries of journalarticles, book chapters, books, and technicalreports, as well as citations to dissertations, allin the field of psychology and psychologicalaspects of related disciplines. The journalliterature spans 1887 to the present. PsycINFOindexes journal content published by theAmerican Psychological Association that isavailable through PsycARTICLES. Currentchapter and book coverage includes worldwideEnglish-language material published from 1987-present.
    7. 7. I limited the original309 results by peerreview, date andrelevance and got121 hits.
    8. 8. Click for online screen
    9. 9. school AND autis* AND “family therapy”A new search that boils down to 17 focusedresults after limiting by peer-review and date. . .
    10. 10. I browse issues of theJournal of Marital and FamilyTherapy?Yes.Select E-journals from theLibraries’ homepage at or theRegents Center Libraryhomepage.
    11. 11. Sear c and h for th , if tyou he l e journ ibra ’ve g ot it ry o al title . wns it,
    12. 12. Request full-textof an articlewhen you have only theabstract
    13. 13. Get at KUAll the databases are searched for the articleyou can’t get in full text and, in this case,three databases came up with the article!
    14. 14. Review:Libraries’ Homepage http://www.lib.ku.eduArticles, Databases and MoreDatabases contain the journals we need to do researchSearched Education and found the PsycInfo databaseFull text for one abstracted article by using Get at KU
    15. 15. What if the library doesnot have a copy of anarticle I need?
    16. 16. For example, can you get this article for me:Parental bonding in the treatment of Autisticbehavior that is published in the journal Ethologyand Sociobiology, 1991 vol 12 issue 1I tried Get at KU and the article wasn’t found.
    17. 17. Wha tKU” d to do if “G oesn e ’t get t at it? This takes you to
    18. 18. UseWeb RetrieveIf you can’t find an article or book 27
    19. 19. mitSub uest Req
    20. 20. What happens next?The library will locate the articleand send you an email with alink to the PDF article yourequested—within 48 hours(99% of the time) 29
    21. 21. Google Scholar
    22. 22. Google Scholar is a good way to search forscholarly articles using the Google searchstrategyNote: search Google Scholar from theLibraries list of databasesWhy? KU Libraries have partnered withGoogle to connect your search resultswith the Libraries databases. 31
    23. 23. Select G for Google Scholar 32
    24. 24. Finding BooksLibrary CatalogDeliver to EdwardsCampus 36
    25. 25. ed u .lib .ku. ww //wh ttp: 37
    26. 26. Note : Clicright k to s from ee eB the C ook at al o g!
    27. 27. Back to the catalogand a non eBookrecord. I want thisbook but it is atAnschutz Library inLawrence.Can the library sendit to me at theEdwards Campus?Yes:
    28. 28. Sign in with your KU ID
    29. 29. This requested book willbe sent from theLawrence campus toEdwards Campus in yourname. Pick it up at ourlibrary after you receivean email telling you it ishere. This usually takesone to two days!
    30. 30. The Blog:Dissertation Research 44
    31. 31. Find articles through the libraries DatabasesFind books through the CatalogFind research news through the Blog Questions? Ask the Librarian Lissa Lord 45