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Student Recruiting: How to Recruit Millennials | Talent Connect London 2014

It’s more important than ever to understand how this workforce shift affects your talent brand and overall recruitment strategy. Learn how to connect students and Millennials with the right opportunities at your company.

Download the new student recruiting playbook:

Student Recruiting: How to Recruit Millennials | Talent Connect London 2014

  1. 1. ​ Charles Hardy ​ Higher Education Lead, EMEA ​ LinkedIn Dancing with Talent ​ Devrim Aksu ​ HR Director ​ Aselsan #intalent
  2. 2. The Economic Graph Knowledge
  3. 3. EMPLOYERS 1.  Find Talent 2.  Build Brand Engagement 3. Streamline Process UNIVERSITIES 1.  Attract Students 2.  Career Centres 3.  Alumni Relations CommunityCareer Identity Insights STUDENTS Influencers Alumni Parents Teachers LinkedIn brings all parties together #intalent
  4. 4. Choosing a Direction Getting There Choosing education or employment Choosing the right course & university Research Postgraduate study? Alumni Network Optimise Success Internships Choosing career & finding 1st job Creating first profile School University Employment Provide help to students at every milestone #intalent
  5. 5. 40m+ Students & Recent Graduates on LinkedIn #intalent
  6. 6. Direct to Students •  Direct marketing via social media •  Dedicated student content / video Through Universities •  Developing a dedicated toolkit •  Resource Centre ( •  Train the trainer - for Careers / Academics Through Employers •  Train the trainer - On campus skills sessions •  Engagement through LinkedIn Driving this student growth on LinkedIn #intalent
  7. 7. LinkedIn for Students: Your Career Starts Here #intalent
  8. 8. Support Advocacy Mandatory •  Profile clinics •  Via Careers & Faculties •  All students on LinkedIn Universities are promoting LinkedIn to their students #intalent
  9. 9.  The LinkedIn Alumni Tool The Power of Data
  10. 10.  Marrying DATA and BRAND University Pages on LinkedIn All Students and Alumni are automatically following their university #intalent
  11. 11.  Available to every LinkedIn user Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  12. 12.  Available to every LinkedIn user Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  13. 13.  Filter by Field of Study / Course Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  14. 14.  Identify where specific course graduates are employed Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  15. 15.  Drill down further by Employer, Location and Specialism Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  16. 16.  Drill down further by Employer, Location and Specialism Unparalleled graduate destination data #intalent
  17. 17. Your greatest assets are your own employees.
  18. 18. What are students actually doing on LinkedIn? Connect & Communicate 48%    Network  with     others   Research People & Companies 64%  Learn  about  what    others  are  doing   Professional Insights 65%  consume  content     or  contribute  to  discussions   Seek Career Opportunities 15%  Ac6vely  research   job  opportuni6es  
  19. 19. Most  popular  content  consumed  by  UK  Students  in  the  last  month   What kind of content resonates with your target audience?
  20. 20. European Students 1.  Challenging Work 2.  Good relationships with colleagues 3.  Good work/life balance 4.  Excellent compensation & benefits 5.  Strong career path UK Students Source: LinkedIn survey vs. 1. Good work/life balance 2. A place I would be proud to work at 3. Strong career path 4. Ability to make an impact 5. Culture that fits my personality What are student members looking for in a job?
  21. 21. End of part 1
  22. 22. Reliable Technology
  23. 23. Who am I? 17 years of work experience 14,427,148 Professionals in My LinkedIn Network Biggest Achievement in Life Great Success at Work TRANSFORMATION 3 Master Degrees #intalent
  24. 24. A world brand •  Defense News World Ranking: #67 •  Deloitte Bigstar Fast 50: #1 •  Over 5,000 employees •  - 62% have Master or PhD - Mean age: 34 - 3 generations working together
  25. 25. Where we were 3 years ago  Facing a few challenges… u Average time to fill position 85 days u High cost per hire u Turnover rate >5% u Followers on LinkedIn: 1,700 only u Bloomberg Business Week Most Popular Companies – Ranked #52 HIGH Turnover Rate WEAK Talent Brand HIGH Recruitment Cost HIGH Time To Fill Position #intalent
  26. 26. Understanding the real needs and issues  Research is critical for heading out on the right path u Surveys with students u Surveys with interviewees u Employee survey u Brainstorming with Managers u Assessment of key HR metrics #intalent
  27. 27. A new approach…
  28. 28. Dancing with Talent
  29. 29. Dancing with Talent  A partnership u Have you got the right moves? u Finding the right dance partners for you u Convincing them to dance with you u Leading the dance #intalent
  30. 30. The right moves
  31. 31.  In whose eyes? Are you a good dancer? #intalentRicky Gervais & BBC
  32. 32. Understanding and Acting  What are the right moves that lead to success? u Our real business and talent needs u Our USPs u Our gaps u What our target audience are looking for… #intalent
  33. 33. Transformation  What we found and how we re-invented our approach Engineering Intern Programme Career Coaching ASELSAN Talent Acquisition Model Support Academic People UniversityStudent aselsan Findings u  Need to design programmes that meet both Aselsan’s and students expectations. u  Students want coaching from professionals u  There is a shortage of talent in specific areas #intalent Priority actions u  Train managers for interview skills u  Employee Referral Programme u  On-boarding programme u  Reorganise working conditions to fit with Generation Y needs u  LinkedIn Recruiter and Company page
  34. 34. Finding the right dance partners
  35. 35. How we focused energy on the right partners  Dance Potential u Identification of the right universities u The right courses u Brand awareness, content availability u On campus engagement u Alumni #intalent Field of Study Explorer
  36. 36. Convincing them to dance with YOU
  37. 37. Programmes that meet Aselsan’s needs  And student’s expectations Engineering Intern Programme u Duration of Work: 6 months u Transportation Provided u Health insurance and salary u Guaranteed hiring for high performing interns 92 talents hired through “Engineering Intern Programme”#intalent
  38. 38. Convincing the right talent to dance with you  And teaching them to dance Career Coaching u Help to create their own brand u Use personality test and interview with students to find their dream job u Train students about how to transform their ideas into business u Support start-ups #intalent
  39. 39. Convincing the right talent to dance with you  And teaching them to dance Academic sponsorship u  Support PhD students and research u  After PhD they start training students who are interested in the Defence sector Our Critical Technology: Underwater Acoustics #intalent
  40. 40. Leading the dance
  41. 41. Leading the dance  And engaging your Followers Social media activity Influencers On campus presence and activity
  42. 42. Results
  43. 43. Great progress! – but just the beginning… u  Improved retention of graduate talent 67% reduction in turnover u  Increased talent pool – now over 90,000 u  Graduate cost per hire reduced by 69% u  Reduced time to fill position by 62% u  Increased LinkedIn Followers by 1344% #intalent
  44. 44. Ready to dance?! u Understand the right dance for you – and get your own moves sorted first u Use data insights and campus engagement to find the right dance partners for you u Understand what your target talent want and how to get them dancing with you (well) u Lead on campus and in social media – get them following and dance together #intalent
  45. 45. The NEW LinkedIn Student Recruitment 2.0 Playbook #intalent