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8 Steps for Engaging Candidates Online Without Investing Big Bucks


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Published in: Recruiting & HR
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8 Steps for Engaging Candidates Online Without Investing Big Bucks

  1. 1. March 2019 8 Steps for Engaging Candidates Online Without Investing Big Bucks
  2. 2. ● ● ● ●
  3. 3. It’s the experience an employer communicates to potential candidates of what it’s like to work at their company. What’s an online brand?
  4. 4. it’s about effort.
  5. 5. ● Hires ● Inbound ● Inbound vs. quality ● Referrals (hired vs. inbound) ● Outbound recruiter response rate % ● Time to fill ● Agency reliance ● Social followers ● Engagement rate ● Reviews and scores on review sites ● Careers site traffic ● Conversion rate Making everything measurable is square one for developing an online brand. Step 1
  6. 6. Talk to team leads and use performance data to determine who your top employees are. Go through your interview learnings to craft your personas. Make them as detailed and realistic as possible. Step 2 Find out more about what sets them apart from the pack.
  7. 7. ● Why did you join our company? ● When you describe working at our company, what do you say? ● What social channels are you on? How frequently do you use those channels? ● What’s important to you in a potential employer? ● Why did you want to leave your last job? ● What were your apprehensions before joining our company? ● What’s the difference between our company vs. others you’ve worked for? Step 2
  8. 8. ● Know your company story – articulate why you do what do you ● A social online brand that feels conversational, not robotic ● Channels ● Frequency ● Content format Step 3
  9. 9. More than 2 million pieces of content are shared every day on LinkedIn, generating tens of millions of likes and shares Weekly engaged members are 5x more likely to engage with future content 60% YoY increase in updates viewed on LinkedIn’s home feed Step 3
  10. 10. ● Turn employees into content marketers ● Understand why current employees like working at your company ● Encourage liking and sharing on company content ● Encourage employees to refer their networks Step 4
  11. 11. Encourage sharing through contests (continued) ● Hold a contest for, say, the top social share of the quarter that is based on one of your company’s values ● Have your CEO announce the winner at a company- wide meeting ● Highlight top social sharers on the monitors in your lobby or common areas Step 4
  12. 12. ● What makes working for you unique? ● Share what your employees love about working at your company ● Storytelling: people remember stories and forget stats ● Showcase your culture in your hiring process ● Don’t just tell a culture story – live the story ● Align your internal culture and external brand Step 5
  13. 13. ● Speaking opportunities are free PR ● Make culture part of the conversation, no matter what the topic is ● Culture is an increasingly hot topic ● Focusing on culture is a differentiator ● Enter contests that recognize nurturing workplaces ● You can’t win if you don’t play Step 5
  14. 14. ● Showcase what your company stands for, not just what you do ● Make it easy for candidates to apply ● Show, don’t tell ● Be authentic ● Optimize your website and careers page for SEO ● Optimize your careers page for mobile Step 6
  15. 15. ● 401(k) ● Health insurance ● Vacation time Things to include on your careers page ● Have candidates subscribe to future job openings ● This is helpful if you’re not currently hiring for their role but could be in the future ● Making it clear up front what your hiring process is like can save headaches later Step 6
  16. 16. A graphic design app that allows you to create banners, infographics, social updates, and more. An easy way to make videos that can be used for everything from job postings to new-hire welcome messages (more on that in a minute). A meme and GIF generator to energize blog and social media posts. An incredible resource you can use to add faces to 4,500 existing GIFs. A design tool for the non-designer (social posts, flyers, ads, and more). Step 7
  17. 17. ● Gifts: flowers, swag, etc. ● Thank-you notes to candidates ● JibJabs ● Personalized and empathetic “no, thank you” notes ● GIF welcomes ● Welcome video to new hires ● Video tour of the office Step 8
  18. 18. Establish brand success metrics Know your target audience Develop a content plan Draft an army of brand ambassadors Pitch your culture, not just your products Optimize your careers page Get familiar with free and low-cost tools Elevate your candidate experience
  19. 19. CEO and President, Birchtree Global, LLC Globalizing strategy, business, and employees since 1999.
  20. 20. Founder, Red Pill Talent
  21. 21. Now it’s your turn! Use this printer-friendly checklist with 8 steps for building your online brand.