Promotional poster analysis


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Promotional poster analysis

  1. 1. Promotional poster analysis Subtle colours in the poster represent the genre of the artists music. The image used is similar to his album cover keeping synergy with his products. Artist name in large making it clear straight away who the poster is promoting. Tour dated directly under so audience will read immediately after seeing the name of the artist. The names of the venues allowing more space for the image catching the audiences attention.
  2. 2. Quote from magazine The same artwork used as on the ‘hold me down’ album cover. The bright artwork draws your attention leading your eye to the band name and album name.Band name in large overlayingthe artwork – Keeping it themain focus of the poster.The colours are all quite earthy.The text and artwork are keptto the same colour scheme. Record label logo on the poster
  3. 3. The red, black and whit colours on thee poster are dominant representing the artist as a confident character or sometimes this could give the message that the music could be controversial. Album release date Artist name is made a light colour in comparison to the darker background making it stand out. Album name in bold font gives the same effect as the artist name. An image of the artist making the poster instantly recognisable to fans making it more likely for them to remember the album name and release date.Parental warning for explicit content isclearly stated in this logo. Record label logo