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Recce media

  1. 1. RecceWe had the idea to film part of the video in Kingston. It is a scenicarea that fits with the lyrics as the artist is reminiscing on a past relationship.
  2. 2. We think that Kingston bridge would be a good place to film with the artist in thought.We found a subway with dull lightingwhich gave us the idea to film our actorsarguing and our female character leaving.
  3. 3. Whilst looking at thislocation we found aplatform. This gaveus the idea to filmour actor on creatinga stage.
  4. 4. We also had the idea to film our actor playing the guitar on a dock as the performance partof the music video. As in our questionnaire our target audience said they prefer videos withboth a narrative and performance.
  5. 5. Our video is going to be in black and white. After editing these pictures we have decidedto edit the contrast and brightness in the music video because it looks more effective.