Location powerpoint


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Location powerpoint

  1. 1. LOCATION Becca and Laura
  2. 2. - KINGSTON  Kingston upon Thames is in south west London. It was the ancient market town where Saxon kings were crowned and is now a suburb situated 10 miles south west of Charing Cross. It is one of the major metropolitan centres identified in the London Plan
  3. 3. KINGSTON We chose to film in Kingston because after analysing other music videos of the same genre as our song choice we noticed that most of them were filmed in scenic areas. We believe the area we have chosen to film in is scenic and would fit perfectly into this genre.
  4. 4. PROBLEMS WITH LOCATION Although many issues may arise as Kingston is a major area and always very populate as the Bentalls shopping centre is situated in Kingston. This may lead to problems as members of the public may Also the traffic may affect the interfere with filming i.e. filming as we plan to film on walking past the camera. Kingston bridge which always has lots of traffic and congestion therefore background sounds of beeping horns and pedestrian crossings may affect the quality and verisimilitude of our music video.
  5. 5. OTHER PROBLEMS We also need to take in to consideration the day we film as we plan on filming at night because the lighting at night fits in with the however there are many mood of our song, clubs in Kingston including hippodrome and Oceana; therefore there are many potential problems that could occur because of this.