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Analysis of the lyrics - incomplete

  1. 1. Incomplete – Conor Maynard ft Anth
  2. 2.  The message in the song is strongly displayed in the title of the song.. IncompleteThe song is about the artistfeeling there is somethingmissing but unsure of what it is “Another day given Another day Im living Another day where I cant figure what I am missing ”
  3. 3.  In the next part of the song the artist describes how he used to rap for fun and because he had a passion for it but now it has become a bigger part of his life and hes unsure whether he wants to rap for money and fame. “I thought I loved the game and simply did it for the sport I think about the money, I think about the fame When youre broke as I am, then you wouldnt blame”
  4. 4.  In these few lyrics the artist raps about not knowing which route to take on his way to fame and how he has no interest in peoples opinion on what way to go as he cannot trust them as they think he vulnerable as he is only a young teenager“Driving down this road to fame, dont know which way to steerPeople try to tell me, but I never wanna hearBecause most of them are snakes hissing up in my earThey think Im so dumb, just because im so young”
  5. 5.  The lead up to the chorus and the chorus reiterates the artists feelings of confusion unsurety and emptiness. “i feel like somethings missing i just dont know what it is, empty spaces fill me up with holes, distant faces with no place left to go, without you within me i cant find a way, where im going is anybodys guess! The lyrics may be interpreted differently by different people however personally i think the chorus mentions how the artist cant seem to make the right decision because there is a certain person missing from his life “without you within me”
  6. 6.  The artist describes how he feels like he could just give up but he knows its wrong. He talks about how its been wrong for so long and how no one understands him once again emphasising that his state of mind is confused. He also says how these are his true feelings “I feel like dropping the pen so I can finally rest I know it isnt right, I know it so wrong But what can I do when its been like this for so long Dont try to understand, because you never will Erase all of the fake and this is how I really feel”
  7. 7.  Once again these few lines summarise the artists feeling. The repetition of feeling incomplete is used throughout the song so the audience get the clear message that this artist is missing a part of him. However different audiences may interpret the lyrics differently as he may be missing many things from his life for instance a girlfriend or the fame that comes with his music. “You think its just a lie, well look me in the eyes And you can see just how incomplete I feel inside”
  8. 8.  In these few line the artist emphasises his loneliness this time I feel he makes it clear to the audience that he is missing a certain person in his life as he states that “even with his fans he’s never felt more alone” “Take a look at me, and see through all the pride, Youll find all the pain and all the fear inside, Even with all my fans, Ive never felt more alone”
  9. 9.  The last few words “theres something missing from me i must be incomplete” leaves the song almost as if it is a cliff- hanger so the last message in there head is this. “I know Ive made my mistakes Im only human were all the same, Things Ill pay for, for the rest of my life but who are you to blame? I cant (cant) take (take) the weight of the world (world) on (on) on my shoulders, Theres something missing from me, I must be incomplete.”
  10. 10.  Overall the main message portrayed throughout this song by the artists is there confusion about fame. However there is also a clear message that the confusion has arisen as they have lost a significant figure in their life who has helped their career choices in the past, without this guidance they feel lost and “incomplete”.