‘Called out in the dark’ analysis


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‘Called out in the dark’ analysis

  1. 1. ‘Called out in the dark’ - Snow patrolThis video is reflective of its pop genre with the use of dancers in the backgroundthroughout the video. This is seen a lot in pop videos. The video is also narratingthe making of a music video this is showing a famous singers job.The images relate to the lyrics as they say ‘Show me now, show me the armsaloft, Every eye trained on a different star’ and in the background the dancersactions are relating to the what is being said. When ‘I was called out in the dark’is sung the singer is standing in the dark on the side of the set whilst the actorplaying him in the music video has lights shining on him. This is portraying thesinger as being forgotten behind the scenes while the actor is in the spot light.There is a scene with the singer jumping across the green screen. His top is clearthis is as if he is trying to be seen but he is feeling ignored. In part of the videothe singer saying the lyrics straight to the director making them more personalto the audience.An actor plays the role of the singer in the video but it is clear from the start whothe real singer is this is made clear through mid and close up shots of the singer.This is typical of a music video as it makes them instantly recognisable to theiraudience. The whole narrative is about the singer getting in the way on a videoset and trying to get noticed. The video is comical and makes the audienceempathise with the character.There is a scene where the singer a wall falls down on the set showing thedancers getting changed. This is voyeurism but not used to sell the artist orproduction.The video as a whole is intertextualityas it is avideo on a set of a video.There is a range of camera angles in the video.High angle shots are used in the dance sceneslooking down on the group of dancers together.Close up shots of the artist singing. There arealso shots with filming of the video on a monitor.There is a narrative in the video that is told in a chronological order leading up tothe end of the video. This is documenting the filming of a music video. The videois original andthe comical scenes keep the viewers attention through to the endof the video.