How to be a better blogger


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8 key tips and strategies that will help you be a better blogger. These have worked effectively for me and will for you as well.

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How to be a better blogger

  1. 1. How to be:A Better BloggerLarry Deane, Side Income Blogging
  2. 2. Quick History● I started in 2006 on a personal finance blogcalled Gather Little by Little, anonymously.● GLBL became a top 10 personal financeblog in 2008● Started doing design and development workfor other bloggers in 2008● Sold GLBL for more than $25,000 in 2009● Started Side Income Blogging in 2010● Have a number of "niche sites".● I blog part-time and work in IT full-time.
  3. 3. The blogger is greater than the blog● Be unique - What does your blog providethat other blogs in your niche do not.● About page - Include your picture and tellpeople about you and your blog● Share yourself and your story - Includeyour story in your articles and on your aboutpage.● Be honest and blog with integrity● Blog with passion - If you arentpassionate, than its time to move on.
  4. 4. Always put your readers first● Always make decisions by factoring in yourreaders perspective● Write for your readers, not social media orsearch engines● Provide them with value and strive to behelpful● Always make your readers a priority● Give generously
  5. 5. Be social and approachable● Writing and publishing alone isnt enough● Be active on social media - engage withpeople and build relationships● Respond to comments on your blog● Respond to emails from readers● Encourage your readers to interact - Iinclude 2 questions on my "welcome" emailand encourage them to send me theiranswers.
  6. 6. Build an email list● Email is not dead.● Start an email list - mail out updates and/or anewsletter● Include subscribe forms all over your blog● Give people a reason to sign-up● Encourage your readers to visit your blogand content in your emails.● Encourage your readers to share yourcontent with others
  7. 7. Do basic keyword research and SEO● Write your article first, focusing on the reader● Use the Google Adwords Keyword tool - useexact local search volume● Do keyword research and tweak the articlefor search engines and keywords● Use the Yoast SEO Optimization plugin● Use an SEO optimized theme
  8. 8. Write articles for other blogs● Increases your readership● Increases your exposure● Builds your authority● Helps out the other blog and blogger● Builds back links● Increases your Authorship● Builds relationships● A classic Win/Win
  9. 9. Implement Google Authorship● Your picture will show next to your articleson SERPs● Authorship will increase your ranking onSERPs● Allows Google to know you, and filter outspam and duplicate content● Establishes credibility● Easy to implement● Brand recognition
  10. 10. Less is more● Great content posted less often is betterthan mediocre content posted more often● People generally dont unsubscribe becuaseyou dont send enough emails● Less ads payout better than more ads● Blogs are made to be read, dont distractyour readers with tons of widgets andgizmos - if it doesnt provide value, removeit.● You need more white space than you think.