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Google Authorship Bugs and Problems


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Google Authorship has bugs. Some of them are your fault. Some of them are Google's. So which one is affecting you? An easy read.

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Google Authorship Bugs and Problems

  1. 1. Google Authorship Bugs “Oops...Was that supposed to happen?”By: Sean Murray
  2. 2. All I wanted Was a FaceMy name is Sean Murrayand I wanted to have myface accompany my articlesin Googles Search Results.Everyone else was doingit... so why not me?
  3. 3. So I Followed the DirectionsArticle by: <a href=”My Google+ Url” rel=”author”>Sean Murray</a> And presto!
  4. 4. But Then...My face disappeared for no reason and I was
  5. 5. And Then...It came back even though I didnt changeanything and I was all like
  6. 6. And So You Must KnowThis happens and theres no reason for it.Google Authorship is not perfect andsometimes it actually doesnt show Authorshipon purpose. So dont be all like:
  7. 7. Unless● Your Authorship HTML is busted● The rest of your HTML is busted● Your Google Plus photo doesnt meet Googles guidelines for Authorship● You have like 10 different Authorship links on 1 page● Your website sucks really bad● You didnt add the website to your contributor section● Check your HTML AGAIN
  8. 8. And Once Fixed... You can apply Authorship to many things besides articles:● Social media profiles● Online presentations/ PDFs● Forum threads● Press Releases● Reviews Get Creative! Assign your online lifes work to Authorship and let Google decide how to incorporate it.
  9. 9. AlthoughThere are oddities. Like when all I did was comment onthis thread but I got Authorship for the entire URL.First person to include an Authorship link in a forumthread gets Authorship for the entire URL!! IS THIS A BUG??
  10. 10. And There Are
  11. 11. BecauseGoogle started to confuse me with this guy:A much morefamousSean Murray
  12. 12. Other People Have Experienced ItIn my Webmaster Tools under Author Stats:I originally had no links to Quora on my Google Plus profile and there wasnothing on this Quora URL that linked to anything about me on GooglePlus. Googles algorithm made an assumption and acted on its own. This can happen!
  13. 13. I Made the Problem WorseI signed up for Quora andadded a link to my Quoraprofile under my GoogleAuthorship contributorsection.I though that would fix theproblem but I was wrong.EVERY Sean Murray onQuora is attributed to menow. BUG!!!!
  14. 14. And Then it Spread FurtherAll 398 Sean Murrayson LinkedIn began toshow my face insearch results.I still get their trafficdata in WebmasterTools. Oh Google,what have you done?!BUG!!!! WE ARE LEGION!!
  15. 15. Which MeansThings are not exactlyrunning perfectly overin Authorship land.And so sometimesAuthorship problemsare your fault andsometimes theyreGoogles.
  16. 16. So Before You Say“MY AUTHORSHIP IS BROKEN. CALL 911!!!!”
  17. 17. Make Sure Your Authorship is set up properly.● <a href=”Google+URL” rel=”author”>text</a>● Google+URL?rel=author● <link href=”Google+URL” rel=”author”> Only 1 Authorship markup per unique URL and dont forget to add the domain to your contributor section!
  18. 18. And WAITGoogle Authorship doesnt appear instantly. Itcan take days or WEEKS until it starts to takeeffect. So dont sign up and be all like this withsearch results:
  19. 19. Check it HereIf it works here, it should eventually work insearch results. It does NOT happeninstantaneously!
  20. 20. And if All Else FailsTheres a great Community for help. Google Authorship & Author RankOr do what I did, share your story and hopeGoogle hears you!By: Sean MurrayNot the one of NCIS