Advanced link building part 2


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Advanced link building part 2

  1. 1. Using Your Blog to Build Links Through Interviews Advanced Link Building: Part 2 By Cody Barrus
  2. 2. We Will Cover● What your blog needs to be effective● How to find quality websites to build links● Collecting emails and info● Using interviews to reach out, create a relationship and solicit a link● Following Through
  3. 3. Long-term goals ● Build a strong backlink profile ● Improve SERP* results ● Raise Page Rank ● Create engaging and quality content ● Increase referral traffic ● Prepare for Part 3*Search Engine Results Page
  4. 4. Before you begin● In order to use your blog to build links, your blog will need to already have quality blog posts● 5-10 posts minimum● The reason: Nobody wants to link to an ugly, unprofessional, spammy or empty website
  5. 5. Tools You Will NeedDownload and install - ● Google Chrome: ● Install these Google Chrome extensions ● SEO Site Tools ● Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar
  6. 6. Finding a Site● There are many ways to search for quality sites to reach out to. One useful method is a blog search in Google. Simply search for “blog:search term”● For example: ● Blog:self defense ● Blog:fashion ● Blog:school issues
  7. 7. Blog Search Example
  8. 8. Heres the blog● First lets ask, “Will it make a good link?”● Read content to make sure the posts are relevant to your niche and good quality
  9. 9. Lets Check Our Tools● Check the page rank (PR)● The higher the PR, the better the link● Only reach out to sites with a PR of 2 or more
  10. 10. Make Sure the Site is Reputable● You can do this by checking the blogs backlinks using the Alexa Toolbar● Make sure they are linked to by good sources
  11. 11. A Good Source ● It has a PR higher than 2 (PR 3) ● Doesnt have suspicious back links. ● Now its time to gather the bloggers email and store it in a spread sheet. ● Emails are sometimes hard to find. Look in About and Contact pages. ● If you cant find an email, check what social networks they use and copy a link to their profile into the spread sheet instead.
  12. 12. Example spread sheetCollect between 15-20+ for each link building campaign
  13. 13. Send an Interview Proposal● We are going to ask each blog if we can interview them via email● People love to talk about themselves so the response rate is very high for interviews● People who are interviewed usually link back to the interview without even needing to be reminded
  14. 14. A Few Rules ● Only interview via email ● Phone interviews take a lot more unnecessary work ● Dont mention that you are link building ● Do mention that you will link to their site at the end of the interview
  15. 15. An Example Interview Proposal● Email is short and direct● Mentions them by name and mentions their niche● Gives a link to an example blog post or interview – Having quality blog posts helps!
  16. 16. Their Response
  17. 17. The Interview● Now its time to write a 5 question interview● Look at their site and ask thoughtful questions which they will be interested in answering● Also make sure the questions will create good content● Remember, they still may not respond if they think you are trying to use them or take advantage● We are constantly building a relationship
  18. 18. Example Interview
  19. 19. The Follow Through● After they respond with their answers, simply copy and paste them into a blog post in a Q&A format.● Q: Tell me about yourself. A: Well, my name is Alice and I am an artist...● Or be as creative as you would like to be.● Make sure to add a link to their website at the bottom of the article
  20. 20. After Posting the Interview● Follow up with another email● Mention that the post is up & include a link● Let them know, “I would appreciate it if you could share this link on your blog and social networks.”● Remember to thank them
  21. 21. Rules● Send out Interview Proposal emails in bulk to manage time● Do not post interviews back to back on your site, instead keep them spread out between regular blog posts● After the interview process, keep their email. A relationship has been created, if you have something you would like the world to know about, email past interviewees
  22. 22. Win Win ● While what you are doing is building links and promoting your online business, you are also promoting the people you are interviewing ● This is good for everyone involved, as long as the work you do is well done
  23. 23. Good Luck● Slide show by Cody Barrus – ●