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  1. 1. BLOGGING 101 Tips for Blogging
  2. 2. WHAT IS A BLOGJessica’s definition Shot
  3. 3. SHOULD YOU BLOGCan you spellDo you have the time to be consistentDo you have something relevant to sayDo you have the desire to speak to people
  4. 4. WHY TO BLOG1. share marketable your topic is2. Connect with potential customers3. For the author who does not have the time to learn html or the budget to hire a social media admin4. Provides a voice for your business5. offers a more approachable informal resource in which the consumer enjoys learning about your product or service
  5. 5. HOW TO START BLOGChoose your topic of interestUse descriptive words and experiencesHave a target audience in mind when you startbloggingExample/Podcast - wordpress blogger typepadtutorials
  6. 6. WHAT TO BLOGJournal Style BlogsUp-coming eventsPast EventsPersonal vs TopicalAsk a QuestionImage Focused Blogs
  7. 7. MY BLOGTwisted TonightMoonlight MartinisOhmne GardenSnowcreek
  10. 10. YOUR INDUSTRY BLOGSHotelBreweryFood/Restaurantwhite water rafting / recreationEntertainmentArtsGoogle IT!
  11. 11. WHAT NOT TO DODo not add too much information most people won’t read if too lengthy-break it up If you have a lot of information split it up ie lots of paragraphs chamber music blog - WAY TOO LONGCreate separate entries for multiple information
  12. 12. AGENDA
  13. 13. RAPID TIPS FOR POWER BLOGGING1. Post Often2. Use Catchy blog post titles3. ask open-ended questions4. comment on other blogs often5. make your RSS feed obvious6. provide an RSS-to-email option7. Use images in your posts8. Use header tags to separate sections in your blog posts9. structure your blog posts for easy scanning10.avoid myspace blog designs11. if possible, use a custom wordpress them12.learn to spell13.14.
  14. 14. CONTINUED.....14. learn to spell15.don’t be a me too blogger16.learn to think of your blog as a business 14.when writing your About page, pay attention to17.what you to other, related blogs19.remember, blogging is a social business (talk to20.other people)21.put relevant key words into your blogs title22.use a photo gallery23.make sharing easy24.share and share alike25.aim to be other blogs often27.train your readers to do what you want
  15. 15. CONTINUED...29.when starting a blog, decide on its mission30.don’t overload your blog with JavaScript widgets31.use yourself33.don’t write like you’re writing for your social profiles on your blog35.go where your readers are36.{spend} equal time reading and writing