Guest Blogging for 2013


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Reveal the actual power behind guest posting

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Guest Blogging for 2013

  1. 1. Reveal the ACTUAL Power Behind Guest Posting Lets talk about the Contentmarketing in new form which called Guest posting Twitter Hash tag for Today’s webinar : #blurbpointgp
  2. 2. Host ByMufaddal Khety Hiren VaghelaSr. Sales Manager Sr. SEO Advisor
  3. 3. Key Points• Introduction to Guest Post• Why Guest Post• Factors related to Guest Post• Outreach tools• Effective Promotion• Questions & Answers
  4. 4. Introduction to Guest Posting • Guest Blogging is a new way to promote your content in different relevant websites or blogs. It means, writing a blog post to be published on another blog as a featured author. • There are two ways in guest posting:  Write it for other blog network  Other Bloggers write it for your blog/site
  5. 5. Why Guest Post???1. Branding of your website2. Gaining Publicity3. Traffic4. Creates your Network5. Improve your skills
  6. 6. Guest Posting Factors3 Main factors we will learn in guest posting: How to search guest blogs ? How to pitch ? Post Writing and Approval
  7. 7. How to search guest postThere are number of ways you can find out the good guest post sites, belowwe mention some of the normal ways to find it.#Method 1: By using Google “blog menu”.#Method 2: By using different search queries.#Method 3: Through Guest post networks.#Method 4: Searching in social media through relevant keyword
  8. 8. Method 1: By using Google “blog menu”From the Google menu, go to “More” and select “blog” and do asearch for your keyword
  9. 9. Method 1: By using Google “blog menu”See some more snaps with other search query.
  10. 10. Method 1: By using Google “blog menu”You can see the number of blogs when you can apply for a GuestPost.
  11. 11. Method 2:By using different searchqueries You can find relevant blogs through different search queries as below. • Looking for "guest post“ • Looking For "Guest Bloggers“ • "This guest post was written“ • "This guest post is from“ • "Guest post by“ • “submit guest post” There are so many other queries also you can find it here in more detail.
  12. 12. Looking for "guest post“
  13. 13. Method 3: Through Quality Blog NetworkThere are few networks that can help you find Guest Blogging Websites whichare related to your niche. You can search relevant guest blogs through:••••••••••
  14. 14. Method 4:Searching Through Social MediaSearch for your keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+ to findthe most popular accounts that are associated with blogs. See thebelow image.
  15. 15. How to Pitch• What to say in your pitch email.• Mainly this is the first step and you have to be little careful to pitch any of the site. See the below image.
  16. 16. #Tip 1 Contact the right person
  17. 17. #Tip 2 Speak about the posts on their blogs...
  18. 18. #Tip 3 Read the Editorial guidelines properly
  19. 19. SEOMoz Community Guidelines
  20. 20. SEOMoz Content Community Guidelines
  21. 21. #Tip 4 Explain the outline of your post
  22. 22. #Tip 5 Explain why your post is helpful for their readers!
  23. 23. #Tip 6 Explain why you are the right candidate to write guest post(Add your sample links or your past works)
  24. 24. #Tip 7 Keep it simple and short 
  25. 25. Why Editors may ignore/delete your email• If you have not addressed to the right person• If you fail to explain why it matters to their end readers• If your post is not related to topics (ignoring guidelines)• If your post is too long and with no sense
  26. 26. Post writing and approvalFew tips for writing a perfect guest post that will make editors to say YES….
  27. 27. #Pro Writing Tip 1 Write with the readers/audience in your mind
  28. 28. #Pro Writing Tip 2 Organize your posts with subheadings and lists, and keep the paragraphs short.
  29. 29. #Pro Writing Tip 3 Write content according to the editorial guidelines
  30. 30. #Pro Writing Tip 4 Research, use simple English and add graphics
  31. 31. See some of the examples of good post.
  32. 32. Outreach Tools• Grouphigh• Blogdash• Buzzstream
  33. 33. Effective PromotionYou can dramatically improve your chances of success and expandyour reach further if you take things to the next level and promoteyour guest post. Here are a few factors to help that along: Q&A sites Submit Press release Use it is a signature in your email Promote through social media community
  34. 34. • Every important aspects that can help you become a good blogger are covered in this webinar. Should you still have any doubts or queries, please feel free to send your questions to• If you have interesting topics to suggest on Guest Blogging, write us an email to and we may include it in our next webinar on Guest Blogging.• You may also ask us to conduct a webinar on the topic of your interest.
  35. 35. We have recently launched “Ask An SEO Expert” Service.
  36. 36.  Our SEO experts are available to answer your SEO related queries. Submit your query to the page below. We will evaluate your question and revert back as soon as possible. Any good question will be shared through our Video Series.
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