Edu 210 module 12 twitter ppt


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My EDU 210 Module 12 reflection highlighting my Twitter development, which is contributing to the growth of my PLN

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Edu 210 module 12 twitter ppt

  1. 1. Multimedia Reflection: Twitter By: Kyndra Fraser
  2. 2. Following Date Account Activated: September 22, 2013 Initially # of people/organizations following: 0 Presently # of people/organizations following: 83 During the Flex Lab for one of our Modules relating to our creation of a Twitter account, I managed to find over 20 organizations/people to follow. This demonstrates that over the last 2 months, I have strategically discovered over 60 more organizations/people to follow who I feel will benefit and support me as an educator.
  3. 3. Followers I have gone from o Followers, to 13 Followers. I believe this is significant because I am starting from scratch on Twitter and am currently trying to build my network in a strategic and effective way. This number will only continue to grow, as I begin to learn new ways to communicate and interact, not only on Twitter, but on other social networking sites as well, which will advertise my Twitter account.
  4. 4. Favourites I started out on Twitter, not knowing how to interact or communicate. I have since learned how to add “Favourites”. Throughout the last month or so, I have started to “favourite” specific Tweets. These Tweets are ones that I don’t want to lose and want quick and easy access to them. They are all related to Education, including tips, interesting articles, or great ideas I would like to use once I am an educator. I have found this “Favourite” tool especially useful!
  5. 5. Lists I have started a List entitled “Education”. This list includes organizations/individuals that I feel contribute significantly to Educational resources that I will undoubtedly incorporate as an Educator. This List is a new tool I am exploring and I hope to create new, specific Lists as my Twitter network grows.
  6. 6. Vermilion Elementary The reason I chose to follow Vermilion Elementary is because this school is my first choice for my regional placement for my APT. I think it is important to be aware of Vermilion Elementary, of any important events going on and to also show that I want to be connected in a positive and professional way. I am showing my dedication and commitment to this potential future school of mine.
  7. 7. Wainwright Elementary School I am following Wainwright Elementary School because this is the school I did my IPT at and is the school I am striving to one day land a teaching job at. After my IPT, I continued working there throughout the year, as a T.A. sub, and am always trying to keep my connections fresh. By following them on Twitter, I believe I am only adding to this connection and making it stronger.
  8. 8. BTPS Technology I chose to follow BTPS Technology, which stands for Buffalo Trail Public Schools Technology, the school district I am hoping to teach in. I believe this is a great connection because it gives me the opportunity of knowing what the current technological trends are in regards to the schools in this particular school district. When I am applying for any jobs, I will know what is important to this school district in association to technology. For example, they mentioned Inspiring Education in a Tweet, something we were introduced to in our EDU 210 class.
  9. 9. TEACH Magazine I have chosen to follow TEACH Magazine on Twitter. TEACH Magazine is a great educational resource that includes many helpful tips and articles. I can use these resources at any time, to improve my own teaching practices, as well as increase my knowledge on many educational concepts. I have already “favourited” Tweets from TEACH Magazine.
  10. 10. Partners in Learning I am following Partners in Learning, which I actually heard of during our DEMO class in EDU 210. Partners in Learning is striving to reach educators and leaders to help them develop the tools and resources needed to advance teaching and learning. That is exactly what this organization does. I have already favourited a Tweet from them, which provides an info graphic highlighting the importance on blending learning in the classroom.
  11. 11. Interaction RETWEETS I have re-tweeted a tweet from a fellow classmate, building a connection among peers, as well as among the U of A.
  12. 12. Interaction REPLYING I have replied to a Tweet, that I found extremely disheartening. PSBAA, @PublicSchoolsAB tweeted an article called, “Novice teachers are not the solution”:  I replied back, hoping to create a discussion, however, only one other person replied. I also hashtagged it into #EDU210.
  13. 13. Interaction HASHTAGS I have used hashtags in most of my tweets, the majority including #edu210. This allows for a connection to occur among my peers in our edu 210 class. I even went and searched #edu210, to see what others have posted in regards to the flex labs requiring Twitter use.
  14. 14. Interaction TWEETS I have a total of 12 Tweets. I am not out there every day trying to think of what Tweet I could put out. I am using my Twitter account effectively, and therefore, I am waiting to Tweet something that I find significant and is also education related. As mentioned earlier, I tweeted in regards to a link I did not agree with, trying to connect new and upcoming teachers. I also tweeted a quote I absolutely loved, which was presented to us in our EDU 210 class. In addition, I found more quotes and as a result, I posted the link to my Twitter account, giving credit to the website. I will also be posting a link to my final blog, hoping to demonstrate my learning and what I can bring to the table and contribute as an educator. As I continue to use my Twitter account, my connection will also continue to grow, connecting me to new individuals and organizations who I feel will enhance my teaching and learning and help build my PLN, and vice versa.
  15. 15. Interactions