Testing the waters


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Testing the waters

  1. 1. Testing the Waters Social Media Concierge October 2 to 7 Jesse Whale Sabrina Eshoo Mike Warner
  2. 2. Target Market18 to 25 year old males and femalesCurrently living in KingstonEnrolled in their 3rd year of the Interactive Marketing Communications ManagementProgram at St. Lawrence CollegeInterests include social media platforms, entertainment, social mixers, interesting facts,marketing, advertising, content, and creativityUsually found on their cellphones, iPads, iPods, iPhones, or in the Mac Lab
  3. 3. ObjectivesCreate a stream of platforms easily accessible to the targetConnect all three platforms to ensure maximum awareness and engagementCreate awareness about the accounts created and information that can be foundEngage target through comments, likes, and re-tweetsInform target of all assignments, class lectures, and homework to be completedCreate a consistency of content to ensure audience engagement
  4. 4. PinterestEffective tool for organizing thoughts, easy to navigate, a “homebase” for coursecontentCreated IMC @ SLC accountCreated individual boards for each course to ensure efficiency and organizationPinned screen shots of assignments, tweets, and any content related to eachcourseRe-pinned any content that was valuable to the programPosted link to the account on the 3rd year IMC Facebook Page to encouragestudents to followReminded students to follow when discovered only half the students werefollowing the boardSuccessful concierge week on Pinterest
  5. 5. TwitterTwitter is user friendly, familiar and cooperativeFaced with the task of integrating both the IMCSLC Facebook updates as well as the Pinsfrom the IMC Pinterest boardsThe need to keep up with my fellow concierges seemed to slip my mind.Focus was more so on what I could post to Twitter rather than communicating with thegroup to create a fully integrated posting systemCreated #concierge4theweek hashtagOn top of upcoming projects and daily reminders of our class schedule In retrospect, theinformation was somewhat superficial in the context of what we were mean to be doing.Managed to include a Twitter link and twitpic, and began a discussionAlthough the outcomes were not what we had originally outlined, our checklist of goals isnot completely blankShould have focused less on creating my own content, and more on curating the contentfrom both Facebook and Pinterest
  6. 6. FacebookGreat tool to get a conversation going as well as give out information throughslide shows, videos, word documents etc.Found myself lost in the process and relying more on twitter since it was mynatural go to platform on a day-to-day basisCould have engaged audience a little more and given topics to discuss on theThird Year pageI fell short of my initial planDid not optimize on the chances of posting those questions and insights onFacebook because other students may have had similar questions and concernsBeneficial for the team and myself if I created a daily outline of our classes andall upcoming assignments.Could have used Hootsuite as a tool to promptly update statuses
  7. 7. CritiquesJesse - “I wasnt too impressed with my team members for the week. I did my part andreminded each team member daily to re-post my pins, or create their own content. Miketweeted a few times, but didnt have enough consistency or acted as a professional resourceto inform students effectively. I would have to say the same for Sabrina as well. I think itspossible that if both Mike and Sabrina were to have chosen a different channel – theymight have been more apt to post updates, seeing as were always on Twitter and Facebook,things can get repetitive.”Sabrina - “I applaud the efforts of my teammates. They both consistently postedinformation in their selected channel and kept the engagement going. Jesse did an amazingjob with the Pinterest boards and organized them according to our classes. She also tried tokeep up with the twitter feed during the World Business Forum, and had a great hashtaggoing for this assignment (#concierge4theweek). The hashtag is still being used andfollowed. Mike had a great start and slowed down towards the end of the week, however histweets were relevant and informative.”Mike - “Ive really got to tip my hat to Jesse on this assignment. She really took charge andfully understood the dynamic and integrated delivery that this assignment allowed. ThePinterest aspect was well organized and clearly communicated. Sabrina was less active inher content but the posts when she was giving the assignment her full attention show thepotential had she stuck with it. I dont feel that I saw enough from Sabrina to give her apositive or negative commentary.”
  8. 8. ConclusionPinterest, Twitter and Facebook were all valuable sources but not used to theirfull potentialTwitter could have been utilized more to engage in conversation and creative useof hashtagsFacebook also had more potential but could have been switched out for adifferent platform considering all of the content that’s constantly posted byteachers and other studentsNeeded more active content and sharing in order to utilize each platforms fullpotentialOverall effort and use of information isn’t up to par for giving students a valuableand thorough set of resources. 5/10