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Pl npresentation

  1. 1. Collaborate Connect Communicate Professional Learning Network Nicole Durling EDU 210
  2. 2. This is my PLN then Here is a snap shot of my PLN when it was first created. I have since followed many more people, and I have gained my own followers as well. I hope to follow more, and hopefully increase my knowledge enough to gain more followers, so I can help them the way that the people I follow now have helped me!
  3. 3. Inspired Learning @InspiredLrn Inspired Learning Is an online community which assists teachers in Alberta in solving problems, being innovative in the classroom, and explores different ways of learning collaboratively. They tweet consistently, every couple of days, and provide resources to help followers develop professionally I have had the opportunity to see several interesting articles about all aspects of education One of my favourites because they keep followers up to date on what is going on with education in Alberta. Its nice to know what is going on close to home with my future profession.
  4. 4. Nicholas Provenzano @thenerdyteacher The nerdy teacher has become my favourite account because he posts a lot of thoughts and articles that are actually interesting. A lot of his posts keep me interested and excited about my future profession I have come to notice that a lot of his students follow him, and he tweets a lot of things that are not only interesting for teachers, but young students as well! He tweets several times a day, and has his own articles and a website about teaching as well. And he knows a lot about educational technology, very fit for this course It is evident that the nerdy teacher is very involved in various educational communities, and very passionate about his profession.
  5. 5. EdTech Service UofA @EdTechUofA EdTech Provides support for learning design, multimedia services, development on mobile devices and on the web, and technology assistance. EdTech services is equipped to answer any questions about education and educational technology that you might have. Post helpful and interesting articles for teachers and future teachers. EdTech tweets several times a day and shares a lot of apps and tools that teachers can use in the classroom, and for professional development.
  6. 6. Society @2Learn_ca 2learn us a non profit organization striving to aid teachers in their professional development, as well as provide leadership and resources for educators. They notify teachers and students of discussions that they can participate in on various topics like cyber bullying and children's rights. 2learn also provides several tools and resources for several subjects or for teachers in general. Not only do teachers benefit from following 2learn, and parents and students con follow as well for tools and tips on how to succeed in school. 2learn are great supporters of technology in the classroom, and post several tips to teach students how to learn effectively online, and how to become ethical online citizens.
  7. 7. This is my PLN now Here is a snap shot of my PLN as of today. I have increased the number of people I follow, and will continue to do so, and I actually have followers myself! I have some of my own tweets, however I am mostly retweeting and favouriting tweets from other accounts. I have hopes that one day I will gain more knowledge and experience that I can share with all of my followers.
  8. 8. I have learned throughout taking this course that professional development in the teaching profession is so important, and will aid me in being the best teacher for me and my students. In a time where technology is so advanced, it only makes sense to take advantage of resources that teachers haven’t always had. I have been exposed to an endless supply of resources, tools, websites, and many more networking opportunities. The focus of my account right now is to learn about education and expand my knowledge, and also to take advantage of networking opportunities. In the future, the focus of my PLN will probably change over time. I will likely use it for resources specific to my major and minor (high school English and history) and perhaps as I learn I will also be able to share knowledge with others, like many of the people I follow today have done. Building my own PLN has been rewarding, as I have done and learned a lot that will really help me as I continue my journey of professional development as a teacher. I have created many connections by retweeting professionals that I follow, and have gained some followers of my own. I have tweeted some of my own thoughts about education and teaching methods, as well as useful technologies for the classroom. My favourite hashtags, which have helped me find the right people to follow, and have helped people find me, have been #EdTech, #EdChat, #Teaching, #Edu210, #Education, #UofA, and #Ualberta