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Assignment 6 research of double page spreads


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Assignment 6 research of double page spreads

  1. 1. Assignment 6 –Research of Double Page Spreads Kaya Sumbland
  2. 2. What kind of things are in Time Out?• The week in London•• ‘Specials’ e.g. Bond•• Things to do•• Film•• Music•• Clubs•• Cabaret•• Comedy•• Theatre and dance•• Art•• Shopping and style•• Eating and drinking
  3. 3. Who is their target audience?The target audience would be social people around London.Particularly British people who like to go out to different events and social’s. Mainly men because of thedominance of them throughout the paper, also because more advertisements throughout target males rather than females more.
  4. 4. How is the magazine organised?The magazine is organised with Then a double page spread Then spit into the things you first the Week in London is specials can do in London shown with pictures and text with adverts in-between. Then Time in where they Them film, art, music, Shopping. show the TV show of the week.
  5. 5. Where would my double page spread fit?My double page spread of my documentary would fit into the ‘Time In’ part as it shows what is going to be on TV which is the TV show of the week.
  6. 6. What are most pages about? Most pages are about listing whats happened in the week andwhat is going to happen in the week. Also the adverts presenting upcoming events in a poster rather than an article.
  7. 7. What do they advertise?Within the Film section they advertise different films coming up, likewise within all the other section such as art, advertising museums, music adverts.
  8. 8. Where is the magazine available?• Abu Dhabi • Lisbon • Nice • Cape Town• Abuja • London • Nigeria • Chicago• Almaty • Los Angeles • Novosibirsk • Cyprus• Amsterdam • Madrid • Omsk • Delhi• Bahrain • Manchester • Paris • Doha• Bangkok • Melbourne • Porto • Dubai• Barcelona • Mexico • Prague • Dublin• Beijing • Miami • Rome • Dubrovnik• Beirut • Milan • San Francisco • Edinburgh• Bangalore • Moscow • São Paulo • Hong Kong• Berlin • Mumbai • Shanghai • Israel• Boston • New York • Singapore • Istanbul• Bucharest • Naples • Split • Krasnoyarsk• Buenos Aires • Tel Aviv • St Petersburg • Kyoto• Vancouver • Tokyo • Stockholm • Kuala Lumpur• Venice • Toronto • Sydney • Lagos• Zagreb • Tyumen • Las Vegas
  9. 9. How much does a double page spread cost? In Time Out London – A double page spread would cost £8,400 ments/TO_ratecard_09.pdf
  10. 10. Stage TwoResearch into double page spreads
  11. 11. Layout design Red circle informing it is from Time Out magazine Supporting images from the filmsDominant Drop Quotesimage of Bond Website Links Titles and Photo-shopped introduction to the images cut onto article the page
  12. 12. How is the layout effective? The layout is effective because the main image of bond is captivating and its very easily recognised by the mass public.Further the images taken from the film to get the audience excited for thenew film to come.Also using a drop quote – editors usually emphasise the most interesting andcatching quote – so the audience will read it and then want to reach the restof the article.
  13. 13. Style of font In the same font but in black to suit the white background starts of the paragraph showing where the article beginsThe front is very plain but thick – making it seem masculine.Also the white front seems more classy suiting the bondtheme.
  14. 14. Style of graphics & photo manipulation They focus on bond running and made the background blurred to make him stand out more – making it seem more intense. They used Photoshop to add in a fight scene in the film to make it more suited and more comfortable onto the page.
  15. 15. Organisation of infomation • You focus on the main picture first • • Then the title is shown • • Followed by an introduction to what the article is about • • The article begins at the top f the page • • Then images interlink with what the article is saying including a drop quote • • Lastly showing the website link, linked to the article • •
  16. 16. Layout design Introduction to what the article is about Most dominant image of the girl the article is aboutMany supportingimages to showdifferent sides ofthe girl Title of the article across the photo
  17. 17. How is the layout effective? The main photo of the girl she is looking into the camera lens making it seen as though she is looking at the reader Being dull colours it makes herThey show many images of the girl seem mysteriousmaking people want to look at all thephotos as they’re different
  18. 18. Style of font The font is written In capitals making it more bold and stand out. Also it seems as though its been cut out of a magazine from the way it’s put in boxes slanted in different positions. Further it matches the darkness of the whole double page spread.
  19. 19. Style of graphics & photo manipulation They put on many photos that are the same size, making it seem like a photo- booth They edited shadow onto her face, making it seem more intense and mysterious.They added an effect ontothe pictures making itgrey-ish to furtherintensify the shot and tomake them all match up
  20. 20. Organisation of infomation • You focus on the main picture first • • There are many other pictures of her organised neatly around the page • • The introduction is at the top of the page – but in smaller writing than the others • • The title is scattered across the middle of the page in bigger writing • • Some small text on the left page to inform where her clothes were from
  21. 21. Layout design Title in white box on theBorder bottom andaround the top of thespread pageBig images to Introduction toshow what the what the articlearticle is going is going to beto be about – aboutor give of ahint Image of girl who is leading the article
  22. 22. How is the layout effective? The light blue background is pleasing for the eye as its soft and mysticalThe big picture of the fun fair slide is commonlypopular with the public so it would catch theireye.Also the use of many different colours is eyecatching
  23. 23. Style of font The font almost blends in with the background to not take away from the picture. The font is small and white – delicate lookingThis font is a common theme withinthe magazine – which looks like itsbeen taken from a magazine andstuck in different positions on thepage. Its in capitals standing out thatit’s the title and white backgroundwith black font
  24. 24. Style of graphics & photo manipulation The sky is almost faded and made to be more pastel and lighter than it would have been hen the photo was taken There is shadow edited onto her face which makes her face less harsh in comparison to the light pastel theme of the double page spreadThe picture of the slide was photoshoped over to make it blend inmore with the sky – creating asofter image
  25. 25. Organisation of infomation • You focus on the main picture first • • The title is in the biggest writing and separates itself from the rest of the picture • • The introduction to the article is shown • • The picture of the girl is then more visible to the reader • • Then at the bottom of the page very small picture of the rest of the funfair is shown to almost lead to the next page