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Doc draft 5


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Doc draft 5

  1. 1. Documentary Final Draft Planning
  2. 2. Actor - PresenterBEFORE: AFTER:
  3. 3. Costume There are no logo’s or opinion suggestion And wears a leatherthrough clothing as the jacket as it is casualpresenter is not to clash yet sophisticated with anyone in the audience. She now wears dark She wears a black blue jeans so that it top so that it is not doesnt distract distracting when audiences she speaks She wear Doc Martins as they are popular amongst the audience
  4. 4. Actor – Video MakerBEFORE: AFTER:
  5. 5. Connotation of Presenter • Seem like one of the audience • To be casual in dress and gesture – but speak formally so that her purpose to inform is apparent • To relate to target audience (16- 24), to speak and inform to secondary audience (30s)
  6. 6. Props Computer Dog- Mimi We used a computer so that the Shes not so much a prop, but she presenter could seem more was used in the viral videointeractive with the audience- bybeing on the viral videos she talks about – she can do this
  7. 7. What locations have we used before?...• Trafalgar Square• Hot Spot N/W• BBC• Shepard’s Bush/West-F• Ealing Broadway Square• Hammersmith Park
  8. 8. Our Official Locations The location for the first 3 The location for the last 2 minutes is Camden Town minutes is Shepard’s Bushbecause its an Urban area with Library. We use this setting many socially integrated because the computer area people. By this, I mean many would be ideal being onyouth who are in involved with YouTube, when we go into such things as ‘viral videos’ detail on Nyam Cat and other which is what we focus on in Viral Videos the first episode. (all evidence of permission is on my blog)
  9. 9. Images we have taken of our Location of Camden
  10. 10. Images we have taken of our Location of Shepard’s Bush Library
  11. 11. Risk Assessment