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  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA & FILM STUDIES AS Media Studies Foundation Portfolio Production Brief (G321) Main Task Music Magazine Contents Page Statement of Intent GuideWHAT layout will you be using for your contents page (Thisrelates to the use of COLUMNS and GRIDS in planning your Contents Page layout) and WHY? Editors I have decided to have my contents page talk T in this way because I really found that this Image design was very simple. I also choose this design because it challenged the typical Image E convention of a vibe magazine contents page. I wanted to keep the magazine X simple that’s why I chose to only use two columns, and no grids. I didn’t want to over T power the contents page. I have also decided not to have any colour on the contents page again to make it simple. I wanted to also challenge this magazines contents page by also adding an editors talk to the magazine, which will allow the reader to connect directly to the editor. I found it will give the reader an insight into the magazine before they actually read the magazine.
  2. 2. WHAT codes and conventions will you be using from your CONTENTS PAGE RESEARCH and WHY This article breaks the rules of codes andconventions; it uses a feature well, which is amixture of articles, and information which feedsoff information from the front page. In thiscontents page, they have used two columns.One consisting of text and the other consistingof a singular image. This isn’t the normal way inwhich magazines do their contents page, theywould normally stick to three columns, onecolumn will be a comment from the editor,images usually central and articles left. I havedecided to break the norms of codes andconventions and copying this way of presentinga contents page. I have decided to manipulatethis codes and conventions instead of oneimage; I have decided to use various images,similar to this magazine. With text on the rightand images on the left. I have also decided toadd an editors talk to the contents page. Againbreaking the typical codes and conventions inmagazines.
  3. 3. Will you be using for your Contents Page and WHY will they appeal to your potential target audience?It will appeal to my target audience who are late teens to mid twenties. I have researched on mytarget audience and found out that the prefer simple contents page, with a variety of images, andsome also said that they liked the contents page to have a comment from the editor, which willbreak the fourth wall. So in my contents page I have included all of these things, to again pin pointmy target audience. It will appeal to them because the articles which are featured on the contentspage, all consist of gossip, fashion and personal articles of celebrities. This will create arelationship between the celebrities and the readers. The target audience of the magazine are verysimple females, that’s why I didn’t over bear the contents page with too much colour or images.Which doesn’t make the magazine less appealing, or less eye-catching. It is rather straight to thepoint. My contents page will consist of a four shot types, extreme close ups, close up, cut in’s, thiswill be useful when I am trying to show off certain images for my which will relate to my article.
  4. 4. WHAT stories will you be including in your Contents Page and HOW will they be related to the images?The stories that will be included in my contents page arearticles about the kind of instruments which are popularlyused within the RnB genre. It will also feature an article Editors talk Ttargeting the female audience about how to create yourown glamorous look from home. Which most females areeager to do, with a very cheap price tag with it. There willbe a ‘peak’ of how to create this look, luring the female Eaudience into the article. This will be related to the imagebecause there will be a medium shot, of a glamorousphoto-shoot which will feature how the final look is created.In the article it will give step by step advice on how to 1 2 Xcreate this look. Another article which will be featured in image Image of athe magazine will be an article about a young RnB of Celebrity insuperstar who has made it to the top. This will attract glamour the studio shootreaders who aspire to be RnB superstars; it will give them Tan insight to stardom. With words of wisdom directly fromthe celebrity. This will be related to the image, because it 3 4 Image of Image ofwill be an image of the celebrity. The mock up on the right Ebonie anotheris something I want to follow, if not completely the same, I playing glamour the shootwould like the images to take this format. Also I will indicate pianoabove the image the number of where the article can befound above the image, making a direct link
  5. 5. WHAT do you want these images to tell your audience and WHY? I want the images to tell the audience a mini story; I want it to give previews of what the articles will be about. I want to describe to the audience visually about what the magazine will be about. I want the images to reflect what the articles are about. I also want the audience to be able to connect to the images on the contents page. I want the images on the contents page to also reflect what kind of magazine it is. I want the images to inform the reader about the genre of the magazine they are reading. Through the VIBE magazine I have decided to follow, there aren’t any instruments featured on the contents page, I plan on challenging this typical convention of VIBE.In this image I Editors talkhave decidedto place an T Einstrument,which willallow me tobreak thetypicalconventions of XVIBE’s contentspage layout. 3 Image of Ebonie playing T the piano
  6. 6. WHAT colour scheme (shades, tints and colours) will you be using and WHY?I will be sticking to a very plain colour scheme of black and red, which will mainly be seen in the format oftext. I will like to keep the colours very simple, so it will not distract the audience from the articles or tomake the contents page to look too clumsy. As I will be following the VIBE contents page layout it usessimple colour schemes for the contents page, sticking only to a black or white occasionally which can beseen in the above contents pages. I feel that this is very effective because it doesn’t allow the image tobe too dominant, but shares the power between both the image and the contents page. It creates abalance between both the image and the text. I will also be sticking to a simple white background, I didn’twant to over bear my contents page with so many things at one time. As I will be using various imagesinside my contents page, I thought about adding colour to the background, but decided not to, because itwill be to distracting, and as my target audience prefer a much simpler magazine, I thought no colour willcapture their desired effect. I only broke the normal convention when I added pink to the text to create amuch feminine vibe to the magazine.
  7. 7. WHAT essential information will be included in your Contents Page e.g. Features, reviews, commentary and WHY?The features that will be included in the contents page which I see as essentialinformation are the most important articles in the magazine. I will number them sothat it will be easier for the reader to find the article in the magazine. The editors talkwill also be essential information because it creates a sense of friendship between thereader and the editor. The gossip articles I also see as essential information, when Iasked my target audience they complained that other magazine didn’t really give themthe dirty gossip, I would like to please my target audience, so I have decide to makethis a key feature in my magazine.
  8. 8. HOW will you be arranging the information on your contents page and WHY?I will be aligning the text to the right, and place the Tinformation on the right column of the contents page, All thesimilar to the magazine below, I don’t really like the fact informationthe magazines name is very small. So I have decided to will be onmake the masthead, ‘The Rhythm’ medium sized at the this side oftop of the contents page, followed by ‘contents’ Eunderneath. So the name of the magazine will be the contentsremembered by the reader. It will create a house style page, withfor the magazine, in all the contents page to follow the very clearcontents page will take this format. I have decided to headingsfollow the way in which the VIBE magazine places the and also Xtext on the right because it is the magazine I wish to show thecopy. page number, to indicate T where the reader can find the article in the magazine.
  9. 9. HOW will you make your Contents Page easy for your audience to find the major coverstory or other stories?I will make it easy for my audience to find the major cover story on the contents page, by making thetext of that article bigger and bolder than the rest of the other stories. I have also decided to keep itconsistent with the front cover, which also make the main article bolder than the rest of the coverlines. I have also decided to indicate using a page number where the article can be found in themagazine. By doing this the reader will be Ebonie able to find the main article ‘My rise to quicker. It is bolder than the rest of the top’ the other articles in the magazine Pg. 5 <Candae> How to create By doing this using page numbers your glamour look in the article it will be much easier for less Pg. 7 for the reader to find the article in the magazine. rather than flicking <Marques> through aimlessly. It will point out Brawl in night club where the article can be found. Pg. 11
  10. 10. WHAT type of fonts and font sizes (style of lettering used) will you be using for your Contents Page and WHY?I will be using various font sizes in the magazine, a medium sized font for the mastheadand strap line. Larger font for the main article, with smaller font for the other articlesin the magazine. I will also be sticking to a simple colour scheme of red and black, witha slight touch of pink, to draw in that feminine aura to the magazine, this will act as mysoothing colour, in order not to bombard the reader with alarming colours. It will keepthe contents page simple, because I will not be using a background colour therefore Iwill like the contents page to be colourful regardless. This will be breaking the typicalconvention of the VIBE contents page, I wanted to challenge this contents page, to seewhether my target audience will be pleased with the final outcome.