Adele 21


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Adele 21

  1. 1. ADELE 21
  2. 2. BACKGROUND• 21 is the second studio album by Adele.• Released on 24 January 2011 in the UK• Its name was the age of the singer during its production.• The album explores themes of anger, revenge,heartbreak, self-examination, and forgiveness.• Adele began writing 21 in April 2009• The album topped the charts in more than 30 countriesand has appeared in the Guinness World Records.• The United Kingdoms best-selling album in the 21stcentury, it had a 23-week at top of the UK Albums Chartand is the longest time for a female solo artist.• Rolling in the Deep, Someone like You and Set Fire to theRain became worldwide number-ones.
  3. 3. GenreThe genre is Soul and this isshown in the key conventionsused.Key conventions that havebeen used:• Monochrome effect onboth the image and thetitle.• Having the main artistbeing the main focus of thecover.However having aattractive female artist onthe front cover can alsoTarget audienceI think the target for this is for youngadults and adults as it is a sophisticateddigipak which only shows the main artistand clearly shows the genre.
  4. 4. CD / VINYL COVERIn the foreground is the artist,to clearly state whose albumit is, with her eyes shut andthis is a key convention of soulmusic artists being on thefront with no special effectsand a plain background.In the background is a greyclear backdrop that allowsthe artist to again be themain focus of the CD/ Vinylcover. The text shows whothe artist is as well as thealbums name in a clear easyto read way but does nottake the focus off the imageof the artist.The representation showsAdele in a reflective moodwhich represents to theaudience that her songs willreflect this. This also representsthe soul genre as themonochrome setting and theway she is posed.As the colours are inmonochrome it shows thegenre of the music .Although having 21 written ingreen draws attention to thealbum covers name.It makes the artist look upsetor deep in thought.Which connotes to what themusic is about.The artist looks attractive andsmart on the cover as it has aclose up of her face.Therefore you see the emotionof the artist.
  5. 5. CD BACK COVERAND SPINEIn the foreground is the artistAgain she has no specialeffects and a plainbackground however it is adarker image with her eyesopen.In the background is a blackbackdrop that lets the artistmerge into the backgroundto again be the main focus ofthe CD/ Vinyl back cover.The text shows all of thetracks on the CD and Vinyl, inthe same font as the title onthe front cover.The barcode and the recordlabel are shown in theforeground at the bottomand show who has the rightsfor the music and thebarcode shows it is a officialmusic record.As the colours are in monochrome it shows thegenre of the music . However it has darkercolours on the background to take the primaryfocus away from the artists face.The representation showsAdele staring, thus breakingthe forth wall and this againrepresents feeling from theartists face however theprimary focus is the text.Having the artist again on theback reinforces the emotionwhich would be on the songsas emotion is portrayed onthe artists face.The artist looks attractive andsmart on the cover as it has aclose up of her face.Therefore you see the emotionof the artist again howeverthis time with her eyes open.
  6. 6. INSIDE CD BOOKLET & DISKThe inside cover is a repeat ofthe CD front cover. Looking atthe CD Disk you can see thecolour of the front coversletters ‘21’ is repeated with awhile chalk like text across itwith the title of the albumacross it.Having a green backgroundand the number 21 in theforeground attracts yourattention to the white writing.The bright green used on the disk makes it standout but use sophisticated and subtle colours,rather than the a fluorescent green, associatedwith the pop genre, that attract the audienceto the disk.Using the white writingRepresentationThe representation is the diskbeing the primary focus as thecolours stand out, being theonly colour on the actual cdcase; inside and out. Thismeans it could represent thepop element that Adeleportrays.ConnotationThe bright colours used on thedisk makes it stand out but usesophisticated and subtlecolours that attract theaudience to the disk and letthe audience identify whoseartists CD this is. Therefore thisis a key convention within thesoul music genre but showsthe subtle pop influence byusing a bright colour.The denotation simply shows agreen CD Disk and a white 21written on the front of it.However the disksconnotations present to theaudience the pop elementthat is interwoven into the soulconventions. So the subtlecover of the booklet contrastswith the CD cover thusleading it to be noticed more.
  7. 7. VINYL, VINYLBACK COVER, AND CD POCKETLooking at the vinyl and the CD pocket theconventions shown in her CD is repeated inboth products thus her audience beingable to identify her products.The only difference being the close upimage on the CD pocket that again showsthe artist’s face and emotions.
  8. 8. REFLECTIONThrough this research I have learnt the keyconventions of artists products are repeated acrossthe forms of media used. I have also learnt thatthroughout this the soul genre is shown with subtleaspects of pop. This is what I will need to incorporatein my own digipack to create a realistic pack.• Creating a digipack that implies to the audiencethe genre through the use of colours, representationand connotation is how I must go about creatingmine.