Record labels


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Record labels

  1. 1. Record Labels
  2. 2. • A record label is a trademark/brand that is usedfor the marketing of recordings and music videos.• Often the larger companies are also in control ofthe publishing and manages thebrands/trademark as well as all of theproduction, marketing, promotion and thecopyright of the artist• They also have contracts with artists and theirmanagers.
  3. 3. Independent Vs. Major• Major labels are rich corporations that’s purposeis to invest a large amount of profit into the artistto produce a large amount of money. .• Independent record labels allow the artist to bein more control of their music and allows them tohave a larger percentage of the profit made offtheir albums. However they do not have as muchmoney as the major record labels to advertise theartists music as much as a Major label does.
  4. 4. My artist will be part of an major record label as thegenre of the music is hard to get into therefore theartist will need as much promotions and marketingas possible to break into the market no matter thetalent of our artist.Personally I believe that Virgin Record Label wouldbe a good existing record label as it is world widelyknown as well as being very successful.
  5. 5. EMI’s history started at the GramophoneCompany in London. It was established in 1897,and the company brought together theinnovative sound recording technology andmusicians. They then developed from there andcreated a large brand that now has artists suchas David Guetta, Connor Maynard and Gorillaz.Looking at the current artists they take on a verybroad range of genres.Virgin EMI record label
  6. 6. Copyright• Definition : Owning the rights to a piece ofwork, in this case music and the lyrics thisthen entitles the record label to gain profitfrom people using the songs or music and/orperforming the songs.
  7. 7. I need to consider how the music video would be consumedand whether it would be for personal use or not. If forpersonal I would not need to obtain a licence to use the musicand would be able to consume the song in what way I wanted.However I would still need to ask permission of the recordcompany to use the music. Using the record label informationand copyright information I know that I need to askpermission to use the music as well as choosing the right typeof record label for my artist to get the best promotion/marketing and income out of the music industry. As well asmaking sure that all of my digipack and products have thecopyright logo on it to ensure that I own the rights to themusic.
  8. 8. This shows my logo which will be an major record label that will allow my artist thebest possible chance of breaking into the music industry. The use of a major recordlabel company means a lot of money will be able to be used on the promotion andmarketing of my artists music.Other artists that CR could sign is Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta as the recordcompany should have a diverse type of artists to be successful.The company has had major artists such as Michael Jackson, Lenka and Leona Lewiswho have all worked with Cherry Records and have helped create a successful mutli-genre record label company.