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Existing Digipacks

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Existing Digipacks

  1. 1. Existing Digipacks In this PowerPoint, I have gathered various images showing some of the existing digipack’s. I have observed these digipack’s and wrote a small description focusing on the links between the various products that these music artists have to attract their audience. The term digipack throughout this PowerPoint is mainly based on the CD covers as well as posters. By Amy Potts
  2. 2. Coldplay There is a link with the image, it is consistent throughout, on the CD cover, it fills the CD Cover and he majority of the tour poster and part of the concert show advertisement making it a unique selling point. The traditional writing is in areas also linking to the classic painting.
  3. 3. Britney Spears Circus There is a clear resemblance to the concept of a ‘circus’. Britney herself is seen in various images in outfits which are not consistent, yet they all reflect the characteristics of a circus because of the bright colours, different patterns and shapes which is the key link throughout ultimately portraying what her music is about.
  4. 4. Lady Gaga There is an atmosphere given from each of these products which is mysterious, this is emphasised with the use of the mask which is consistent and the dark colours with little brightness. This gives the impression of a nightclub and therefore links to her music which is aimed for a young audience.
  5. 5. Black Eyed Peas The font is consistent throughout making it easily recognisable, unlike a lot of other albums, the black eyed peas have created a logo for their franchise of products which is unique and quirky along with their dress styles and the ‘arty’ backgrounds for some of their albums.
  6. 6. Beyonce This digipack is based on the album by Beyonce known as ‘b-day’. Instead of advertising with fonts and images, it only focuses on the use of images but these images are consistent throughout the various products distributed due to the background, colours, makeup and clothes. The background is of a natural environment, often with trees and plants and the hair is the same throughout with consistent clothes- this makes it instantaneously recognised by the target audience.
  7. 7. Linkin Park The products here by Linkin Park are very simple yet effective, dark sinister colours are used to reflect the meanings of their songs and their font used for the majority of CD covers and posters etc helps to form a unique characteristic which is consistent throughout. This digipack is based on the album ‘minutes to midnight’ and the colours reflect this, the blacks and greys represents midnight and the white shows the day and finally the mysterious blue is the difference from day to night. Finally, another key link between the products is the use of people, not obviously seen but outlines of the singers or blurred images throughout giving an unusual anonymous impression.
  8. 8. Lily Allen The left side of this slide shows one album digipack and the right side shows another collection of CD covers advertising a different album. The right side shows covers which are extremely colourful representing the outspoken nature of the music, the font also remains the same throughout the single covers. The left side is slightly different, less striking and more simple. The backgrounds are the same only varying in the amount of shadow within it. There is a clear emphasis on the name ‘Lily Allen’, it is the main characteristic of this digipack with four main colours: pink, yellow, green and blue. These two contrasting digipack’s are useful for helping find the various aspects and characteristics which help make CD covers effective.
  9. 9. Coldplay I have completed further research of Coldplay on their work overall and not just based on one album because the digpack offered by Coldplay is unique and different in comparison to other artists. Observing these three album covers, there is little similarity other than the abstract impression given which is quite simple yet fascinating. The audience do not immediately understand the meaning of the covers yet this is its unique selling point as it creates more attention surrounding the music.
  10. 10. Kings of Leon These albums are similar to Coldplay in how they are simple and effective by being abstract which makes them appear eccentric. They are not clear to the audience of what they are and therefore this is a clear characteristic representing Kings of Leon and their less conventional music. The simple white border and use of similar colours such as red, black and white contrasting against one another creates modern aspects. The title which only differs in terms of the title of single allows the singles to be easily recognised.

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