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Ch 8 sec 3


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Ch 8 sec 3

  2. 2. North America • English colonies were allowed more freedom for self-rule • France kept a tighter control over their colonies
  3. 3. English Colonies • Every colony had a governor and usually he was elected by the people • Colonists elected legislatures who helped the governor • This helped prepare them for self rule
  4. 4. • English Colonies gain independence in 1783 • Set up a government where no one part has too much power!
  5. 5. French Colonies • King appointed governors with no legislature • King controlled taxes and trade
  6. 6. Spanish Colonies • The creoles were discontent with their lack of power in the government • The colonies could not trade with anyone except Spain • The Spanish king wanted to keep the philosophies and ideas away from his subjects
  7. 7. • Two men known for their role in the Spanish struggle for independence 1. Simon Bolivar 2. Jose de San Martin
  8. 8. Simon Bolivar
  9. 9. Simon Bolivar • His tutor exposed him to several philosophers • Believed that freedom was the source of man’s happiness • He led his troops to push the Spaniards out of Venezuela from the south, east, and west • Felt the only way to free Venezuela was to free the entire continent
  10. 10. Jose de San Martin
  11. 11. Jose de San Martin • Chosen by the Argentinian government to free Peru • Chose gauchos as his troops • Bolivar sent him a letter offering his assistance. – San Martin attacked Peru from the South and Bolivar’s troops attacked from the North
  12. 12. Independence in Brazil • A non-violent independence • Napoleon captured Portugal and the king fled to Brazil and improved it to “be fit for the monarchy” • The king, King Joao, returned to Portugal and left his son, Pedro in charge • Crowned emperor of independent Brazil as Pedro I
  13. 13. King Joao
  14. 14. King Pedro I