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Ch 14 sec 5


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Ch 14 sec 5

  2. 2. • Lincoln felt that the Union was permanent and therefore, secession was not possible • Lincoln hoped to reconcile the sections but would fight if necessary
  3. 3. • Fort Sumter was a federal (Union) fort in the Confederacy • What was Lincoln going to do with it?
  4. 4. • Lincoln sent supplies to Fort Sumter • He sent a note to the governor of South Carolina before he sent it
  5. 5. • Confederates fired canons at Fort Sumter • Union surrendered
  6. 6. • Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteer soldiers • The border states had to decide if they would join the Confederacy or the Union. • Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee seceded
  7. 7. West Virginia • Western part of Virginia opposed secession • Joined the Union as West Virginia
  8. 8. Maryland • If Maryland seceded, the capitol of the Union would be in the Confederacy • Lincoln declared martial law on Maryland • Maryland didn’t have much choice but to stay in the Union
  9. 9. Causes of the Civil War
  10. 10. 1. Union vs. Independence • Did states have the right to secede?
  11. 11. • South felt that the rights and liberties of the states must be preserved, even at the expense of the Union
  12. 12. • The North felt that the Union must be preserved above all else
  13. 13. 2. Slavery • Slavery was not the PRIMARY cause of the war
  14. 14. • North were afraid of what Emancipation would mean to the Northern job market • South felt that the North was just interfering with their lives
  15. 15. Who would win? RESOURCES • North had more people • North had crops that could sustain people (not cash crops) • North had 2x the railroad mileage • North had 5x number of factories • North had 10x number of industrial workers
  16. 16. COMMANDING LEADERS • South had superior military leadership
  17. 17. STRATEGY • North’s plan was the Anaconda Plan. – Slowly cut off the Confederacy’s ability to make war
  18. 18. • South’s plan was to outlast the enemy’s will to fight