P2PU: Peer Learning Fueled by Open Content


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A webinar presentation for Open Education Week with:

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P2PU: Peer Learning Fueled by Open Content

  1. 1. P2PU: Peer Learning Fueled by Open Content www.p2pu.org
  2. 2. Our Presenters• Philipp Schmidt, Executive Director, P2PU• Karen Fasimpaur, P2PU School of Ed• Vanessa Gennarelli, P2PU Hack This Poem Organizer• Alan Webb, P2PU School of Social Innovation• Maria Droujkova, P2PU School of the Mathematical Future
  3. 3. P2PU• Free online platform for peer learning – Openness – Community – Peer learning• Study groups, courses, and challenges
  4. 4. P2PU School of Ed Karen Fasimpaurkaren@k12opened.com @kfasimpaur
  5. 5. P2PU School of Ed• Designed for K-12 educators• A new model of professional development• Hands-on learning driven by each educators needs and classroom situations• About connecting, collaborating, and creating, not just reading or studying
  6. 6. What We Learned in Our Pilot• Response was overwhelmingly positive• Learning is social – discussions were active and powerful• Great facilitators help make great groups• Time for teachers is limited• Online peer learning is new for many
  7. 7. Spring TermNew groups and courses open now! Writing and Inquiry Connected Learning in the Digital Age with Youth Voices
  8. 8. P2PU: Hack this Poem Vanessa Gennarelli 3/8/2012
  9. 9. Introduction• Why a poetry workshop?• Why P2U?• Why hack this poem?
  10. 10. Course Design• Work with pre-existing poems to see what makes them tick• Determined learning goals first (poems are carefully constructed parts)• Exercises in line with those learning goals
  11. 11. Intro Survey• Find out learner goals• Surprises!• Determine their comfort with technology• Shared info with learners to build social presence
  12. 12. Find a Poem: What makes it work? • Prompted learners to find their own content • Several means to express themselves • Introduce background & interests
  13. 13. “The Pier”-Christopher DeWeese
  14. 14. Community-built Assessment• Elements that made a poem work determined the rubric• Community determined how poems work-- together
  15. 15. Weekly Summaries• Aggregate d learning experience from that week• Build-in layers of entry--folks could follow along
  16. 16. Learner Satisfaction Survey• 4 folks responded• 25% posted a poem, analyzed a poem, gave feedback• 100% of folks read posts• Most common reason learners didn’t post was that they ran out of time/too many other commitments
  17. 17. Takeaways for Next Time• Remix is hard• Drafts/iterations of pieces• Create small teams of feedback partners• Build expectation to evaluate others’ work• Layer in badges specifically for relevant and insightful feedback
  18. 18. How Can I Get Involved?• P2PU listserv• Make a Challenge• Writing for the Web Challenge (launches today!)
  19. 19. Critiques? Ideas? Other feedback? Find me.• Vanessa Gennarelli• vanessa.gennarelli@gmail.com• @mozzadrella
  20. 20. Alan Webb @WebbTronic@CitizenCircles
  21. 21. Week 1: Case Studies + Reflection on StrengthsWeek 2: Root Cause Analysis + ReflectionsWeek 3: Vision of a Perfect World -> SolutionsWeek 4: Creativity Exercise + Existing SolutionsWeek 5: Ecosystem + Existing Solution InterviewsWeek 6: Action (back to our strengths)Week 7: Self case study from the future
  22. 22. Several Circles (Einige Kreise) Wassily Kandinsky
  23. 23. Open content developed with partners and with thecommunityEndorsed framework for peer review and evaluationLocal face-to-face participation in Hubs, Co.SpacesMentor and Advisor support
  24. 24. Cross-university minors & majors in social innovationCross-city open courses in social innovationChallenge creators and prototype participantsDesign for Social InnovatorsSystems ThinkingSocial Entrepreneurship 101etc.Community organizers
  25. 25. Alan Webb @WebbTronic@CitizenCircles
  26. 26. Maria DroujkovaP2PU School of theMathematical Future
  27. 27. Thank you for coming.We’ll see you on P2PU! www.p2pu.org