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Let's build a collaborative learning space


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A hands-on session at SXSWedu 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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Let's build a collaborative learning space

  1. 1. Let’s Build aCollaborative Learning Space Before we start, get a handout and set up an account on P2PU.
  2. 2. Overview• Karen Fasimpaur – P2PU School of Ed Organizer• Agenda – Overview of P2PU – Hands on - Pick a topic and start building – Conclusion
  3. 3. P2PU School of EdGroups and courses open now! Writing and Inquiry Connected Learning in the Digital Age with Youth Voices
  4. 4. P2PU• Free online platform for peer learning – Openness – Community – Peer learning• Study groups, courses, and challenges• Tasks• Discussion
  5. 5. Pick Your– How can we make our classrooms more student-driven?– How can mobile devices be used for learning?– How can Twitter be used for professional learning?– How can we build a digital curriculum?– ...or create your own topic
  6. 6. Things to keep in mind…• Less is more.• All content posted on P2PU should be open.• Discussion and hands-on and are engaging.• Encourage peer learning.• Include multimedia.
  7. 7. Thank you for coming.We’ll see you on P2PU! Karen