My challenge day21


Published on Do you want to know how the leaders and top gurus use social media for business success? I'm talking about generating leads 24/7 like clockwork. Well today, you're in luck, I go over some of the tactics that I paid well over $50,000 to learn myself. For more advice on how to use social media for business success, visit my blog at

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My challenge day21

  1. 1. How To Use Social Media For BusinessTo Generate Leads Like Clockwork
  2. 2. Today’s topic is social mediamarketing for your business. We coveredthis topic a couple of weeks ago, but Iwant to dive deeper into the tactics andfundamentals.
  3. 3. Mainly, it’s about how you can getresults. A lot of businesses and companiesjust assume that they need to be active onsocial media like everyone else. Althoughit is somewhat true, you always want to bestrategic; have some type of goal in mind.
  4. 4. It also applies to people in networkmarketing. You have to treat it like it is yourown business. If it wasn’t for some of thegreat mentors I’ve had, I wouldn’t be ableto formulate how to put together theseconcepts.Ultimately, we always start with 0fans, or friends, and not really quite surewhat to do.
  5. 5. For network marketing purposes, ifyou want to get results, it’s all aboutdeveloping your relationships.The number one thing to remember isthat with any type of marketing youimplement needs to be congruent acrossthe board. People have to feel like they aregetting to know you.
  6. 6. That’s why I like to make these posts.It’s a great way or outlet to connect withmy fans who might be struggling throughobstacles I’ve already gone through. If Ican make your learning curve a bit shorter,then I’m happy to do so.
  7. 7. If you try to develop relationships toconnect with people, let them know whatyou’re all about. If they enter your emailfunnel and become a lead, why not letthem connect with you in your socialmedia channels?
  8. 8. If you’re trying to generate leads, stayconsistent; just like with email marketing,blogging, offline marketing, or recruiting.You have to be consistent every singleday. Post something; if you don’t knowwhat to post, everyone loves quotes. Justpost some inspirational things that canmake someone’s day a little easier.
  9. 9. Eventually you’ll develop a following.People are going to be interested in whatyou do and talk about. Making videos area great way to do that.
  10. 10. I challenge you to put together sometype of game plan where you can start totake action every day. Do something sothat people can really connect with you ona deeper level. Answer questions or havea discussion.
  11. 11. That’s what social media is great for.It’s all about developing conversation andallowing it to reach more than just yourselfand one other person. It can reach millionsof people potentially.
  12. 12. That’s one of the great ways I wasable to build my business. I realised therewas definitely going to be a trend withsocial media. It just keeps growing; everyday there are even more channels beingopened up.
  13. 13. For example, I have a client that isusing a website called Spice Works thatdeals with IT professionals. I had no ideawhat that was. It’s a great way to connectwith people in a specific niche or audience.
  14. 14. As you want to scale your business,you basically want to look for certaincharacteristics. If you’re looking onFacebook for people to connect with, lookfor people that I like to call PHD.
  15. 15. I didn’t come up with the term myself;it’s from a book I read recently called“Success is a choice” by Rick Pitino. Itstands for “Poor Hungry with Desire”. Inthis case poor means that they’re lookingfor something beyond themselves or atransition, not that they’re broke.
  16. 16. So when you do marketing onFacebook and other channels, look forpeople that have the thirst for knowledge.Perhaps they read inspirational books orare constantly working on themselves.
  17. 17. This is another reason why I likemarketing online. When you talk to peopleoffline you’re never really sure if they arewithin your targeted audience.Online, you can find those people justby having a conversation. A good exampleis if you go on You canfind people based on hash tags,categories or discussions.
  18. 18. If you have ever taken a class onspeech, like toast masters, they alwayshave these things called table topicdiscussions. I look at twitter as a great wayto have those discussions with peoplebecause you can refine and test yourmessaging to see how well it reaches alarger audience of people.
  19. 19. Another thing to keep in mind is asyou start to have these conversations, youwant to think about how you can grow youraudience.That way, you can find more peoplethat could be potential leads or customersfor you. The way to do it is just to followpeople that have influence. Connect withpeople every day.
  20. 20. I don’t want you to think it’s going tobe a onetime thing. You can’t just makeone tweet and expect thousands of dollarsto fall from the sky. You have to think aboutit in terms of how you can eventuallydevelop a cult following that will open youremails, read your blog and interact withyou on an everyday basis.
  21. 21. Eventually, you’ll start to generateleads like crazy, and you’ll have massivesuccess. People will want to connect withyou. You’ll go to events where people areconnecting with you and feel like they haveknown you all of their life.
  22. 22. You can eventually build that foryourself. It doesn’t really take much effort;it’s just about being consistent.If you can blog every day for 90 days,you will have success. It’s the same thingwith social media; the more you do it, themore you can impact people.
  23. 23. Here’s an example from when I wasconsulting at Google. We started off with 0followers. I worked on finding keyadvocates that could help grow ouraudience over time. Within about 10months, we grew that audience from 0 toover half a million followers and growing.
  24. 24. The thing is, it didn’t happenovernight. When I went through thatprocess, I had doubts myself. I didn’t thinkI could do it. But, I challenged myself tocontinue to learn and develop my skills.
  25. 25. Look at it as if you’re pushing aboulder up a hill. Obviously, pushing it upisn’t going to be easy or fun. Eventuallyyou’ll get to the top, and you’ll be able toroll it down.The same thing applies in yournetwork market business. Do itconsistently for long enough, and you’ll getsome results at the end of the day.
  26. 26. Let me know about some of theexperiences you’ve had in social media,whether you’re having some challenges,problems or success. I want to be able tohear them and see how I can help.