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Jyj complete 3

  1. 1. • Since In 2011, TAR UC has conducted numerous workshops to train TRIZ practitioners and TRIZ instructors. • In 2012, TAR UC won the first TRIZ Malaysia competition in 2012. 1. Team JYJ Question 3
  2. 2. •TAR UC will emerge as the hub of TRIZ education •TAR UC will achieve its vision to produce students with creativity, innovative and problem solving skills 2. Benefits
  3. 3. 3. TRIZ Process Used Problem Statement S-Curve 9 -Windows Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE) TRIZ Policy of TAR UC
  4. 4. 4.1. S-curve 1st stage (Birth) 2nd stage (Growth) 3rd stage (Maturity) 4th stage (Decline) Performance of TRIZ learning and application in TAR UC Time
  5. 5. Past Present Future Sub-System Sub-System Sub-System Instructor: No instructor for TRIZ Instructor: Inadequate Inexperience Receive training until level 1 instructor Offer training Instructor: Adequate Experience Gone through all levels of TRIZ training Able to offer training and act as consultant to various industries Student: Knowledge in traditional problem solving Students’ outputs (projects and inventions) rely on traditional problem solving tools Students do not have TRIZ knowledge. Student: Few trained in using TRIZ Students learned TRIZ but not fully apply TRIZ. Students’ outputs (projects and inventions) still rely on traditional problem solving tools. Students do not have industry exposure to the application of TRIZ. Student: Everyone trained using TRIZ Application of TRIZ is high. Students are able to incorporate TRIZ knowledge with traditional problem solving tools. Students have enough industry exposure to the application of TRIZ. Number of inventions and product designs has gone up and the possibility of entering commercialisation. Administrator: No TRIZ involvement Administrator: Approval for instructor to give training. Administrator: Coordinate various programs, consultancy and commercialisation. Module: No TRIZ module. Traditional module is used with hands on experience in the laboratory and industry training. Module: Current TRIZ module does not show systematic step by step in the application of TRIZ tools in various problem solving. Not enough exercises and case studies. TRIZ module is based on engineering. Module: Reflect systematic step by step in problem solving, with exercises and various industries’ case studies. Integration of TRIZ in every course Time table and venue: No TRIZ involvement Time table and venue: Students’ time table and class room constrains. TRIZ Time table and venue: TRIZ lesson is continuously practiced during the normal
  6. 6. 4.3. TESE Trend of Transition to the Supersystem Trend of Increasing Ideality Trend of Increasing Degree of Trimming Trend of Optimization of Flows Trend of S-curve evolution Trend of Increasing Coordination Trend of Increasing Controllability Trend of Increasing Dynamicity Trend of Uneven Development of System Components Trend of Increasing Completeness of System Components Trend of Elimination of Human Involvement
  7. 7. 5. Recommendation Recommendation Description Action 1. TAR UC works with existing infrastructure and resources in TRIZ learning, teaching and application The current system may have its shortcoming such as experienced trainers, standardised TRIZ module, shortages of fund and venues. However, TAR UC should capitalize the currennt infrastructure and resources at the same time maintain the optimum flow of the operation. In order to complete the system. The future TAR UC TRIZ has full support from the administrator, generates its own fund for the operation, produces its own module and has its own TRIZ committee supervised by MyTRIZ. Collaborate with MyTRIZ to train more TRIZ level 1 instructors. Instructor trains the students in TRIZ. Instructor and students participate in TRIZ competition and conference to improve the skill. Setting up TAR UC TRIZ committee Advanced TRIZ instructor to level 2 or higher. R and D into the training and application of TRIZ. Create of TRIZ module for different courses in TAR UC. Organise TAR UC TRIZ competition.
  8. 8. Improvement Of System Elimination of TRIZ bottleneck such as instructors inconsistency, modules effectiveness, students’ TRIZ mastery and infrastructure limitation. System incomplete Work with existing infrastructure and resources. Collaboration with MyTRIZ. Completeness System TAR UC TRIZ receives full support from the administrator, generates its own fund for the operation, produces its own module and has its own TRIZ committee supervised by MyTRIZ. Break out into super system TAR UC as center of certification, center of consultancy, and center of commercialization Collaboration with industry and higher learning institution Model of implementation of TRIZ policy