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Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology


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Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology
Stephen Bruce & Keith Smyth
Edinburgh Napier University

Published in: Education, Technology
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Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology

  1. 1. Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology Stephen Bruce & Keith Smyth Edinburgh Napier University
  2. 2. Outline 1. Adoption of previous minimum WebCT presence and the new university benchmark for use of technology in all modules 2. Underpinned by a 3E framework as a way of thinking about technology and sharing examples 3. “Meet Moodle” online staff development to encourage adoption of the new benchmark
  3. 3. 2004: Roll-out of WebCT Vista“…a minimum presence to be established for every module, and that this be input by either the module leader or a school administrator using central information and information provided by the module leader.”
  4. 4. Exceeding the minimum presence ?Faculty A• One school embraced technology and saw the value for engaging students. No administrator input, and recognised their support needs and proactively sought Professional Development• Other school quietly embraced technology without administrator input or seeking central support
  5. 5. Exceeding the minimum presence ?Faculty B• Initial use of WebCT coincided with a move to purpose built campus with IT facilities in each teaching room – impetus and a cohesive approach across schools• Largely file repositories, but also quizzes and assignment submissions• Efforts made to move beyond minimum presence and administrator input help meet the requirement.
  6. 6. Exceeding the minimum presence ?Faculty C• Huge variation in the subject disciplines with pockets of very good practice• One school relied on school administrators to meet the requirement• Another school already established websites and often combined WebCT and their own web resources• Another school lacked administrator input and uptake was more patchy
  7. 7. MLE Evaluation 2009• Focussed mainly on WebCT, and also included other technologies used in the support of learning
  8. 8. Executive Summary• Overall student learning experience is perceived to have been enhanced• Students now expect WebCT as a normal part of module support• Staff are more confident and are interested in using interactive features
  9. 9. Range of issues• Significant quantity of students studying modules that lack effective WebCT support or have no support at all. Negative perception of staff skills and awareness.• Embedding effective and innovative use of WebCT and other technologies has a significant resource implication.• The importance of local support: Learning Technologists for practical support, and Online Learning Advocates for advice and assistance, and sharing of effective practice.• Students need to recognise their own responsibility to fully engage with the resources and activities provided.
  10. 10. New benchmark 2010 To make active use of technology to meaningfully enhance thelearning, teaching and assessment experience across all modules.• Few subjects can be taught fully online, but all subjects can be enhanced by the use of technology• 3E Framework of examples to illustrate how technology can be used to meaningfully support learning, teaching and assessment across a range of contexts.• Mapping of example modules from a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in different disciplines.
  11. 11. 3E levels of examples To make active use of technology to meaningfully enhance the learning, teaching and assessment experience across all modules. Enhance Extend EmpowerAdopting technology in simple Further use of technology that Developed use of technology and effective ways to actively facilitates key aspects of that requires higher ordersupport students and increase student’s individual and individual and collaborative their activity and self- collaborative learning and learning that reflects how responsibility assessment through increasing knowledge is created and used their choice and control in the professional environment eg. Seminar participationProvide a discussion board for Encourage more equal Have students work in pairs or students to post follow-up engagement in seminars by small groups to design and leadcomments (queries, issues that having students take turns (in online seminars for particularare still not clear) to that week’s pairs or small groups) to units, with guidance from tutorseminar to be picked up during produce a summary of that on their proposed topic and first part of the next week’s week’s seminar to be posted approach lecture online, perhaps with a follow-up question to be tackled
  12. 12. Illustrative and real examples• 3E Framework of enhanced, extended and empowered learning activities• Published under a Creative Commons license for potential re-use and adaptation.
  13. 13. Implementing the 3E Framework• Embedding within Professional Development events, and as theme for 2012 institutional staff conference• Initial focus of the new Teaching Fellows Special Interest Group in Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIG-TEL), and of the work to be undertaken by staff being sponsored to complete our Pg Cert Blended and Online Education• Dissemination via LTA Resource Bank (tagging of case studies and development of new case studies)• Alignment with move to new institutional VLE (Moodle)
  14. 14. Implementing the 3E Framework• Meet Moodle Online Staff Development• Explore examples and share practice via Database activity
  15. 15. Implementing the 3E Framework• Meet Moodle - sharing real example module mappings
  16. 16. Thank YouDr Stephen BruceAcademic Development AdvisorInformation ServicesEdinburgh Napier Keith SmythSenior Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Higher EducationProgramme Leader MSc Blended and Online EducationOffice of the Vice Principal (Academic)Edinburgh Napier and Twitter: smythkrs